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RACE REPORT Oulton Park, 12th September MGCC

After a gruelling five hour journey round the M25 and up the M6 we finally arrived at Oulton Park in warm sunshine, however the forecast was not looking good as it had been predicting rain for the Saturday meeting all week.   During the night the rain came down and we awoke to a very wet paddock.  We had a grid of 19 attending for the Thoroughbred race, seventh of the Season and our penultimate round.

The Championship had been healthy all Season and I have already received the green card from the MSA that our 2016 Championship is confirmed.

The E class had initially seven entries but six by the race including a late entry of a Morgan ARV6 Russell Paterson and his Son just seventeen years old out in the D Class in a Morgan Roadster giving a total of four in the Class, three Morgans and a TR4.   There were five in Class B gaining one extra by the Race as Simon Cripps had damaged his gearbox in the V8 in the BCV8 race so had opted to start from the back of the grid in his Roadster.

Qualifying was at 11.11 as the meeting was running early due to the new qualifying structure and all completed with apparently no problems although plenty of bonnets were up after practice.  It was a wet practice and even wetter when the rail fell down.

A few of the drivers were at the circuit on Friday to do a practice day and Neil Fowler had a gearbox failure but had a spare in his supplies.  IMG_2141When we arrived on Friday evening he was busy fitting it, with a few helpers.  His problems didn’t finish there as in the earlier BCV8 race his n/s half shaft had broken on the start line and so he had to change that as well.  What else would you do on a wet Saturday afternoon.

Wet Qualifying gave Overall Pole with 2.11.468 and Class E to Spencer McCarthy who sat alongside Rob Spencer.  Row two Neil Fowler and Russell McCarthy, Row three Ian Prior and Class D Pole Elliot Paterson,  on row four sat Russell Paterson alongside the vacant spot for Babak Farsian, Babak  unable to race due to his engine blowing in the BCV8 race earlier.

Row five Peter Samuels alongside Ken Deamer and on row six Alex Laidlaw and Alan House.  Kathy Sherry was on row seven alongside Barry Holmes and on row eight Jordan Spencer and Michael Hunter.  Finishing the field Clive Gimson and Guy Samuels

Added to the back of the field was Simon Cripps in his Class B Car, first time driving it in anger – although he seemed to have a great big smile on his face.


OP15_9036From the lights Spencer McCarthy got a good start to lead the field into Old Hall Bend with Rob Spencer, Ian Prior and Neil Fowler behind all within 1.5 seconds.  Next Russell McCarthy after a bad start with oil coming from the car after a gasket change, that didn’t work, before the race.

By the time they crossed the line to start the second lap Russell Paterson was just in front of son Elliot and behind Ken Deamer with OP15_9101Class B leader Peter Samuels next and up from the back of the grid Simon Cripps.   Then Barry Holmes and a gaggle of Morgans lead by Kathy Sherry with Alan House and Alex Laidlaw all fighting for position.

Next the GT6 of Clive Gimson and the TR4 of Michael Hunter.    Finishing the field Guy Samuels, whose dad was up front in charge of Class BOP15_9039

By lap two the order was changing, Neil passed Rob but both were still tight on the back of Spencer and
Ian was a few lengths back.  Russell M was still smoking badly and had dropped back slightly.  Clive Gimson had taken to the grass and retired.

OP15_9098Behind the two Morgans of Russell and Elliott were having a great dice with Dad just keeping in charge and Elliott hounding him just a cars length behind.  The remaining Class D drivers Ken Deamer Jordan Spencer and Barry Holmes were strung out behind.

Peter Samuels was still in charge of Class BOP15_9063 but Simon had caught him up by lap three and was all over the
back of him and by lap six Simon had made a dive and passed him.  Simon breaking Russell M’s lap record that had been set back in 2006 in the process.

The Morgan trio in Class C turned into a duo with Kathy and Alan OP15_9027having a good race but Alex slipping back.  Michael Hunter lost control at the Chicane and both Rob Spencer and Neil Fowler had taken to the Escape road so yellows were out, Russell McCarthy pitted but then out came the Red so the race was stopped on the sixth lap and the times presented as the previous lap.

Spencer led from lights to flag with Neil coming home second and Rob third.



Congratulations to Spencer McCarthy for Overall and Class E



To Elliot Paterson for Class D



To Kathy Sherry for Class C

IMG_2160To Peter Samuels for Class B and also for being awarded the Driver of the Race by the Commentators.

RACE REPORT Brands Hatch 31st August. Morgan Sportcar Club

The Morgan Sportscar meeting at Brands celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Morgan Challenge Series and we had been invited to join them.  The meeting was small and consisted mainly of Morgans and MG’s.

Most of us arrived at Brands Hatch late on Sunday afternoon hoping to gain access to the circuit but there was a BARC meeting going on and we were shunted into the main entrance holding area until 18.30.  We drove to our designated parking area which was in the Paddock and we were the only people there sharing with the BCV8 so we had plenty of room to spread out.

The weather on Sunday when we arrived had been dry and it wasn’t until the middle of the night that the rain came upon us.  It rained solidly from then until late on Monday and our qualifying and race was in very wet conditions.

We had a good
grid of 19 drivers entered and out for Qualifying. Six class E, Six class D, Three Class C and Four class B. All completed practice in the very drizzly and wet conditions but four drivers came in early, Simon Cripps, Rob Roodhouse, Babak Farsian and Steve Lockhart. Three were sorted by the race but Rob Roodhouse retire
d unable to sort out his issues.

Pole and Class E went to Spencer McCarthy with a wet time of 1.03.070 alongside Neil Fowler. On Row two Russell McCarthy and Simon Cripps, and on row three Rob Spencer and Class B Pole Babak Farsian.

Row four Mark Scott and Peter Samuels, Row five Ian Prior and Class D Pole Jordan Spencer, row six Ken Deamer and IMG_7714newcomer Andrew Tsang in the McCarthy Motorsport ‘hire car’.  Row seven Martin Barrow and Class C Pole Alan House.

Row eight the vacant spot for Rob Roodhouse but in position Barry Holmes.  The penultimate row Roy Chamberlain and Phillip Lambe and finishing the field Steve Lockhart.


Spencer from Pole got a great start as did Neil Fowler and Russell McCarthy and as they came round Paddock Hill Neil was on the outside and Russell on the inside slipping in behind his brother.  Up round Druids a gaggle of spray and cars came back round to the bottom of Graham Hill bend with Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer next in the top class.

As they crossed the line for lap two the order at the top was the same but leading Class D Jordan Spencer with Class B leader Peter Samuels behind, then Ken Deamer and Babak Farsian with Andrew Tsang and Ian Prior.  Finishing the order, Mark Scott, Class C’s Roy Chamberlain, Barry Holmes, Martin Barrow, Phillip Lambe, Alan House and Steve Lockhart.


Spencer led Russell for four laps when all change at the front with Neil passing Russell to take second and Simon having a little detour at Graham Hill Bend, the order now Spencer, Neil, Russell, Rob and Simon.  IMG_7681

Spencer pulled slowly ahead from Neil and by lap seven was six seconds in front but then Neil started to reel him back in with the help from back markers and by lap ten was back to within a couple of seconds but just unable to make up any more ground.

Russell maintained his third place but had a bad ‘day at the races’ when he had an off and hit the pit wall but recovered and
IMG_7836took the car home in third.

Simon regained fourth passing Rob at Paddock wheIMG_7694n Rob detoured into the kitty litter momentarily and held off Ro
b for the remainder of the race taking fourth in class and Ian had a solitary class race coming home seventh but a great battle with Jordan Spencer in the process.


IMG_7695From the lights Jordan Spencer took control of the class leading from lights to flag having a great dice with Class E Ian Prior.   Behind Ken Deamer had a new racing buddy Andrew Tsang both raced hard for the whole race having a few close laps with Class B Mark Scott.  Ken had Andrew on his tail for the majority of the race but Andrew just unable to catch him by the flag. IMG_7722

Martin Barrow and Barry Holmes had lonely class races but managed to finish unscathed in the wet conditions.



Roy Chamberlain led the class from start to flag with behind class Poleman Alan HouseIMG_7786
and Phillip Lambe taking it in turns to lead the other, Phil managing to make
second in class by the flag but Alan having a great battle and gaining fastest lap in the process.


Peter Samuels back out in his B class car after a few seasons in retirement leading the class from start to IMG_7496flag managing to be the last of the unlapped.

Behind Babak having a lonely class race as did Mark ScIMG_7822ott, Mark having battles with Class D cars and found the kitty litter at Paddock on lap ten his race finished.  Steve Lockhart out just glad to finish in the conditions in his first season of racing.

Congratulations to Spencer McCarthy for his Class E and Overall win

To Jordan Spencer for his Class D Win

To Roy Chamberlain for his Class C Win

To Peter Samuels for his Class B Win

and to Simon Cripps for making such a great ‘stand-in Presenter of Awards’ .  The Awards, Large, and Medium wine glasses and Whisky tumblers were provide by the Morgan Sportscar Club to our Regulations.

Pam McCarthy Championship Coordinator

CASTLE COMBE – Round 5 – 8th August 2015

IMG_7087The Fifth Round of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship took us to a hot, sunny and grassy Castle Combe Circuit.  We had been given the big grassy paddock to share with BCV8 and Peter Best.  A bit of a walk to the scrutineering and race admin but as we had a later practice and race it didn’t really matter as we could start engines and drive there.

Friday evening had been a bit of a surprise for me as on the 12th I would be celebrating a landmark date, not only did the bombs go off 70 years ago this week in Japan but in a Hospital in Clapham, London I had arrived.

I suspected something was happening when a few of the drivers said ‘so it’s your birthday’ and looked at me knowingly.   I soon realised that the little gathering we normally have was going to be exceeded when 35 drivers and their friends arrived at the Castle Inn in Castle Combe for a sit down meal.  Apparently the late entries had lost out as numbers in the allocated room had quickly reached 35 and the late entries had to put up with the bar.

We all had a lovely meal, pre booked by the sneeky Event Organiser Spencer.  After the meal I was presented with a lovely birthday cake, luckily without seventy individual candles on and a lovely card with a gift for a little trip away.  Thank you all very much for your kind words and good wishes……….

We awoke on the Saturday morning to bright sunshine and the makings of an excellent meeting.  The Thoroughbred race was mid-afternoon on the calendar, and the race was amalgamated with the Peter Best MG Cup.  PBI hadn’t been able to purchase a grid so as the full grid holds 42 I could see no problem in giving some grid space to them.

The BCV8 race was further on in the calendar so those doing both TSCC and BCV8 would have a full afternoons racing. By the time the TSCC race arrived the temperature was around 27 degrees.

There were 22 drivers entered for Thoroughbreds and 14 for Peter Best and for most the qualifying went well. Spencer McCarthy only managed a couple of laps before his half shaft expired but borrowed one from Neil Fowler for the races. Babak Farsian had an engine issue which needed surgery before he could race and a lot of running around for parts.  Roy Chamberlain had an ongoing engine issue and retired unable to race.


Simon Cripps gained overall and Class E Pole and sat alongside Neil Fowler.  Row two Spencer McCarthy (one full lap no wonder his half shaft broke!!) alongside Rob Spencer.  On row three Ian Prior and D Class Pole Russell McCarthy out again in the Terry Savory car.

Row four, James Wheeler in the ‘little’ V8  and Jonnie Wheeler in the ‘big’ V8 having a car swap.  Row five, Ken Deamer and Class C Pole Jon Ellison.  Row six Class B Pole Peter Samuels and row seven Babak Farsian alongside Mark Scott.

Row nine Rob Roodhouse and on row twelve Kathy Sherry and Martin Barrow. Row fifteen, Alan House and on row sixteen Steve Lockhart and Michael Hunter and on row seventeen Philip Lambe and finishing the Thoroughbred field on row eighteen Clive Gimson.


CC15_8551From the lights Neil Fowler got the better start with next Rob Spencer, Spencer McCarthy and then Simon Cripps behind, with Ian Prior and Jonnie Wheeler a second or two further behind the order as they crossed the line to start lap two.

Next across the line heading Class D Russell McCarthy with James Wheeler driving his dads car and Class C leader Jon Ellison then Ken Deamer.  Class B, Peter Samuels and Mark Scott next with Babak Farsian and Kathy Sherry in the Morgan next then the E type of Martin Barrow.  Rob Roodhouse, Steve Lockhart, Phil Lambe, Alan House, Michael Hunter and Clive Gimson finishing the Thoroughbred  drivers field.


Neil led from the off with for the first lap Rob Spencer tucking in to chase by the second lap Spencer McCarthy had taken Rob and held him off for four laps before Rob managed to power past, Rob staying in second position to the flag.

CC15_8580Behind the front action Simon Cripps and Ian Prior had a great dice for seven laps before Simon pulled himself up the field to third overall as Spencer McCarthy fell down slightly, having forgotten to adjust his suspension, to battle with Ian.  Simon falling off on lap 13 his race finished and Spencer regaining third after a few exciting laps bouncing around with Ian.IMG_7146

Jonnie Wheeler out in James’ car deciding that the action was a bit hairy at the front so had a few close laps with D class boys, wanting to give the car back to James in good order.

Fantastic race, led from start to finish by Neil Fowler who was driving his socks off. Behind the remaining Class E cars were all up front and chasing hard but by the finish Neil had amassed a 9.841 gap to second placed Rob Spencer.

In the bag, great race, Oh dear Neil you should have won it but…… a total of 15 seconds penalty for exceeding track limits.  That put him down to fourth overall.


Another lights to flag drive from Russell McCarthy in the Class D soft tuned V8.  (It’s for sale)CC15_8773

Not so easy though as he was hounded for thirteen laps by James Wheeler in the soft tuned V8 of his dads.  James never more than half a second behind was all over the back of Russell but was just unable to pass until on lap thirteen the engine just ‘gave up’ too much it said as he smoked into the side of the track just past the start finish line.

Behind Ken Deamer was content to watch the proceedings but had slipped back by some eleven seconds at the flag having a great dice with Jon Ellison.  Ken still picked up second in class even after finding the barrier in practice and sorting out some bodywork repairs.

Finishing the field were the TR6 of Rob Roodhouse and the E type of Martin Barrow after a great race ended up just six seconds between them with Rob taking third in class.


Again Class C Poleman Jon Ellison led the class from lights to flag.  CC15_8558He had a great battle for the
complete race with Class D Ken Deamer.

Mid field Kathy Sherry had a lonely class race but plenty of action with the Peter Best guys.

Back of the class though was great, Phil Lambe, Michael Hunter and Alan House CC15_8574and off and on the addition of B class Clive Gimson.  Phil, Michael and Alan had a race long battle, Phil heading the pack and Alan following until lap six when Michael dived through to stay station to the flag.


 CC15_8560Yet another lights to flag class win.  Peter Samuels led the class, last of the un-lapped finishers.

Behind Mark Scott had a good second  with Babak unable to catch him despite trying hard getting a little closer having sorted the engine problem but having an exhaust issue which finally gave up on lap nine.

CC15_8942Steve Lockhart and Clive Gimson having lonely class races but a few close laps with other classes.

IMG_7346Congratulations to Rob Spencer for taking the Win and Class E from Neil by default,

To Russell McCarthy for Class DIMG_7329

MeTo Jon Ellison for Class C

IMG_7318To Peter Samuels for Class B


Pam McCarthy, Championship Coordinator


Round four of the Championship took us to the MGCC Premier meeting of their Calendar on the Silverstone Historic GP circuit.  A warm up for the British GP?

I am sure as drivers you probably enjoy using this circuit but as a spectator Silverstone is difficult as there are limited areas to view a significant area of track.   The Thoroughbred race was different and not dominated by the top class.  By the Thoroughbred practice the track had dried out from the morning damp conditions  and overall Pole went to E class Rob Spencer.

The normal E class drivers of Russell and Spencer McCarthy and Simon Cripps had decided to bring out their B class cars to give them an airing and second overall was Russell and third Spencer. Class B had an amazing 13 entries.  Colin Jones and Roy Chamberlain had problems in practice and came in early but the remainder of the 29 field all seemed to be OK for the race.      (Pam)


Russell McCarthy claimed honours in the Thoroughbred Sports Car Championship race, after a fiercely entertaining outing.   Jordan Spencer returned to the track in his third appearance of the day, to SS15_7326immediately grasp the lead from sixth on the grid. As Jordan toured, father Rob followed, eager to displace his son. Before long, Rob found his way into the lead, soon followed by McCarthy.

McCarthy was certainly the man on the move, when his new second SS15_7355place sitting turned into the lead. From here he refused to relinquish his commanding role, to lead Rob Spencer across the finish line. Simon Cripps claimed himself a third place finish, whilst Ken Deamer strengthened his championship lead in fourth. Peter SamuelsSS15_7395 and Jordan Spencer completed the top six, whilst Deamer also collected Driver of the Race.

Ian Prior had been a front runner, however after seemingly suffering a mechanical issue, he was forced into retirement in the closing stages.
MGCC Race Report

Donington Park, MGCC 31st May Round 3

The first race start was quickly red flagged in the Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship, when two drivers were sent off the track at Hollywood.   After medics and officials attended to the scene, the chaos was cleared and everyone deemed to be well.

A delay from the stoppage meant the restarted race was shortened to 12 minutes from 20 due to time constraints. At the restart we weren’t disappointed, as action came in abundance. 

Spencer McCarthy and Simon Cripps used their front row start to their advantage, asDN15_2706 they battled for supremacy on the run towards Redgate. As the pair exited the first corner, it was McCarthy who led the way, however Cripps was far from settled in second place. As the pair rounded Schwantz for the first time, they toured side by side for the remainder of the opening lap.DN15_2797

The start of lap two saw Cripps able to edge ahead, as McCarthy trailed in a menacing fashion. Before long, McCarthy was able to sneak ahead once more, to hold the lead for the duration. Cripps chased for as long as possible, under his MGB GT V8 suddenly slowed, dropping him to third place.DN15_2806

As Cripps salvaged what he could, Ian Prior was promoted to second place.

Ken Deamer collected fourth place overall and a Class D victory, after a tantalising tussle with Russell McCarthy for class honours. Deamer was also awarded Driver of the Race for his sterling efforts.

MGCC Race Report

BRANDS HATCH – The 40th Celebration Race 3rd May 2015

Round 2


Our first outing with MGCC for 2015 took us to Brands Hatch to compete in the two day event.  The race was on Sunday 3RD  May and we had an entry of twenty one drivers but on the day two drivers had pulled out leaving nineteen on the grid for the practice.

Saturday had been dry with intermittent sunshine and a strong wind.  Sunday morning however was wet and drizzly so there was a mad scramble to change tyres for the practice which was due to start at 10.25

We had two drivers entered for Class A with Ivan Hayward out in his FIA car although having a rear axle problem which would make it impossible to race.

Peter Barnard, out in his standard MGB Roadster while his Elva is still being repaired, the only Class A competitor making the race.

Class B only consisted of MGA’s.  IMG_1686Six had managed to enter with Russell bringing the yellow peril of his late dad after fitting a new seat, belts and fire extinguisher as it hadn’t raced since 2011.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t be a good day for him as fuel/gunge was clogging the pipework and causing fuel issues.

Mark Ellis had joined us in his Twin Cam to support the MGA’s as he had previously raced in the Championship.  Mark still races his Twin Cam successfully in the Iconic 50’s and other Series.

Spencer McCarthy was out in Bob Innes Kerr’s Red MGA.  This car won the Standard Class in 1976 and Bob still competes as often as he can. Bob has looked after the car for forty years and he recently had a new engine so there was no problem there but when Spencer went to put the headlights on in the wet practice the engine cut out, so there was a bit of a wiring issue which although they tried could not be sorted by the race.

Bob Lines was out in his MGA Twin Cam which he has raced regularly since 1976 winning the Overall Championship in 1987 and Colin Jones had arrived with his Twin Cam but only managed three laps in practice  as  he  needed  to do some work before the race. Colin won the overall Thoroughbred Championship in 2002.

Neil Cawthorn out in his MGA has also been a previous Overall winner in 1985, 1989 and 1999 and managed the practice and race but had a clutch thrust bearing failing.

Bob Innes Ker, Colin Jones, Neil Cawthorn and Bob Lines have all raced in the championship since its beginning and all the cars looked pristine and 2015 is also the 60th anniversary of the MGA.

In Class C we had returning Roy Chamberlain in his TR5, regular Phil Lambe in his TR6, Kathy Sherry in her Morgan + 8 and newcomer to the Championship Alan House in his Morgan Roadster.

In the D class there were three contenders, Ken Deamer in his MGBGTV8, Martin Barrow in his E Type and a new car to the Series driven by regular MGA driver Peter Hiscocks driving his Mustang, a lovely mixture of cars.

Top class E now called Full Race cars which did seem appropriate as although they are not exactly what you would expect from a full race car as they do look quite standard they really showed how the new breed of V8’s can perform.

Rob Spencer took pole alongside Neil Fowler with Ian Prior and Simon Cripps on row two. Russell McCarthy alongside Ken Deamer on row three and Bob Lines and Martin Barrow on row four.

Mark Ellis and Roy Chamberlain on row five with Neil Cawthorn and Phil Lambe on row six.  Peter Barnard on row seven and Colin Jones and Kathy Sherry on row eight and finishing the field Alan House and Peter Hiscocks.


From the lights Rob Spencer took immediate lead with Ian Prior, Neil Fowler, Simon Cripps, then Ken Deamer, Martin Barrow, Russell McCarthy all storming up into Druids.  Down into Graham  Hill Bend Russell pulled off and parked up with a lack of fuel.

As they crossed the line Neil Fowler had taken the lead with Ian Prior, BH14_8992Rob Spencer and Simon Cripps on his tail.  Next up leading class D Ken Deamer and behind Roy Chamberlain leading Class C then Martin Barrow and Class B leader Mark Ellis next Phil Lambe, Neil Cawthorn, Bob Lines, Colin Jones and Kathy Sherry with the Mustang of Peter Hiscocks behind and Peter Barnard the remaining Class A driver just in front of Alan House.

Class E

By lap two Neil had pulled away slightly but Rob Spencer had taken the challenge and was hard on his tail, Ian Prior and Simon a few lengths behind.

Simon snuck past Ian on lap three giving the order for very close racing for the next six laps until Rob dived past Neil on lap ten to take the lead bringing Neil, Ian and Simon home to the flag, only 3.5 seconds dividing them as Rob crossed the line.

Ian Prior had put up a good show of persistent driving and he was awarded the Commentators Driver of the Race.

Class D, C and B

Class D leader Ken Deamer took immediate control of the class and remained from lights to flag.

BH14_9024Behind D class Martin Barrow in the E Type was having a fantastic race with C class Roy Chamberlain in his TR5 and B class Mark Ellis for the entire race, Roy leading until Martin did a brave move on lap seventeen round the outside at Paddock to lead the pack but overcooking it at Clearways to lose out again to both Roy and Mark Ellis, Mark keeping up with the pack for the entire race, giving a great show for the MGA Twin cam.

Behind this group for the first few laps most of the drivers were strung out but by half way through the race another battle had developed with Neil Cawthorn, Phil Lambe and Colin Jones.

Colin was tailing the bunch but by lap nine had passed Phil and was on a charge to BH14_9073Neil, all three having a great dice until Colin after hounding Neil for five laps pulled past Neil on lap eighteen to come home second in Class B.

Kathy Sherry in her Morgan + 8  and Peter Hiscocks in the Mustang also had a race long battle, never far from each other for the entire race, Kathy leading home the Mustang at the flag.

Similarly Alan House in the Morgan Roadster and Peter Barnard in the MGB had a race long battle. The remaining MGA of Bob Lines pulled off on lap seven with problems.

A great race, with battles down the field headed by the magnificent top class show of full race power.

Congratulations to overall race winner and Class E Rob Spencer

To Class D Ken Deamer

To Class C Roy Chamberlain

To Class B Mark Ellis

And to the A class finisher Peter Barnard

Pam McCarthy – Championship Coordinator


DONINGTON 750MC 28th March Round 1

Round 1

750MC DONINGTON PARK  28th March 2015


First race of the Season and again quite a slow start.

We arrived at Donington on Friday afternoon to a very busy paddock after an horrendous five hour journey on the ‘breaking up for Easter’ weekend.  Memo to Pam, check the school holidays BEFORE you book a race, although perhaps that would be an Organising Club Job as well.

We had fifteen cars entered by closing but a new driver to the Championship Alan House who has a Morgan Roadster had to cancel when he had an accident when towing his car to a test day, damaged the car and had a wrist in plaster.  Tony Markham, another new driver with a TR3A, went to Donington for testing on the Friday but had overheating problems and had to pull out.  Rob Spencer who came back on Friday from his playboy life on the ski slopes, tried to start his E Class V8 but it wouldn’t so he turned up with his FIA car.  Well done Rob for the effort.

The weather was not good and rain was expected and did not disappoint arriving before our practice.


Practice saw thirteen out on track.  Weather was wet and very windy and cold and most of the cars had just come out of their boxes so were in need of some tender handling on the wet and very slippery track

Neil Fowler had transponder issues which he forgot to sort out after he had a valve/spring break in the BCV8 practice so the transponder was not on the priority list to attend to.

Jordan Spencer’s D class  V8 had a coming together with the wall in the BCV8 practice so the Spencer family were down to one car and Jordan swapped to the FIA car for the Thoroughbred race and Rob has a bit of work to do before Brands.

Wet Practice times gave Overall and E class Pole to Simon Cripps on a 1.32.73  with Russell McCarthy alongside with a 1.34.65.  Row two Neil Fowler in the Transponderless V8  on a manually timed 1.35.29 (the result of this was the timekeepers did not time him in the race !) alongside B Class Pole Mark Scott with a 1.42.62.

On row three the MGBGTV8 of Ken Deamer on D Class Pole with a 1.46.87 alongside C Class Pole Ben White on a 1.47.45.  Row four Martin Barrow in the E Type on a 1.48.73 beside Rob Roodhouse in the TR6 with a 1.50.71 and behind on row five Peter Dubsky from Austria in his Jag D Type Rep on a 1.51.58 alongside Jordan Spencer in the FIA MGB on a 1.52.06.

Finishing the field and out for the first time with Thoroughbreds Gregor Marshall in a TR4 on a 1.52.07. (Gregor son of the late Gerry Marshall) sitting alongside Philip Lambe in his TR6 on a 1.53.38.


The rain had stopped by the race and the track was dry.

From the lights Russell McCarthy took the lead from Poleman Simon Cripps whose half shaft snapped on the start.  A blinding start also from Ben White who managed three laps before retiring also with mechanical issues on lap four.  Gregor also came in with problems on lap four.

Ken Deamer took second place from lap three with Mark Scott in third place.

For the first part of the race there was close racing with Martin Barrow, Peter Dubsky and Rob Roodhouse.  Martin and Peter pulling away from the TR as the race went on.  Peter hounding Martin until lap thirteen when he managed to pass him to lead him to the flag.   Rob Roodhouse just a little behind.  Jordan Spencer had a lonely race as did Phil Lambe but both managed to cross the line to be one of the eight finishers.

Russell maintained his lead of the race from lights to flag breaking the lap record in the process.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class E win

To Ken Deamer for his Class D Win

To Phil Lambe for his Class C Win and

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win



The Season is due to start on Saturday the 28th March at Donington Park and 2015 will be the 40th consecutive year of the Championship.    See update of our history under ‘About TSCC’.

The calendar, 2015 Regulations and 2015 Registration are now confirmed with the MSA and our permit has been authorised and are posted on the website under Data 2015.  If you need to ask any questions  please contact the Coordinator Pam McCarthy on

The Calendar is confirmed as follows:

28th  March          Donington           750MC

3rd May                 Brands Hatch     MGCC

31st  May              Donington           MGCC

20/21 June          Silverstone GP  MGCC

8TH August           Castle Combe    CCRC

31st August          Brands Hatch     MSCC

12th Sept              Oulton Park        MGCC

10TH Oct               Snetterton 200  MGCC

Click Data 2015 for Regulations and Registration Form











The Final round of the Thoroughbred Championship was with MGCC at Snetterton 200 on the 4th October.  There was a test day on the Friday and quite a few of the competitors arrived to take part in warm and sunny conditions.  A last rush to compete in the final round brought 26 drivers out, one of the best showings of the Season. Class A had three drivers, Class B had eight, Class C had eight and Class D had seven.  The Championship was again going down to the wire with two drivers in the frame Russell McCarthy and Ken Deamer .

The listings showed the Thoroughbred race at 10.30 and the race after PBI and Midgets combined at 10.05. The times had been transposed on the sheet.   This fact was noticed just a few minutes before ten o clock by the organisers by which time the PBI and Midgets were already in the collection area.  The tannoy rang out for the Thoroughbreds to get to the Collection area fast so all obeyed.   When they arrived they went straight out onto the track but already out there were the PBI and Midgets.  Needless to say it was VERY crowded with around 60 cars trying to find some track space.

The flags came out and all came back in and the Thoroughbreds came back round to the Collection area to wait for the next available track space, so….


Qualifying was at 10.41 after the rather strange set of events in dry and cloudy conditions and the McCarthy lads were up front with Spencer gaining Pole with a 1.22.156 from Russell who was on a 1.22.721. Row two Rob Spencer on a 1.23.019 alongside Neil Fowler on a 1.23.202.  Row three a vacant spot as Simon Cripps had a problem with his V8 so entered the B class car starting from the back of the grid on half points.  On row three alone Ian Prior with a 1.23.679 Row four Class C Pole Ken Deamer with a 1.27.168 alongside Lawrence Wood on a 1.29.047 and on row five Class B Pole Mark Scott on a 1.29.548 alongside Jordan Spencer on a 1.29.897.

Row six Babak Farsian on 1.30139 next to Paul Khouri on 1.31.098 and on row seven Max Cawthorn on 1.31.483 alongside the TR6 of Phillip Lambe on a 1.31.669. On row eight Kathy Sherry in her Morgan V8 on 1.31.853 alongside Kevin Swann on a 1.32.139.  Row nine Ben White on 1.32.190 next to the E type Jag of Martin Barrow on a 1.32.353. On row ten the vacant spot for Colin Jones who had terminal engine problems in practice but the MGA OF Neil Cawthorn on a 1.34.087.  On row eleven Clive Gimson on a 1.35.437 next to Class A Pole Peter Barnard out in his MGB Roadster with a 1.37.331.

Row twelve Martyn Clews with a 1.37.702 next to Mike Mason out in the ex Chris Forrests’ Std V8 on a 1.38.809 and finishing the field on row thirteen Guy Samuels on a 1.45.542 alongside Bob Lines on a 1.49.579.


SN14_0735SN14_0699By lunch time the weather had changed and the rain had started to fall, by the race at 14.50 it was pouring.  The grid assembled and came round for two warming up laps due to the change in conditions and finally took their positions. Lights changed and off they went one of the McCarthys bogging down and the other one storming off hotly pursued by Rob Spencer.  Russell got to grips with his power and came round leading the field with Spencer just behind having a moment at Copse with Rob a few lengths behind. The rain now very heavy.  It would be a matter of tyres and visibility that would get the cars to the flag. Ian Prior not making past lap one.


By lap two Russell was having problems and Rob was hot on his tailpipe and Spencer had lost a couple of seconds and was being pressured by Neil Fowler. By lap three Russell had just Rob Spencer 2managed to keep second but would soon lose out to Neil and have Spencer attacking him.  Rob and Neil pulled away fighting a hard battle, Neil not letting Rob get too far ahead.

By lap five Rob was leading the field with Neil attempting to pass him at Murrays bend, behind now some eight seconds Russell and Spencer when Spencer took to the grass at Copse giving Russell a bit of breathing space. Behind on a massive charge the borrowed B class Car of Simon Cripps who had changed cars as his D class car had developed an issue in practice. He had started from the back of the field and was flying.

Rob was now comfortably leading the race and continued to take the Flag despite a last ditch attempt by Neil on the last lap to challenge finally coming over the line just .6 behind gaining fastest lap in the process. A great race by both of them in the conditions.Martin Barrow

By lap eight Simon had managed to arrive on the tail of Spencer and by lap nine had passed both Spencer and Russell to come home third overall. Russell managed to hold on to fourth overall arriving at the line just a few meters in front of Spencer taking third and fourth in class.

At the back of the field, not to be missed out having a lonely class race but a great drive Martin Barrow in his red E type holding it all together.


Ken DeamerKen Deamer took control from lap two and managed to keep it all together to the flag gaining class fastest lap in the process. Behind several battles emerged and great racing in the conditions with Kathy Sherry in her open topped Morgan and Jordan Spencer having a few laps of close racing before the aquaplaning took over. Ben White

Ben White, Paul Khouri and Lawrence Wood however had a near lights to flag battle all following within or under a second of each other from lights to flag, Ben managing to hold off both Paul and Lawrence. Finishing the class Phillip Lambe, having a great race long battle with Guy Samuels from Class A managing to keep him at bay after diving past him on lap four and finishing within a second of each other by the flag.  Kevin Swann in the borrowed Jonathan Upchurch car losing his wipers on the first lap and retiring.


Babak Farsian from eleventh on the grid got a great start and came round in fifth on lap one where he remained until the storming Simon Cripps from the back of the grid caught him up on lap four and passed him by lap five. Simon driving like a man Simon Cripps in Alex Carpossessed (with some great tyres apparently) carried on his charge and ended up third overall by the flag.  Simon getting the Commentators Driver of the Race Both Neil and Max Cawthorn retired, Neil on lap one probably because his MGA had more water in it than on the track and Max seemed to have a mechanical issue and came in on lap three.  Mike Mason out for his first outingSN14_0714 in the ex  Chris Forrest V8 retired on the first lap.

Mark Scott, Clive Gimson and Bob Lines were the remaining class contenders and from the lights Clive got the best start and it took Mark five laps before he managed to float past where he stayed to the flag to take third in class. Clive held off Bob Lines until lap eight when a great drive from Bob took him past Clive to take his MGA home in fourth place and Clive came home fifth the last of the class finishers.


Three out at this meeting in Class A better than all year, 2013 Thoroughbred Championship winner Peter Barnard out in a SN14_0719Standard MGB Roadster having a great ding dong with Martyn Clews giving GuyMartyn somebody to have a race with at long last. Peter held off Martyn by nano seconds for nine laps until Peter retired with a problem leaving Martyn to continue to the flag and take the class.  Guy Samuels out for his first Thoroughbred race also having a good race with Phillip Lambe as mentioned earlier.



To Ken Deamer for his Class C win

To Simon Cripps for his outstanding Class B win and

To Martyn Clews for his Class A win

Pam McCarthy , Championship Coordinator


OULTON PARK INT. 6th Sept Penultimate Round

OP14_6650Although I wasn’t actually there in body I was glued to the TSL Live Timing screen and so with a little help from some interesting in car videos and the Live timing screen my report on the race is as follows:

There were seventeen drivers entered to race all who travelled to Oulton Park to compete in the penultimate round of the Thoroughbred Championship’s Season at the MGCC meeting on the International circuit. There were two TR4’s, one Morgan, one Midget and thirteen MGB’s in various guises.

The weather forecasts had been variable all week some showing showers and all showing cloudy conditions. On the day the rain kept away but the clouds were abundant and I was reliably informed by Steve Carr that it was cold.  Here in Banstead the Sun shone occasionally so I was definitely in the best place.


All seventeen drivers took to the track and the only definite casualty was Michael Hunter who was out in his TR4 but had terminal problems and could not make the race.   Russell McCarthy came in after four  laps believing he had done enough but hadn’t bargained for brother Spencer pulling out an extra 100th of a second to take pole.

The fifteen minute qualifying session on the 2.6920 mile circuit was in cloudy and dry conditions and was last on the practice schedule and started at 11.10.

Overall and Class D Pole went as mentioned to Spencer McCarthy in the V8 ROY with a 1.54.407 who sat alongside brother Russell who had managed a 1.54.593.  Row two Simon Cripps with a 1.56.243 alongside Neil Fowler with 1.56.428 and on row three Ian Prior with 1.57.409 alongside Class C Pole Ken Deamer on 2.01.267.

Row four, Rob Spencer on a 2.02.032 alongside Lawrence Wood with a 2.02.437. On row five Class B Pole Babak Farsian on a 2.04.959 alongside Chris Edwards on a 2.05.175.   Row six Mark Scott with a 2,06.536 next to Paul Khouri with a 2.07.463 and on row seven Kathy Sherry on a 2.07.734 next to Richard Wilson on a 2.12.009.  Row eight Ben White on a 2.13.595 alongside Class A contender Martyn Clews on a 2.16 160 and finishing the grid the vacant spot for Michael Hunter.


From the lights Spencer McCarthy dived away with brother Russell second and OP14_6634Neil Fowler third, behind Simon Cripps in fourth and the remainder of the field.  When they returned to the start finish Spencer was still firmly in charge with Russell lying second but Simon Cripps had pulled past Neil to take third and now Neil was fourth and Ian Prior brought up the rear for the D Class.

Rob Spencer had established himself in sixth overall and heading the C Class just in front of Babak Farsian heading class B with Lawrence WoodOP14_6658 and Ken Deamer just a length behind.   Next as they crossed the line to start lap two Mark Scott and Chris Edwards with Ben White and Kathy Sherry, Paul Khouri, Richard Wilson and Martyn Clews finishing the field.OP14_6700




Class D

OP14_6631Spencer continued to hold off Russell to the flag despite a last lap charge by Russell but he was just unable to overhall Spencer but in his attempt managed fastest lap and lap record. Simon Cripps tried his best to catch Russell and remained in third to the flag enjoying the race and beaming from ear to ear (I am told)OP14_6636

Neil Fowler held off Ian Prior for four laps until Ian dived through to take fourth in class where he remained to the flag

Class C

Rob Spencer took control from the line with Lawrence Wood and Ken Deamer next in class, OP14_6660Ken pulling himself up to take class lead by lap three.   Rob Spencer managed to keep sights on Ken for the whole race but Lawrence took a detour on lap three and ended up at the back of the field.  Chris Edwards, Paul Khouri and Kathy Sherry all were all lapping in similar times but had a few seconds gap between them by the flag. OP14_6644Ben White had a lonely class race but managed a few close laps with Richard Wilson from class B


Class B

Only three out in the class and a great start from Babak Farsian to come round seventh overall on lap one. Mark Scott followed OP14_6640Babak on the circuit but had a job to catch him but had a good race and ended up just a second behind by the flag.

Richard Wilson a late entry to the Championship felt himself outclassed but had a few close laps with a class C car Ben White.


Class A

Martyn Clews out in his Spridget was a lonely contender as the only A Class driver out but had a great race and is a welcome addition to the Championship.

Congratulations to Spencer McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win

To Ken Deamer for his Class C win

To Babak Farsian for his Class B

To Martyn Clews for bringing in Class A

Pam McCarthy, Coordinator