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ANGLESEY Round 8, 3rd August 2014 ( In two parts)

It really was just as the photos showed. We arrived on Friday during a test session and the sun had been shining for most of the daylight journey.  We left at 4am, stopped at Stafford at 7am for a few hours ‘nap’ and then carried on arriving at 12.10. Total travelling was around six hours.Coastal view

Eighteen drivers had made the journey to Anglesey, some journeys taking lots longer than others. Bank August Holiday in Scotland is at the beginning of August not the same as England now at the end of August and the M6 was very busy with the Bank Holiday traffic.  Plus a bridge was apparently being taken down somewhere causing massive holdups.  Peter Samuels left home Jn. 8 M25 at 11.30 am Friday morning and arrived at Anglesey 21.30 after averaging 29mph.

Looking out from the commentators box across the track to the Irish Sea.DSCF3676

It was what you call a strange weekend as far as the weather is concerned. Friday was sunny and warm with a slight breeze.  Saturday morning we awoke to torrential rain and BCV8 was the first practice so they proceeded to the collection area which was at the bottom of the paddock and around 7 inches deep in water. As we stepped out of the Motorhome we walked in a stream passing through the paddock down to the collection area. BCV8  practiced on a wet track in the rain.  Just after their practice it stopped raining, the sun came out the track dried quickly, the puddles disappeared and it was fine and warm for the whole of Saturday day.

We had a BBQ on Saturday evening but by about 8.30pm it was noticeably windy. We all decided to put our awnings in and batten down.  A few of us were in tents and after the BBQ and a trip to the bar we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.  Brian Smethurst and John Wreghitt who were guesting in Thoroughbreds were sharing a tent which blew down in the small hours, the wind blew and probably reached 50 or 60 mph, the campers rocked, the wind whistled, the rain fell down and lasted all night and all Sunday morning.  By mid-day, after our practice the rain had eased again and stopped but an occasional torrent would fall from the sky, the wind however did not ease until we were on the way back home.  The Thoroughbred races were dry as were the BCV8 races on Saturday.Avalanche awning-001

A casualty of Saturday/Sunday night’s wind was the Avalanche Awning.  It was tied down but when the wind blows at Anglesey it really blows.

ROUND 8 PART 1 -  Motoring Classics Thoroughbred race was on Sunday 3rd August

The twenty minute qualifying session as mentioned was in wet conditions and it appeared to be all about tyres. The tyres that had worked on Saturday though seemed not to be working the same on Sunday.  Eighteen drivers had made the journey to Anglesey and had entered the Thoroughbred race, most of the BCV8 were out again for an X Class one off to make the journey worthwhile. However with the bad night disturbing the expectations of the race some of the drivers decided to pull out and go off home early so the eighteen who had scrutineered became fourteen on the day.

Overall and Class D Pole went to Russell McCarthy on 1.29.472 who sat alongside Neil Fowler with a 1.30.373. Row two  James Wheeler Class XC Pole on a 1.31.325 alongside Ian Prior on 1.32.783.  On row three Ken Deamer on 1.33.115 alongside Jonnie Wheeler on a 1.33.312.

On Row four Class B Pole Mark Scott on a 1.33.967 alongside Chris Edwards in the TR4 on a 1.35.082 and on row five Gethin Jones on a 1.36.002 alongside Class XA Pole Bob Luff on a 136.514.  Row six Ron Watt on a 1.38.385 alongside Howard Grunden on a 1.40.910 and finishing off the field Russell Martin on a 1.43.277 alongside Martyn Clews on a 1.43.363.

THE RACE – Part 1DSCF3734

The wind blew, the clouds flew across the sky, the grid assembled and the drivers came round to the start line and completed the green flag lap. Although it was not raining it was still very damp.

Classes D and C

Lights changed and from Pole Russell pulled away leaving Neil, who appeared to have forgotten he was racing, stationary while James Wheeler, Ian Prior, Ken Deamer, Jonnie Wheeler and most of the field dived past him, Neil finally found his bearings ending up about nineth and took off after the pack. As they went along the coastal straight Russell had pulled out a slight gap from Ian Prior and James Wheeler, while behind Jonnie Wheeler and Ken Deamer were on a close charge.

As they crossed the line to start lap two Neil had stormed through to pull himself back up to third with Ian Prior in his sights, James Wheeler still hanging on a few lengths behind with now Jonnie and Ken up next.  DSCF3749All change on lap three with Neil finding his way past Ian and Jonnie passing James leaving Ken a couple of seconds behind, James and Jonnie ‘the siblings’ having a great battle.

Russell kept his pace keeping just enough in front of Neil to temp Neil to keep getting the faster laps until Russell decided to go for it and pulled away to be some nine seconds ahead as he crossed the line OP14_5183to take the flag.  Ian Prior held onto third and James and Jonnie maintained their fourth and fifth places until Ken Deamer found some extra power and dived past Jonnie first and on lap fifteen dived through on the banking to steel fourth overall from James.


Classes B and A

Mark Scott and Chris Edwards in the TR4 had a near lights to flag dice swapping places on lap nine with Chris taking charge in the middle of the race until Mark regained the lead on lap fourteen to take them to the flag. A close and exciting race long battle.

Bob Luff initially pulled away but was soon joined by Gethin Jones and Ron Watt who also had a great dice to the flag with Gethin just getting the advantage in front of Bob and Ron. Howard Grunden, Russell Martin and Martyn Clews the last finishers also had a close dice for the majority of the race, Howard coming home just in front of the very close dice between Russell and Martyn.


Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win and lap record

To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win and lap record

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win and lap record

To Bob Luff for his Class AX Win and lap record

THE RACE – Part 2

Classes D and C

The second grid positions were practically identical to the first grid with the exception of Ian Prior and Ken Deamer. The remainder of the field were in the same positions.  The wind blew, the grid came round and carried on for the green flag lap. They reassembled and the lights changed and off they went.

Russell got the better start again and immediately pulled away, next Ian Prior and Neil Fowler, James Wheeler, Ken Deamer and Jonnie Wheeler. Ian had a great dice with Neil, DSCF3748Ian taking charge until lap nine when Neil dived through until lap twelve when Ian got him back, Neil taking back the position on lap fifteen to come home second overall, but after having a real battle with Ian.

The Jonnie Wheeler, Ken Deamer and James Wheeler battle lasted from lights to lap ten when Jonnie pulled off, finding the power of the Big V8 too much on his ailing back, this left James and Ken to pull ahead to lead the C Class home with James coming in a few seconds behind at the flag.  Neil Fowler was having a seriously bad weekend with his starts and jumped a few feet then stopped again but as he had done thisDSCF3680 before he was given a ten second penalty. That put a change to the overall with Russell taking the Win, Ian gaining second with the benefit of ten seconds and Neil taking third.

Classes B and A

Mark Scott and Chris Edwards again had a great dice for the first half of the race until Mark pulled away slightly and Chris couldn’t quite get back up with him. Mark went on to take the class from lights to flag.  Behind Gethin, Ron, Bob, Howard and Martyn all managed to finish in close formation after a close dice.DSCF3751

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win with another lap record

To Ken Deamer for his Class C win and another lap record.

To Mark Scott for his Class B win and another lap record.

To Bob Luff for his Class XA win and another lap record


Pam McCarthy, Coordinator



ROUND 7 CASTLE COMBE, 12th July 2014

Snett2012_BJ6A4107Motoring Classics Thoroughbred race was on Sunday 12th July at a very sunny Castle Combe at a mixed Castle Combe and Classic Sportscar meeting.  We had sixteen entries including two X invitation drivers on the day and our fifteen minute qualifying commenced at 10.55.  The 25 minute Race was scheduled at No. 6 on the afternoons programme due to commence at 16.15.   Entered were seven Class D, Six Class C, one class B and two Class A.   Class B numbers fell down when Chairman Colin Jones was let down with some engine parts and Mike Mason withdrawing with his Roadster having gearbox problems.


The fifteen minute qualifying on the 1.8500 mile Castle Combe circuit was in bright and sunny conditions and sixteen drivers took to the track.   On lap one of qualifying Neil Fowler in the MGBGT V8 had a massive engine blow up and drenched the circuit in oil.  Red flags came out and the session was stopped.

The track was cleared and the oil mopped up and the remaining fifteen drivers assembled to restart the qualifying.  This time fifteen drivers managed to have a decent start but on lap two Russell McCarthy came in with a recurrence of the fuel starvation issue that he had at Silverstone.

Prior SpencerPole Position went to Class D Ian Prior on 1.20.291 alongside Rob Spencer on 1.20 567.  Row Two, Class C Pole Ken Deamer on 1.21.102 alongside Jonnie Wheeler on 1.21.908.  On Row three Jordan Spencer on 1.23.232 alongside B Class Pole Mark Scott on a 1.23.744.  On row four a welcome return to Kathy Sherry with a 1.25.760 in her Morgan + 8 alongside Paul Khouri on a 1.26.760 in the BGTV8.  On Row five Simon Cripps out in the borrowed red V8 of Barry Holmes on a 1.27.279 alongside Ben White on a 1.28.054.

Row six XA Class Pole Jon Sandilands in his MGB FIA on a 1.28.459 alongside the troubled Russell McCarthy who had only managed 1.28.684 during his short practice and on row seven Ivan Hayward new boy to Thoroughbreds in his MGB FIA on a 1.29.917 alongside the E type of Martin Barrow on a 1.29.959.  Finishing the field, Phil Lambe in his TR6 with 1.30.187.


Lights went out and the two cars of Rob Spencer and Ian Prior stormed away but from the sixth row Russell McCarthy dived up through the ranks to take third overall as they crossed the line on the return back to pass the start finish.  The order remained with Rob firmly out in front then Ian and Russell.

By lap five Russell had pulled past Ian to take second overall but Ian hounded him for ten laps to the flag just unable to pass.  However he would probably have tried harder had he known that Russell only had fourth gear from lap two after his clutch slave cylinder expired.   Simon Cripps down the field in the Red V8 had a lonely class race but enjoyed the experience of a race finish.   Martin Barrow in the E Type had a good dice for a few laps with Kathy Sherry in the Morgan, Martin pulling off on lap sixteen.

Rob Spencer pulled away from Russell and Ian by nine seconds at the flag to take the Overall and Class D win.

Behind, Ken Deamer took the C Class lead from lights to flag pulling away steadily without any close challenge.

The exciting battle of the class was with Jonnie Wheeler and Jordan Spencer who had a near lights to flag dice, Jonnie taking charge for the majority of the race but Jordan challenging and taking the lead on lap sixteen just being re-challenged and losing out on the last lap.  Kathy Sherry in the Morgan had a few close laps with Martin Barrow in the E Type and Mark Scott and Ben White before she pulled away, while at the back of the field the lights to flag close race between C Class Phil Lambe and A class newcomer Ivan Hayward and Jon Sandilands finally finished with Phil getting the best advantage and crossing the line just in front of Jon and Ivan.


Rob Spencer for his Overall and Class D win.

To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win

To Jon Sandilands for his Class AX Win


DSCF3619A Testing Friday pre the MGCC Silverstone 90 weekend  brought quite a few Thoroughbred drivers up early to ‘set up’ camp.  The weather was hot and sunny on Friday and this was the pattern for the whole weekend with temperatures 24 – 26 degrees.

Our race was on the Sunday so quite a few decided to come up late on Saturday by which time there were quite a few spaces as the Saturday drivers had already gone home.  We had a stand-alone race and after the poor numbers of the previous races this season had a very healthy 32 entered including some MGA drivers from their race and some Invitation drivers in the form of a Mustang, a Sebring MGC and a friend to race Joe Parrington’s car had he made the meeting.


The twenty minute qualifying on the 3.6393 mile Silverstone Historic GP circuit was at 9am in bright sunny conditions and thirty one drivers took to the track. All drivers except two managed to complete qualifying Bob Lines had overheating problems and the first time out for the MGC Sebring also had problems.

Pole position went to Spencer McCarthy out in Roy’s Tweety V8 on a 2.24.584 who sat alongside his Bro Russell on a 2.24.721.

Row two Class CX Invitation Josh Files in the TR6 on a 2.26.193 alongside Neil Fowler on a 2.26.897.  Row three, Rob Spencer on 2.27.017 alongside DX Ollie Neaves on a 2.29.111.  Row four Ian Prior on a 2.30 next to TSCC Class C Pole Lawrence Wood finally getting his car sorted on a 2.34.173

Row five Ken Deamer on a 2.34.910 alongside Class B Pole Babak Farsian on a 2.37.081 and on row six Mark Scott on 2.37.980 alongside Max Cawthorn on 2.38.286.  Row Seven the MGA Race section Poleman Neil Cawthorn with a 2.38.294 alongside Ben White with a 2.39.178 and on row eight Jonathan Upchurch on a 2.39.591 beside Jordan Spencer with a 2.39.975.

On row nine Colin Jones on a 2.41.953 alongside the XC invited Mustang of Alex Thistlethwayte on a 2.45.399 and on row ten Jack Smith in the MGA on 2.46.107 alongside Alan Charlton on a 2.48.578.  Row eleven, Clive Gimson and Phillip Lambe on a 2.48.314 and 2.49.035 respectively.

On row twelve Class A Pole Martyn Clews with a 2.49.151 alongside Peter Hiscocks on a 2.49.850 and on row thirteen Ivan Hayward out for his first meeting on a 2.49.950 alongside Michael Hunter in the TR4 on a 2.50.164.

Row fourteen Martin Barrow in his E Type on a 2.52.038 alongside Bob Lines spot as he had terminal overheating problems and on row fifteen Nick Wilkins on 2.56.456 alongside Bob Innes Ker on a 2.57.949 and finishing the grid should have been the MGC Sebring of Ian Clark but he had also had pulled out.


Lights went out and the two cars of Rob Spencer and Neil Fowler stormed away but from the front row Russell McCarthy took the lead.  Spencer down the field in fourth as they went up and round Copse.

Class D

As the cars returned to the start finish Spencer McCarthy had come back up from fourth and was now leading the field with Russell behind, then Neil Fowler, and Ian Prior, then Josh Files in the TR6, Rob Spencer and Ollie Neaves.MGL14_8718

Spencer led Russell, both pulling away from the rest of the D class but by lap five Russell had taken charge with Spencer now just behind him both now some thirteen seconds in the lead.  Behind Neil Fowler was on a mission and hung on to third until lap four when Rob Spencer dived through, Neil having none of it and retook third by lap five staying in front of Rob to the flag.  MGL14_8637 Ian Prior had a tussle with the TR6 of Josh Files for the first few laps until a fall off on lap four put him some eight seconds behind. Josh keeping great pace and coming home third overall by the flag having a few close laps with Rob Spencer mid race,  Ollie Neaves was last of the front runners but retired on lap seven.  Last of the D class Martin Barrow in the E Type managed six laps before retiring.

Up front the race looked settled with Russell leading Spencer both off into the distance but….

By lap nine Spencer was hard on Russell’s tailpipe and by lap ten had passed to take the lead, Russell hung on to second for a lap hoping to see the flag but it didn’t come out on lap eleven and Russell only made it down to Copse before pulling off with suspected lack of fuel. His only consolation was he gained fastest lap and new lap record.   Spencer carried on to take the Flag with Neil coming home in second overall after a hard drive and Rob Spencer third in class.

Class C

MGL14_8684Crossing the line at the start of lap two leading the C class Lawrence Wood a couple of seconds in front of Ken Deamer  who had Jordan Spencer stuck on his bumper.   Next in class, Ben White and Jonathan Upchurch with Alan Charlton, Phil Lambe and Michael Hunter finishing the C Class field.

By lap three Ken Deamer had pulled past Lawrence to take the lead and Jordan had snuck through as well and Ben White and Jonathan Upchurch looked good for a battle but Jonathan came off as did Jordan both their races finished.

Ken Deamer pulled away with Lawrence falling back but he slowly reeled Ken back in by the end of the race to take second in class.

Down the class field Ben White held third until he came off on lap eight but the TR’s of Alan Charlton, Phil Lambe and Michael Hunter all finished making it a TR success with the overall C class position by the TR6 of Josh Files in the XC Invitation. MGL14_8661 Alex Thistlethwayte in the Mustang had a close race with Phil Lambe for the majority of the race Phil just beating him to the line.

Class B

Crossing the line at the start of lap two Babak Farsian had taken class lead with Mark Scott and Neil Cawthorn next then Max Cawthorn and Colin Jones, Clive Gimson, Jack Smith, Bob Innes Ker and Nick Wilkins finishing the class order.

MGL14_8693Babak held off Mark Scott for five laps when Mark pulled past to take class lead.  Behind Father and Son Max and Neil Cawthorn were also having a close race and by lap seven all four were in close format with Max now past Babak.

By lap eight  Mark, Max and Babak were keeping pace and Neil had taken to the hills but came back on track to chase hard after the fighting trio.  Max however came off on lap nine after gaining fastest lap and new lap record leaving Mark to come home first in class followed by Babak and Neil.

Colin Jones pulled off on lap three with persistent engine problems.  Clive Gimson had a few close laps with Jack Smith, Jack taking B class fourth overall and Clive fifth by the flag.  Bob Innes Ker kept a steady pace finishing his race on lap nine but confessing to gaining his best ever time.MGL14_8662

Class A

Ivan Hayward in the MGB FIA came round first in class and held off Martyn Clews for four laps before Martyn gained class lead with Peter Hiscocks in third spot.

Once past Martyn kept control of the class gaining fastest lap and a new lap record in the process despite a hard drive from Ivan to the flag and Peter took third in class.  Ivan enjoyed his test drive so much he has subsequently joined the Championship.


Spencer McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win.

DSCF3614To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win and Driver of the RaceDSCF3611

To Martyn Clews for his Class A Win

SNETTERTON 300 Round 5

A Bank Holiday Sunday meeting on the Silverstone 300 circuit got together sixteen drivers. We arrived to a busy Saturday very wet test day and a full paddock but the majority moved away by the late afternoon.  We woke up on Sunday to a dry day and sunshine.   On the day for practice we had six Class D, six Class C, and four Class B, and for the race we picked up an extra driver who raced under the ‘circuit familiarity’ rule but in the X invitation class.Snett circuit


Qualifying was fifth on the mornings’ timetable with a 9am Scrutineering and a 10.35am practice.

Practice went smoothly for most people except Mark Scott who discovered at the start of practice that he had a cam issue.  Spencer McCarthy who should have been back out in the ‘V8 Roy’ car having just completed its rebuild from the burn out at Snetterton end of 2013 found he had an engine issue so pulled out during the BCV8 practice earlier.  Simon Cripps was also having some issues with his water works and was overheating.

Pole went to Russell McCarthy with a 2.09.70 who sat alongside Ian Prior on a 2.10.81.  On Row two Neil Fowler on a 2.10.83 alongside Rob Spencer with 2.11.67.  On row three Simon Cripps on a 2.12.33 alongside Class C Pole Ken Deamer with a 2.17.34 next row four a returning Roy Chamberlain who had only finished his car Saturday and made a very late entry with the car back on form giving a time of 2.22.28  sitting alongside Class B Pole Babak Farsian on a 2.22.34.

Row five Jordan Spencer on a 2.24.29 alongside Ben White on a 2.26.66 and on row six a returning Neil Cawthorn out in a newly prepared MGA on a 2.27.17 next to Phil Lambe on a 2.27.24 and finishing off the field new to the Thoroughbred Championship Clive Gimson in his GT6 on a 2.29.99 next to the vacant spot for Mark Scott.   At the back of the field an extra runner out for a race under the familiarity rule having competed in the BCV8 race and wanting to have a go in his dads C Class V8 James Wheeler.

The race was running under the green flag rule so the field assembled at the start line and the green flag waved and the field went round the circuit.  Russell in his repaired front end from the BCV8 accident getting the feel of the different handling as he had a slight bent chassis issue. Problems arose with Simon Cripps car when he dropped a load of water, the marshals thinking it was oil so covered a large proportion of the track with concrete dust.  Phil Lambe pulled into the pits on his return to the line with diff problems and the remainder of the grid lined up to wait for the start.  The wait was quite a long time so to keep the programme on course the race was reduced to fifteen minutes.


Red lights went out and the commentators noted that there were good starts by Rob Spencer from the second row and Roy Chamberlain from the fourth row and the field went up into Riches with Russell leading the pack then Rob Spencer, Neil Fowler, Ian Prior already pulling away from the rest of the field.DSC_0276

Roy Chamberlain next in front of Ken Deamer then Babak with Ben White and Jordan and a hard driving James Wheeler next and finishing the field Neil Cawthorn and Clive Gimson finishing the order as they passed by on the way to Agostini.  There were clouds of dust from all round the circuit after the clear up and although we assumed it was water there was a lot of sliding about as well.   Ian Prior did a massive tank slapper on the approach to Oggies and lost a few lengths, Russell, Rob and Neil pulling away from him on the Bentley Straight.

Russell leading the pack approaching Coram lost control and Rob went one side and Neil the other, Neil getting the better deal and leading the race down to the start finish line, now the order Neil, Rob Ian and Russell.

Behind Ken Deamer had taken control of the C Class, Roy Chamberlain holding on to him for a couple of laps before he found himself sliding down the field.  By lap four Jordan was second in Class C having a great battle with James Wheeler and Class B Babak Farsian for a few laps  At the front Russell had pulled himself past Ian and Rob to worry Neil, managing to pass him on lap three to lead the field home to the flag despite being hounded all the way their by Neil who was never more than a cars length behind.  Rob retired on lap six handing Ian the third spot on the podiumDSC_0249

Ken Deamer led the class to the flag without challenge despite a valiant attempt by James Wheeler who came up through the field to follow him across the line.  Babak had firm control of Class B and followed James across the line but a few lengths behind.

Jordan Spencer kept good pace and had Roy Chamberlain in tow for the last part of the race Jordan just managing to keep him behind to the flag.  Ben White had a lonely race but behind Neil Cawthorn and Clive Gimson had a near race long chase, Clive having a dainty pirouette on the approach to Oggies on the penultimate lap confirming Neil taking tenth spot across the line.

Congratulations to Overall and Class D Winner Russell McCarthy

To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win

To Babak Farsian for his Class B Win

Rounds 3 and 4 MGCC Brands Hatch 4th May 2014


The MGCC’S meeting at Brands Hatch was Sunny and warm on both days so warm in fact that there were quite a lot more Red Faces on the Sunday, mine included.   The Thoroughbred Rounds 3 and 4 were scheduled as Race 13 and Race 23 on the Sunday.

On closing only eleven Thoroughbred Drivers had entered, a very disappointing turnout so the grid had been amalgamated with the Peter Best Insurance race, not our choice but a necessity as the grids were oversubscribed.

After closing we had three more entries, Babak Farsian, Ken Deamer and Peter Hiscocks and a couple of others decided they didn’t want to be a fourth reserve so didn’t bother.  As it turned out all three did get to race, Babak and Ken in both races and Peter in just one.


Pole position for rounds three and four went to Russell McCarthy who was on a bit of a roll, winning both the BCV8 races on the Saturday and out to try and do it again in front of his home crowd on the Sunday. Russell had qualified with a 53.784 and sat alongside Ian Prior with a 54.792.  Row two Neil Fowler also on a 54.792 (First one to get the time went first).  Sitting alongside was Rob Spencer on a 55.214 back out in his Class D car literally just dragged out of the garage as he lives ten minutes from the circuit.

On row three the PBI Poleman Andrew Young in his MGC sitting alongside our Class B Poleman Simon Cripps out in his B Roadster with a 56.991.   On Row four Peter Barnard with a 57.415 alongside Class C Poleman Ken Deamer with a 57.598.  A couple of rows back, row six Babak Farsian on a 58.747, and on row eight Colin Jones with 59.806 having a few problems with his engine.  Back on row twelve Jordan Spencer with 1.00.785 out in dads Class C car for the very first time and on row thirteen Phillip Lambe on a 1.01.659.  Class A Pole Martyn Clews on row fourteen with a 1.04.393 and on row sixteen Martin Barrow with a 1.09.672. Peter Hiscocks not being able to race as the maximum 32 were out.

RACE   Round 3  IMG_4172

Round 3 was the second race which was before lunch.  There had been a few incidents in the first start – Rob Spencer not continuing when he had a wheel problem.  Martin Barrow having mechanical problems and being unable to continue on to the restart,   and….    An incident at Paddock Hill Bend when a coming together with Peter Barnard in the Elva and a PBI driver Clive Jones in his MGB brought the race to a red flag.  Red seemed to be the appropriate colour as it was certainly RED mist .  Both went to the CoE to discuss matters.

Round 3 – RestartBH14_1863

The grid re-assembled and the lights changed and off they went again for a six lap race, the Thoroughbred grid down to ten.   Ian Prior and Neil Fowler got the better starts and Russell came round Paddock Hill in third place with PBI Poleman Andy Young next and then Simon Cripps.    Ian led Neil for four laps until Russell managed to pull past Neil to take second and then pass Ian to take overall and Neil just crossing the line half a second behind.  Ian saying after the race that he lost power so backed off.

Class C Ken Deamer had a  hard fight with Class B Simon Cripps for four laps and managed to pull past on lap five to take fourth in the TSCC race with Simon following a second behind to take the Class B win.

Further down the field Babak was mixing with the PBI drivers and Jordan Spencer was having a good race learning the benefits of more power until on lap five he found the cars limits but re-joined to take the flag.  Phillip Lambe had a good dice throughout the race with PBI driver Aaron Ross, Phil beating him to the flag in true Thoroughbred style. Colin Jones spent most of the race with PBI driver Richard Wilson, Colin taking the flag down the field but still third in class B.  Martyn Clews hoped for more out in the A class but Jordan had moved up to class C and Peter Hiscocks couldn’t get on the grid so he had a bit of a lonely first race but still  came home in top spot in class A.

Small grid but good clean racing up front.

Well done to Russell for his Overall and Class D Win with Lap Record


To Ken Deamer for Class C

To Simon Cripps for Class B

To Martyn Clews for Class A





Qualification times were second fastest lap from practice so the ten man grid was as follows:

Pole and Class D Russell McCarthy on 53.965 with the vacant spot for Ian Prior on row one, Ian deciding to save his engine rather than blow it so was back on the trailer.  Behind on row two Neil fowler on a 54.841 alongside PBI Pole Andrew Young and on row three, both missing Peter Barnard and Rob Spencer (missing from race one).  The grid had moved up so row three now had Class B Pole Simon Cripps with 57.909 alongside Class C Pole Ken Deamer with 58.432.  Next on the grid Babak Farsian with 58.796 and down on row seven Colin Jones with a 1.00 396.  On row ten Jordan Spencer and on row twelve Phillip Lambe.  Row fourteen Class A Pole Martyn Clews on 1.04.970 alongside Peter Hiscocks and finishing off the Thoroughbred grid the repaired Martin Barrow Jag E type from race one.

The days racing had been interrupted by quite a few red flags and the afternoon races had been reduced in time.  By the last race however the times had caught up so it was announced that the race would be the full time of 15 minutes.


From the lights Neil Fowler dived away with Russell then PBI Andy Young, up round druids with the rest of the mixed field.  As they came down into Graham Hill Bend Neil had a tank slapper and Russell pulled ahead to take charge.  This was the order for the whole race both leading the field and diving through back markers, Russell finding the gap and Neil sometimes making one of his own.  The two crossing the line with Neil just under two seconds behind and  Russell taking his fourth  win of the weekend with another Lap Record.


Behind the ‘Valient Eight’ intermingled with the PBI drivers who appeared to be a bit on the wild side at times.  Ken Deamer in charge of Class C took the C class from lights to flag despite his on going battle to the end with Simon Cripps who came home first just a couple of seconds behind Ken leading Class B.

Behind the front runners, Babak was having a lonely Championship race but had a few close laps with PBI drivers while Jordan Spencer was also having a close battle with an MGC until he lost out at Paddock Hill and fell into the kitty litter,  Mum doing a two minute mile to the fencing to check him out, all OK just a bit dusty. 5D-088_-_Race_13_-_136-Jones

Colin Jones down the field but still third in Class B was having a nightmare of a race for a while among the PBI drivers who appeared not to notice flags and he was punted up the back three times and passed on yellows so he was not a happy Chairman.  By lap five he had dropped down a bit and joined Phil Lambe who was having a repeat performance of the first race with a lights to flag dice with PBI Aaron Ross, all performing well, Aaron in front for a few laps and Phil managing to pass to take the flag for the second time, great racing from them all.

Finishing off the field the Class A TSCC battle was intermingled with PBI drivers with Martyn and Peter in the middle, Martyn taking the Class spoils again and Peter crossing the line just lengths away.

Finishing the TSCC field Martin Barrow in the E Type Jag.  The race was exciting despite there being so few Thoroughbred drivers.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Fourth Win of the weekend and to Neil for a great chase.

To Ken Deamer for Class C5D-092_-_Race_13_-_93-McCarthy_and_86-Fowler_raise_hands [TIF 12764259802]

To Simon Cripps for Cass B

To Martyn Clews for Class A


Pam McCarthy, Coordinator






The first races to start off the Season were at a warm, windy and sunny Donington Park on the Grand Prix circuit.   The GP circuit has not appeared on our Fastest Lap Chart so all fastest times would give all classes a new lap record.IMG_7057

Building and alterations are still being carried out at Donington and currently the public cannot gain access to the inside viewing areas so spectating was limited.   By the race there were only sixteen drivers entered and for our first races of the Season this was not as good as expected.   There were some registered drivers who were unable to make the grid as they had either not completed their cars or had other commitments so numbers do look more promising for future Thoroughbred races.

Practice only saw thirteen drivers out on track but there had been quite a few  problems:  Simon Cripps should have been out in his V8 which was literally just ‘out of the box’ and hadn’t been tested came in after four laps with engine issues on the Saturday BCV8 race. However, Simon had expected things not to go smoothly so had brought along his Roadster just in case so had a change to the B class.      Kathy Sherry had brought along her Morgan but had electrical problems before she could get to the practice grid so had withdrawn.

Russell McCarthy had a terminal engine problem in the BCV8 race and returned home completing a ten hour round trip to put in his spare engine.  He got back to Donington at 01.30 but couldn’t get in as the gates were closed so walked in and found the motorhome had a drink and put the clock on one hour to 02.30,  oops.

Lawrence Wood had come a bit further, from Dubai, but also had terminal problems on the Saturday and had withdrawn.  Ken Deamer had a bad misfire on his Saturday races so had withdrawn.

Finally, Peter Dumelow also had a terminal engine problem so withdrew after practice and Mark Scott had a carb problem and had a lot of running around to get a part before he could make the grid.


A much reduced grid now with only eleven ready to compete as follows:

Pole for Round 1 of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Championship went to Class D Neil Fowler in the MGBGTV8 on a 1.49.990 sitting alongside Ian Prior on a 1.50.830.   Row two the empty spot for Russell McCarthy, running-in the exchange engine who had developed an oil leak in practice and was still trying to fix it, on 1.51.850.

Row two did have Class C Pole Jon Ellison in his TR6 now with ‘top hat’ and looking very smart on 1.54.390 and on row three new soft tuned V8 Rob Spencer on a 1.55.550 alongside Simon Crips Class B Pole on a  1.55.630.

On Row four Mark Scott on a 2.00.000, next to Dave McDonald on a 2.02.260. On Row five Jonathan Upchurch with a 2.05.490 alongside Bob Lines in his D Type Rep with 2.05.550.   Row six Class A Pole Martyn Clews in his Spridget on DSCF3467-001a 2.09.910 alongside newest member of TSCC Jordan Spencer, Son of Rob, out for the first time in his MGB FIA with a 2.12.570.

RACE  1 – Round 1

Eleven drivers assembled in the collection area and pulled round to the grid for an 18 minute plus one lap race.  We had a green flag lap as the GP circuit was new to so many of the drivers.

Green flag lap completed and lights changed to green and Neil and Ian stormed away with Ian just managing to reach Redgate before Neil.  Ian managed to keep Neil just behind him Neil staying in Ian’s rear view mirror for the whole race and at the flag Ian crossed to take the D Class and Overall Win but Neil was just .11 behind.  A fantastic drive by both drivers.

A little way behind an equally great battle, Rob Spencer in his new soft tuned V8 and Simon Cripps,  Simon doing his best to keep up with Rob, managing it for most of the race but the V8 power just beating him to the flag with Rob taking the C Class Win and Simon taking the B Class Win. Jon Ellison hung on to the back of Simon for nine laps until he pulled off not making the finish.

Dave McDonald headed another fine battle keeping in front of Mark Scott who had also had problems the previous day and had fixed his carb just in time to make the practice. A length or two behind Mark, Jonathan Upchurch was also in the frame until he pulled off on lap five after he believes a plug lead fell off causing terminal problems.   Once Jonathan had pulled off Mark tried to catch up with Dave but had to be content to follow him to the flag.  The pretty D Type Jag of Bob Lines had a bit of a lonely race but Bob was enjoying his last race for a little while and we hope to see him back out later in the Season.

Finishing off the field was the Class A battle of Martyn Clews and rooky Jordan Spencer.  Jordan kept great pace with Martyn and once he got the hang of it hounded him by under a second for the majority of the race, both taking the flag Martyn just leading Jordan by under a second.    There were only nine finishers but four great battles.IMG_7096

Congratulations to Overall and Class D Winner Ian Prior -  To Class C Winner Rob Spencer -  To Class B Winner Simon Cripps and to Class A Winner Martyn Clews.




RACE 2 – Round 2

Pole for Round 2 of the Thoroughbred Championship again went to Neil Fowler who was alongside Ian Prior.  This time though Russell McCarthy had made the grid on row two and was alongside Class C Jonathan Ellison.   Row three Class B Pole Simon Cripps alongside Rob Spencer and on row four Mark Scott alongside Dave McDonald.   Finishing off the ten man grid was Class A Pole Martyn Clews alongside Jordan Spencer.


Ten drivers took the lights, this time Neil Fowler took immediate lead and Ian fell into second place.  Neil powered away slowly and Ian hung on behind with Russell slowly gaining pace to tag on behind Ian.  Ian kept Russell at bay for seven laps and Russell thinking he had done enough running in stormed off after Neil but had a hard task to catch him as Neil had pulled away by some ten seconds.   Russell tried his best to catch Neil but the gap was too great and he had to content himself with gaining fastest lap in the process.  Ian Prior had developed a rev limiter problem and had to satisfy himself with a third overall and in class.

The Rob Spencer and Simon Cripps battle from the first race continued with Jon Ellison leading Simon for the first few laps then having to content himself to follow Simon for the remainder, Simon enjoying his Roadster and happy to be racing such a close race with Rob in the V8.

One of the very closest battles of the race was between Dave McDonald and Mark Scott.  Dave just managed to stay one second ahead of Mark for the whole twenty minutes crossing the line at the end of their battle by under a second.  A great show from them both.     Class A, a wonderful battle as well Martyn this time had to content himself in following behind Jordan.  Jordan in only his second race managed to keep his cool and take the pretty MGB FIA car to the lights a couple of seconds in front of Martyn.  Jordan gaining fastest lap and new lap record in only his second attempt at being ‘a racing driver like his dad’.  Well done Jordan.


Congratulations to Neil Fowler for his Overall and Class D Win – To Rob Spencer for his Class C win – To Simon Cripps for his Class B win and To Jordan Spencer for his Class A win.










The 2014 Season starts with a ‘double header’ on the Donington Park GP circuit on the 30th of March with the 750MC.

The full calendar consists of ten rounds,

Rounds 1 and 2 at Donington GP, 30th March.

Rounds 3 and 4 at Brands Hatch on the 3rd/4th May.

Round 5  at Snetterton 300 on the 25th May,

Round 6 at  Silverstone Arena Circuit on the 21st June

Round 7 at  Castle Combe on the 12th July

Round 8 at Anglesea over the weekend of the 2nd/3rd August

Round 9 at Oulton Park on the 6th September

Round 10 at Snetterton 200 on the 4th October finishing off the Season

If you would like to come along and watch please do and if you would like to join us on the track check the 2014 Regulations, which you can download from this website, see which class fits your Thoroughbred car of the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s and complete the Registration form.

Race Reports and Results will be published as they become available.

Pam McCarthy,

Championship Coordinator


Round 8 – Seasons’ Decider – Snetterton 200 5th October

The last race of the Season was held on Saturday 5th October at the MGCC’s final meeting of the Season.   The weather was good and we had a bright and sunny Meeting.  The practice at 11.34 saw 22 of the entries on the grid with two of the drivers Ian Prior and Neil Fowler having problems in the BCV8 practice but as they had both raced within the previous twelve months on the circuit they were able to start from the back of the grid for the race.

The entries consisted of Two A Class, Nine B Class, Three C Class and Nine D class cars with an Invited Morgan driver making up the 24 entries. Peter Hiscocks had a suspension problem and spent most of the time between practice and race rebuilding the front of the car.  Ben Tovey had a major engine problem and would not make the grid.  In other practices Jonathan Upchurch, Babak Farsian and Ben White would have a problem and could not make the Thoroughbred grid so only 20 assembled for the 16.13 race.


SN13_5866Overall Pole and C class Pole went to Rob Spencer with a 1.22.550 who sat alongside Ollie Neaves on a 1.22.809. Row Two the two yellow V8’s of Russell McCarthy on  1.22.932 alongside Spencer McCarthy on a 1.23.090.  On Row three Joe Parrington on 1.26.008 alongside Ken Deamer on a  1.26.496.

Row Four B class Pole Peter Barnard on  1.28.335 alongside Simon Cripps on  1.29.176 and on row five Class C Pole Tim Falce on a 1.29.428 alongside Babak Farsian’s vacant spot..   On row six Mark Scott and Jonathan Upchurch’s vacant spot and on row seven Paul Khouri and Ben White’s vacant spot with Colin Jones and Christopher Forrest on row eight.

Row nine Ben Toveys vacant spot alongside Phil Lambe and on row ten Class A Pole Martyn Clews on a 1.35.828 alongside Mike Mason.  Finishing off the field on row eleven were Peter Hiscocks and Carl Richardson.

Sitting at the back of the grid Ian Prior and Neil Fowler, giving a total to actually start of twenty.  The grid for Snetterton had been a healthy 28 in the programme but had reduced to 24 on the day and still further by the race.


Lights changed and from the second row Spencer McCarthy made a blinding start to take the field up to Riches with Russell just behind followed by Ollie Neaves and Poleman Rob Spencer.SN13_5830

By the time they returned back to the Senna Straight Spencer was still in control.  Russell, Ollie and Rob just behind with Ken Deamer a little way back.  Next Neil Fowler up fifteen places in one lap now in sixth overall with Peter Barnard leading Class B next, then Ian Prior up thirteen places just in front of Simon Cripps.

SN13_5836A few lengths further back Class C leader Tim Falce with a skittish Joe Parrington just in front of Mark Scott and Paul Khouri. Colin Jones, Phil Lambe next with Chris Forrest just behind, then Class A leader Martyn Clews with Mike Mason, Peter Hiscocks and Morgan driver Carl Richardson finishing the field for lap one.

Laps two and three the order remained the same except Ian Prior passed Neil Fowler to take fifth placeSN13_5856.

Spencer had been steadily pulling out a two second lead from Russell when on lap five disaster struck for him.  He noticed a squirt of fluid coming up on the screen from the bonnet at the end of the Bentley Straight and going into Nelson a sheet of flames came up from the bonnet. He pulled off, scrambled out pulling the fire extinguisher as he did so and watched in desperation as the front of the car appeared to totally ignite.  He ran to the empty marshal’s post and took a fire extinguisher and attempted to put out the flames.  Finally they eased by the time the fire tender arrived but regenerated again when he lifted the bonnet.  By this time the Safety Car was out not picking up the leader Russell but half way down the field in front of Peter Barnard.  The Safety Car let them go to catch up while he took position in front of Russell.

After an age it appeared that the smoke and flames subsided and the safety car came in but not until lap ten leaving only three laps to go.  Russell and Ollie charged ahead, Ollie hard on Russell’s tailpipe, Rob Spencer, Neil Fowler and Ian Prior a few seconds behind.

SN13_5908Russell managed to just hold off Ollie for the three laps and took the flag just .162 of a second in front of Ollie giving a good show for the last few laps.  The remainder of the field seemed to have lost a bit of interest in racing as I am sure you realise I had as well.

Peter Barnard came home first in Class B just half a second in front of Class C leader Tim Falce and Martyn Clews came home first in Class A.     Simon Cripps came in on lap eight and Joe Parrington on lap five both with problems.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class D Win

To Tim Falce for his Class C win

To Peter Barnard for his Class B win and taking the CP13_9196Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship Overall Title for 2013


To Martyn Clews for his Class A Win.


A sad looking fire burned car came back to the paddock and both Spencer and Russell attacked it with a hosepipe to get rid of all the extinguisher foam.

Reason for fire – a fuel pipe had come loose and a spray of fuel had hit the hot exhausts and ignited.  Spencer said that the ‘Roy’ bonnet louvres had saved the car as he managed to spray directly through the louvres at the exhausts.  Without the louvres he is sure the car would not have been saved.   It will be back out competing in 2014.

 Pam McCarthy

Many thanks to John Allan for taking photos of the race Here

Round 7 Donington Park 24th August – In Memory of Roy

Reunion 60s 001Practice and race for Round 7 of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship was on Saturday 24th August at Donington Park circuit near East Midlands airport. The weather was wet early in the morning but the rain stopped before qualifying leaving the circuit damp and greasy.   The meeting was a Classic Sportscar Club meeting with a variety of Swinging Sixties Sportscars, Jaguars and a full grid over from Europe of TR’s, MGBs, E Types and Healey 3000’s with a full grid of 36 entered.

Not to be outdone the Thoroughbreds also produced a fantastic full grid of 36 and on the day a couple of reserves practiced with us but were unable to compete because we all managed to complete practice and be able to take the grid for the race.

I had dedicated the race in Memory of Roy one of the founder members of the Thoroughbred Championship who had his last race at Donington on the 4th September 2010 now nearly three years ago so felt it was appropriate.   As long as I am involved with the Championship I will do this from time to time, just a one off race during the Season as appropriate and I felt that Donington with a grid of so many was just that occasion.

The entries consisted of Twelve class D, Eight class C, Thirteen class B and Three class A. The fifteen minute Qualifying was third on the schedule at 10.20am but the weather on the Saturday morning was a bit disappointing as the low clouds had given us some early drizzle.


Pole position went to Rob Spencer alongside Neil Fowler both in MGBGTV8’s.  Row two saw B Class Pole Simon Cripps in his Roadster alongside C Class Pole Guest Christian Marx.  On Row three Russell McCarthy and Barry Holmes and on row four Babak Farsian and Max Cawthorn.

Row five Jon Ellison and Guest Mario Neumann and row six Ian Prior and Peter Barnard.  On row seven Joe Parrington and Jonathan Upchurch with Lawrence Wood and Guest Robert Hamilton on row eight.  Row nine Tim Falce and Mark Scott and row ten Ken Deamer and Neil Cawthorn.  On row eleven Terry Burrows and Alan Charlton and on row twelve Ben White and Ollie Neaves.  Bob Lines and Dave McDonald were on row thirteen and on row fourteen Alan Kyson and Ben Tovey.

On row fifteen Paul Khouri and Colin Jones and on row Sixteen Guest Rene Grueter alongside Phillip Lambe.  On the penultimate row Martyn Clews and Guest Hans Jorg Hubner and finishing the massive field Peter Hiscocks and Bruce Atkinson.

All thirty six completed practice some with a few niggles but all able to take up their positions for the afternoon race.



Photo 24-08-2013 15 24 35The 36 competitors took to the grid behind the Course Car for one green flag lap followed by a rolling Start, the first that some of the drivers had taken.

Poleman Rob Spencer and Neil Fowler had been advised on keeping the pace slow to the lights. It was a good start with the majority of the massive field bunched up ready for the lights to change.    Rob and Neil approached the lights and as they went out they both stormed off with the D pack not too far behind.  Up through the Craner Curves Russell McCarthy from row three pulled past Rob to take the lead but coming back round to Roberts and onto the Wheatcroft Straight Rob had regained to take control of the race where he stayed to the flag.

Russell kept Rob legal until lap four when he lost oil pressure and pulled in.  Neil Fowler who had been just a few lengths behind them now pulled up to second.  On lap five an incident put the safety car on track and the field bunched up.  Safety car pulled off at the end of lap seven and the race recommenced.  Neil remained in second overall coming home five seconds behind Rob at the flag.  Ian Prior came home third overall after a race long battle with Joe Parrington.

Class A

The two regular class A contenders were joined by one of the European guests Rene Grueter.Snett2012_BJ6A4080  Rene pulled away from the battling Martyn Clews and Peter Hiscocks who managed to have a great race with Phil Lambe from Class C and Alan Kyson Class B for the whole race.  The Class win was taken by Martyn who took the flag just .700. in front of Peter.  Rene being a guest did not take any championship points.

Class B

Photo 24-08-2013 15 26 46Simon Cripps made Class B Pole out in his B class Roadster while his V8 is in the workshop.   The damp conditions saw Simon take third overall in qualifying putting him on the second row of the rolling start.  Peter Barnard did his best to catch him but was unable despite a valiant effort.   Once the safety car had pulled off on lap seven the field had pulled together slightly and various battles commenced.  Max Cawthorn and Babak Farsian had a few close laps until Max had a moment on lap nine leaving Dad Neil to take on the challenge but Neil unable to reach Babak.  A little down the field Max had joined the dice between Mark Scott and Colin Jones splitting the two where he remained to the flag.  The remaining dice was between Bob Lines, Paul Khouri and Ben Tovey with Paul pulling himself up to the front of the charge by the flag and Ben close behind.

Class C

Guest Christian Marx in his TR4 had taken class pole and led the class from lights to flag. Brands Hatch - MG Spring Race Meeting - Thoroughbred Sportscars Behind Tim Falce did his best to catch him and got close once the safety car had pulled in but was unable to make it past.  Guest Mario Newmann remained not too far behind Tim but was not able to catch him.  Guest Robert Hamilton in another TR4 came along next staying in front of Alan Charlton until Alan dived past on lap eleven to take fourth in class by the flag.  Further back Ben White was having a good race staying with the B class battle with Paul Khouri and Ben Tovey and finishing the field Phil Lambe also had a good race among the Class A battle.

Class D

Photo 25-08-2013 18 41 14Overall Poleman Rob Spencer once Russell McCarthy had pulled off on lap four led the field to the flag.  Neil Fowler second kept great pace and once the safety car had pulled off remained just a second behind Rob to the flag.  Barry Holmes got a good start but lost out to Joe Parrington and Ian Prior who also had a great race, Joe keeping Ian behind him till lap ten when Ian dived past to lead Joe to the flag.

Ollie Neaves out for the first time with the Championship came up from twenty sixth place and eleventh row on the grid to tag onto the tail of Joe by the flag,  Jon Ellison just a few seconds further back.

Ken Deamer re-joined the race on lap four after coming off on the first lap and Jonathan Upchurch came off on lap three in a position to bring out the safety car, re-joining on lap seven but unable to complete enough laps to qualify.  Barry Holmes only managed seven laps before his race finished.

Overall and Class D Winner Rob Spencer who led the massive field from start to finish

Class C Winner on Track Christian Marx

     In Championship Tim Falce

Class B Winner Simon Cripps

Class A Winner on Track Rene Grueter

     In Championship Martyn Clews

 Pam McCarthy

Race Report – MGCC Cadwell Park – Round 6

Practice and race for Round 6 of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship was on Sunday 21st July at the pretty Cadwell Park circuit near Lough.  Cadwell is quite a narrow circuit and considered a ‘drivers’ circuit and one of the few circuits left where there are still a few viewing areas without large wire fences.CP13_9182

A turn-out of sixteen had originally entered but late entries from Peter Barnard and Barry Holmes should have put the number up to eighteen on the day but a pull out by Jonathan Upchurch with pressure of work and Russell McCarthy with a blown engine in the BCV8 practice put the numbers back to sixteen including a one off from Mark Campbell in his beautifully prepared blue TR5.

There was a Friday test day and four had arrived to test out their cars in glorious 28 degree temperatures and sort out some niggles.

Neil Fowler had a half shaft go so the relaxing Saturday in cooler, damp conditions turned out to be a day of extra sorting out and fiddling and Ken Deamer found some wing repairs to sort out.

The entries consisted of six class D, four class C, five class B and one class A. The fifteen minute Qualifying was sixth on the schedule at 10.55am but the weather on the Sunday morning had remained very disappointing as it had stayed Cloudy but with a damp mist in the air.


Sixteen drivers left the collection area to Qualify and sixteen finished, Ken Deamer coming in early with a problem and the rest appeared OK although Joe Parrington had gearbox problems.

Neil Fowler had changed cars from his V8 that he had parked backwards into the tyre wall in the BCV8 practice but luckily for Neil, Nick, his Chief Mechanic had brought up the MGC so a change-over to race this in the TSCC Championship.

Overall and Class C guest Mark Campbell took TSCC Pole on a 1.41.444 who sat alongside Rob Spencer on Class D Pole 1.41.845.  Row two Ian Prior on 1.42.585 alongside a vacant Joe Parrington spot calling it a day.

On Row three b Class Pole Babak Farsian on a 1.46.578 alongside Barry Holmes on a 1.47.813.  On Row four Chris Edwards in his TR6 on 1.48.262 next to Peter Barnard in his Elva on 1.48.292.

On row five Neil Fowler in the MGC on 1.49.729 alongside Mark Scott on a 1.51.476.  Row six a vacant spot for John Yea (who had come second in the Ecurie but had a head gasket expire before the TSCC race) leaving Paul Khouri alone with a 1.54.586.

Row seven Ben White on a 1.54.688 alongside Ken Deamer on a 1.57.721 and finishing the field in the ‘Gentlemen’s spots’ Phil Lambe on a 2.00.042 next to Class A only contender Martyn Clews on a 2.00.948.


Lights changed and the field took off with Rob Spencer, Mark Campbell and Ian Prior making a dive for the front, Rob seemed to take the lead with Mark next and then Ian but something happened up top of the circuit and Mark had apparent brake failure and spun out and went into the tyre wall.  There were tyres everywhere so an obvious Red Flag incident.  However, the race carried on for three laps under the Course Car before the red flag came out.

Race Finished on lap three.


photoFrom the scrutineered seventeen now without Mark Campbell, John Yea, Russell McCarthy and Joe Parrington the grid reassembled with only thirteen. Ten minutes left for the race.

Lights went off and Rob Spencer took the lead followed by Ian Prior and Ken Deamer with Peter Barnard and Mark Scott dicing for Class B.    Babak Farsian and Chris Edwards fell off on lap one and Phillip Lambe on lap two so the remaining ten made the best of the dimished numbers.

Rob and Ian stuck together for all six laps with only half a second between them, Ian unable to find a place to pass and Rob not allowing him to find one.   Rob took the flag crossing the line just half a second in front after a great battle.

Ken Deamer came home third, a few lengths back and forth Peter Barnard just managed to keep Mark Scott behind although they fought a hard battle, Mark getting the fastest class lap. Paul Khouri the only other B class contender came home nineth overall.

Neil Fowler had a few close laps with Barry Holmes but once Barry had passed he led Neil to the flag.   Neil out in his MGC took Class C honours seventh overall now with only Ben White left in the class still on track.   Martyn Clews pretty Spriget bringing home the field and Class A.

Class D Winner ROB SPENCERCP13_9196

Class C Winner NEIL FOWLER

Class B Winner PETER BARNARD And  Commentators Driver of the Race

And to MARTYN CLEWS for his Class A Win.

                                            Pam McCarthy