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Eligible Cars & Classes

The Championship has been designed to give every car and driver an excellent chance and to reward consistent driving, reliability and keenness to enter Championship events. The Championship rules have been framed with the underlying intention that the spirit behind them should be followed. We trust that this will lead to competitive and comparatively inexpensive club racing.

Eligibility – The Championship is open to specified Thoroughbred & Classic production road Sportscars. It is intended that competing cars should retain original appearance and additional spoilers, aerofoils or aerodynamic aids of a modsports type are not permitted. It is expected that cars are presented for racing to a high standard and in a style appropriate to the 1950/60/70s.

Eligible Cars

  • All MG Models Produced at Abingdon (including the MGB GT V8 to which special rules apply).
  • Costello V8 conversions with appropriate Costello paperwork are accepted.

    All sports cars from USA or Europe of the 1950’s to 1970’s

    Examples of British cars eligible;

  • Elva and Gilbern models using all MG Running Gear
  • Aston Martin DB 2 to DB 6
  • Triumph TR 2 to TR 6
  • Austin Healey – all models
  • Jaguar XK, D Type Reps to E type
  • Daimler Dart
  • Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger
  • Lotus Elite (Climax Engine)
  • Lotus Élan at organisers’ discretion
  • AC Ace
  • Morgan
  • Turner (Pre X flow Ford, BMC, Climax)
  • TVR’s
  • Cars Complying with FIA Appendix K in the GTS Category

Other cars may be listed including those which may not totally conform to our class regulations on application to the organisers.  These cars must be of the period and in the spirit of the regulations.

For specific queries on any of the above listed Eligible cars contact the Technical Officer found under Contacts or if there is no specific Technical Officer for the marque contact Steve Watton the Chairman, Colin Jones, Deputy Chairman or Pam McCarthy the Coordinator.

There are three Vehicle Specifications.

  1. Standard
  2. Road Modified
  3. Race Modified

The Championship is contested over 5 Classes:

Class A

Standard Cars up to 2.4 Litres (including T-Type Register Classes A and B and
Class D as appropriate).

Class B

Standard Cars over 2.4 Litres and Road Modified Cars up to 2 Litres (including T-Type Register Classes C and D as appropriate) Four cylinder TRs

Class C

Road Modified Cars over 2 Litres and up to 3.5 Litres

Class D

Road Modified Cars over 3.5 Litres and Race modified Cars up to 3 Litres

Class E

Race Modified Cars over 3 Litres

Class X


Invitation Class

  1. a) Cars not complying with these regulations may be allowed to run in the invitation class subject to TSCC Committee approval.
  2. b) The invitation class is designed to allow cars that, whilst not strictly adhering to the regulations have been prepared sympathetically to the spirit of the championship and with committee approval may race under observation.