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MGA REGISTER RACING 1976 – 1990 Reforming into the


The MGA Register was formed in 1975. There were all models of MGA racing on the track in the late fifties and through the sixties and into the seventies and these normally competed in mixed sports car championships such as the Forward Enterprises, Charles Spreckley and the Thoroughbred Sports Car Championships with other marques of the era Triumph TRs, Healeys and E-types.

A few drivers who were racing MGAs at the time, Vic Ellis in his mauve coupe, Roy McCarthy in the yellow roadster, Rob Innes-Ker and Neil Cawthorn in their red roadsters, together with long time MGA owner Dennis Ogborn, put together some ideas on how they would like a one-make MGA Register Championship to be set up. After many late-night discussions at natter and noggins evenings, a set of rudimentary rules were put in place and the MGA Register Racing Championship was born. There were to be two classes, one for standard MGAs and one for road-modified. These rules still apply today with only very minor amendments.

In 1975 Peter Slip of Snowball Press became involved and although he never actually raced he put in place a newsletter called MGActivities and the Championship took off for its first full seasonimage0-004 in 1976

The first MGA dinner dance was held during the winter of 1976 and was supported by some 150 drivers and guests with “Fitz” Fitzwilliam the guest speaker, an MGA driver of some note and the Abingdon Test driver in the late 50s who donated the beautiful silver bowl to be presented to the Overall Winner who was Roy McCarthy.  Peter Slip donated a trophy for the Modified Champion, the Snowball Trophy and Dennis Ogborn donated a Standard Trophy. These trophies are still being awarded each year at the end of season Dinner Dance.

During the late seventies and early eighties there were thirty to forty dedicated drivers who turned up to thrash round most of the circuits on a regular basis. The four original starting drivers plus to name a few, Dennis Seabrook, Colin Jones, Steve Clayton, Nick Parrott, Doug McLay, John Benson-Wilson, John Bray, image0Eric Hoult, Rodney Sharpe, Ralph Canby  Geoff Mansell, Martin Shaw, just the tip of the iceberg,

As the eighties progressed the number of MGAs that were regularly competing started to decline and in order to avoid MGA racing being rejected by organising clubs and circuits through lack of numbers, in 1987 a Classic Road Sports Class was introduced for other marques using some mechanicals including Elva, Gilbern and others. This was then expanded by a link with the TR Drivers’ Club and a joint series ran for two or three years.

At the start of the nineties, with numbers again declining, Dennis Carter CE of the BARC, who had occasionally competed in MGA racing, introduced John Goldsmith of Aston Preparation to Geoff Mansell who acted as Comp. Sec. with Peter Wardle as Coordinator since the mid-eighties with a view to finding an appropriate championship for the lightweight DB Aston Martins. The previously named Thoroughbred Championship had changed to a standard-only class and did not allow room for the lightweight Astons.Scan

In 1991 the ‘Chapman Warren’ Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship was born.  This was the start of a decade of principally Aston Martin Sponsorship, in each case led by a competing driver.   From 1991 to 1993 Graham Warren competed in a Goldsmith and Young prepared DB4, this was followed in 1994 by sponsorship from John Goldsmith through his company Goldsmith and Young, and finally from 1997 to 1999 the sponsorship was provided by Graham Ball of Flemings.

The MGA’s continued to dominate occasionally and at Thruxton in 1998 brought the field home after a fantastic race long battle between Roy McCarthy’s MGA and Pete Foster’s Aston DB4.  During the latter part of the Flemings sponsorship AMOC created their own championship to include the lightweight post-war Aston Martins and a large number of the Aston Martins migrated to the AMOC series.

The new Millennium brought with it sponsorship from outside the driver ranks with Millers Oils, Colonnade Residential, Moss Europe, Henry Recruitments, Zero Exhausts, and onwards Motoring Classics, all putting their name to the Championship.

In 2001 2002 and 2003 we saw high grids and a great mixture of cars, Astons, DB 4,5 & 6, driven by John and Gillian Goldsmith, Ronnie Farmer, Pete Foster, John Bussell, Ray and Michael Mallock, Jeremy Cook, Ian McCullum to name a few. The Sunbeam Tigers, of Simon James and Chris Beighton all providing great Scan-5racing between the classes and in particular another very special race at Thruxton when the MGBGTV8 of Roy McCarthy managed to come home first overall in front of the Aston of classic racing legend Gerry Marshall bringing the crowds to their feet.

By 2006 the numbers had started to dwindle now that the Astons had moved away so the Championship looked out for other types of marques to fill the grids and in 2007 we introduced for the first time the Jaguar D Type Replicas of Jerry Knight, Simon Garrad, Tim Falce and some of the Morgan Challenge cars of Andy Green, Chris Acklam, Tony Lees that were mostly competing in their series but wanted more racing so came out to join our field they all Druids - First Lapfitted into the Championship well and looked great in the mixture. TVR’s of Roger Connel, Steven Skinner, Steve Watton and Tim Fish, AH 3000 of David Smithies, Robert Rawe.  TR2,3,4,5 and 6 of Edwin Driver, Mike Hazelwood, Roy Chamberlain, Dave McDonald, Phil Lambe, Jon Ellison, Joe Henderson and still plenty of MGA’s out there of Peter Hiscocks, Bob Lines, Colin Jones, Neil Cawthorn and  Rob Innes Ker.  The variety of models of MGB of Roy, Russell, and Spencer McCarthy, Joe Parrington, Max Cawthorn, Barry Holmes, Simon Cripps, to name just a few. By the end of 2007 our numbers had grown again to 85 with an average over the season of 29 on the circuit.

2008, 2009 and 2010 again saw full grids and great racing but the recessions and driver ages were catching us up, we lost one of the Championships stars, Roy McCarthy who had been fighting Cancer quietly for 13 years and finally lost his battle in October 2010 after a 40 year run of racing,  35 in the Championship.

The economy and cost of motor racing saw numbers decline again in 2011 and we were down to 49 Registrations and smaller grids and by 2012 we had predominantly MG’s on the track, most of the Jaguar D Type replicas had gone back to road use, the Morgans had returned to their Championship which were racing at other venues, the TR’s had found homes in other Championships.  All the cars were now 50 odd years’ old and needed lots of upkeep and motor racing was far more specialised.

Some of the drivers were in their late sixties and some in their seventies and their Sons and Daughters were now out on track carrying on the racing tradition.   Gone were the days of turning up and just racing and even driving home in the car, now the cost of racing and the cost of upkeep put the sport into another category.

2012 saw an infBrands Hatch - MG Spring Race Meeting - Thoroughbred Sportscars & Peter Best Challengelux of race modified MGBGTV8’s inspired by Roy’s MGBGTV8, all fast and furious in Class D all very competitive and in 2013 and 2014 the Championship mostly consisted of MG’s in all classes.   Colin Jones who had been Chairman since 2000 retired from the Committee and intended to race less frequently in his MGA Twin Cam that he had acquired from Dennis Seabrook back in the 80’s but before leaving put together a package to extend the Championship to all Sportscars of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s opening it up to any car of the era, worldwide also adding a Class E for Race Prepared cars.  We are hopeful that this will bring back some of the marques that did not fit into the structure of British Sportscars and hope we can rebuild the Championship back to its former glory of multi marques for 2015.

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