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Drivers & Cars 2012

In alpha order:

Abels, Barnard, Barrow, Bell, Burrows, Cakebread, Charlton, Clews, Connel, Cripps, Driver, Dubsky, Edwards C, Edwards J, Ellison, Emberson, Falce, Files Josh, Files Keith, Fowler, Goddard S, Green, Hiscocks, Holmes, Hooper, Innes Ker, Jones, Knight, Kyson, Lambe, Lines, Luff, McDonald, McCarthy Spencer, McCarthy Russell, Paddick, Paton, Playford, Prior, Proud, Roodhouse, Samuels, Scott, Sherry, Spencer, Vierhaus,  Wheeler James, Wheeler Jonnie, White, Whiteside, Wilkes, Yea,

4 Class A – Peter Hiscocks

Peter HiscocksUniversity Professor from Saffron Walden
MGA RoadsterPeter Hiscocks' MGA

Peter has been racing for quite a few years and always with enthusiasm in the Thoroughbred Championship. His MGA was originally a coupe, but had the roof removed converting it to a roadster to a very nice standard. Peter came second in Class A in 2007 and in 2008. In 2009 – 2011 Peter won Class A.  Peter hopes  to have more  A class cars out to compete with.

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7 Class A – Brian Playford

Brian PlayfordSemi retired from Feltham in Middlesex
MGB Roadster

Brian Playford's MGB



Brian was an MGCC Marshal at most of their race meetings for 21 years until 1990 – progressing to Chief Start line and Starter Marshall. Brian then acquired an MGB roadster and ran with the BCV8 championship. For the last few years he has raced in Phoenix and Thoroughbreds. He runs the same MGB, now as a semi FIA car with an 1840 cc engine.  Brian says he will be out as much as he can this season.

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4 Class A – Edwin Driver

Edwin DriverSales Manager from Penkridge in Staffs
Triumph TR2 and TR6 Standard

Edwin has raced with the Goldsmith and Young Championship, in the Top Gear Championship and in the TR Register and Thoroughbreds Championships over the years. Also shown is the MGB also raced in the TSCC in previous years.

The TR2 had a makeover for 2007 and is now red. Edwin won Class A of the Thoroughbred Championship in 2007. He has registered  his TR2 this year.

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11 Class A – Martyn Clews

Architectural Technologist from Chebsey in Stafford.
MG Midget/Frog Eye Sprite Replica


Martyn raced a Renault 5 TS from 1982 – 1987 and has now acquired a pretty MG Midget converted to a Frog Eyed Sprite.

Martyn will be out with us from Mallory Park in July.  Martyn hopes to be out more in 2012.

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15 Class A – Richard Thorne

Morgan +4 1954  



18 Class A – Andrew Moore

Andrew comes from Weybridge in Surrey and is a Computer Analyst.


Andrew is new to the circuit competing in 2011 in four races in a Morgan 4/4.  He has Registered to come out in 2012 with the Thoroughbred Championship in  a pretty MGA Coupe.



20  Class A-Bob Luff

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24 Class B & 72 Class C – Bob Lines

Bob LinesRetired Engineer from Northampton
MGA Twin CamBob Lines' MGA and Jaguar D Type Rep

Bob has been racing since 1984 with numerous class wins during this time. Bob has also raced a fully modified MGBGT V8 in the BCV8 Championship and more recently has raced his Jaguar D Type Replica and his MGA Twin Cam in the Thoroughbred Championship.  Bob  hopes to be out at most rounds in 2012

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26 Class B – Peter Barnard

Peter BarnardEngineer from Battle, East Sussex
Peter Barnard's Elva
Elva Courier

Peter raced his MG Midget in early years with the Thoroughbred Championship but for the last few Seasons has come out in the very pretty Elva Courier. Peter will be out with us again in 2012.

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27 Class B – Terence Burrows

Terence BurrowsPrinter from Eaton Bray, nr Dunstable
MGB RoadsterTerry Burrows - MGB

Terry started racing in 2004 with the MGCC and has again registered with the TSCC to come out.

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31 Class B  Jonnie Wheeler

Company Director from Knebworth
MGB Roadster

Jonnie has been racing with

his MGB Roadster for many years and has mainly raced with the BCV8 Championship.  He has moved into the Thoroughbred Championship for 2012 and hopes to do as many rounds as he can afford.

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32 Class B – Alan Kyson

Alan Kyson
Sales Director from Winslow in Bucks
MGA Twin CamAlan Kyson's MGB

Alan has in the past raced motorcycles and raced horses and it wasn’t until 2001 that he started racing cars. Alan has joined the Thoroughbred Championship and hopes to come out with us in his Twin Cam in 2012.


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34 Class B – Brian Cakebread

Brian CakebreadGarage Proprietor from Wargrave, Berks
MGB RoadsterBrian Cakebread's MGB

Brian has raced for the past two decades with the BCV8 and Thoroughbred Championships and is a very enthusiastic and competitive driver. Brian hopes to be out as much as possible in both Championships as soon as work commitments make it possible.


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35 Class B – John Yea

Thoroughbred Sponsor since 2010.

Company Director from Witney, Oxfordshire.



John has been an enthusiastic club racer for many years.  He is MD of the British Motor Heritage and is the man to contact if parts are needed for a classic Sportscar.  He now competes in the new MGCC Ecurie Series and the Thoroughbred Championship and is a true ‘gentleman racer’.

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36 Class B – Colin Jones

Colin JonesCompany Director from Bethersden, Kent
Colin Jones' MGA
MGA Twin Cam

Colin is the current Chairman of the Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship. Colin has been racing in the Twin Cam for 30+ years with numerous class wins and lap records during that time. More recently he came 1st in the Phoenix Championship Class B in 1995 and was Overall winner of the Thoroughbred Championship in 2002 and 2005. He was 2nd in class B in 2008 and in 2009 3rd in Class B after a few engine problems.  Colin retired ‘again’ last year and now hopes to give more time to his racing.

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38 Class B – James Wheeler

James has been racing since he was 18 and has supported the BCV8 Championship.  He is a racing instructor for Jonathan Palmer and also helps in his Dads business.  James is also getting married in 2012 in August to Lauren but also hopes to race as much as he can.

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42 – Bob Innes Ker

Bob Innes KerSolicitor, from Basingstoke in Hampshire
MGA Roadster 1959Bob Innes Ker's MGA

Bob started in 1973 in hill-climbs with a road MGB and was one of the founder members of the MGA Register back in the early 1970’s and has raced in the MGA Register and Thoroughbred Championship since. He has had this car since 1975. Bob was actively involved with the MGCC until a few years ago. Bob retired earlier this year and hopes to give a little more time to his racing.

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46 Class C & 88 Class D – Simon Cripps

Managing Director from Kingswood in Surrey
MGB and MGBGTV8 Simon Cripps MGB

Simon started racing in 2007 and in 2008 competed in Thoroughbreds, BCV8 and the Peter Best Championships. In 2009 he entered two newly rebuilt cars both in Iris Blue one in Class B an MGB Roadster. The other a Class C MGBGT V8 and at both Thruxton and Silverstone he came home first in class C. Simon is extremely competitive and has now converted his 3528cc V8 to a fully modified 3900cc engine car and will be out in Class D.

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49 Class B – Mark Scott

Company Director from Hitchin Herts
MGB Roadster

Mark was introducted to the Championship by his Neighbour Ben White and purchased the ex John Hutson roadster in March 2012. He will compete in the Thoroughbreds Championship in 2012 and on his first outing at Donington on 8th April came third in Class B.

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53 Class C – Kathy Sherry

Medical Practitioner from Naughton in Suffolk
Morgan +8

Kathy races with the Morgan Challenge Championship and hopes to come out and race with the Thoroughbreds whenever possible

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55 Class C – Robert Spencer

Robert SpencerConstruction Industry from Horton Kirby in Kent
MGBGT V8Rob Spencer - MGBGT V8

This is Robert’s fourth season – his first season made a great impact when he barrel rolled in front of a press photographer and found himself in Autosport and You tube.  Putting that behind him Rob now regularly competes in the Peter Best and the Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship and the BCV8 and has registered again for 2012.

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56 Class C – Ken Paton

Ken PatonRetired Engineer from Hornchurch in Essex
Jaguar Ram D Type

From 1996 to 2000 Ken competed in the 100cc Outdoor Sprint Championship in a Kart. From 2000 Ken started Circuit racing, firstly in a Jaguar XJS in the JEC/JW Championship and, from 2002 to 2006, in the JEC PBJ Championship/SRGT Challenge in his Jaguar D Type. 2007 was his first Season with TSCC. The D Type had a makeover for 2008 and again in 2010. Ken was 2nd in Class C in 2008 and hopes to be out regularly in 2012.

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57 Class C – Alan Charlton

Alan CharltonSolicitor from Congham in Kings Lynn
Triumph TR6Alan Charlton's TR6

Alan has been racing since 1988. He was the TSCC Overall Champion in 1993 and 1994 and in 1995 after a massive Thruxton accident rebuilt the car to its current spec. Alan has had many class and outright wins over his racing history and Registered with TSCC every year and hopes to be back out with us again in 2012.

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58 Class C – Jerry Knight

Jerry KnightManager of Flying Club from Shadoxhurst in Kent
Jaguar D TypeJerry Knight's D type

Jeremy raced motorcycles of various types until the age of 30. Since around 2002 Jeremy has been displaying Warbird Aircraft throughout the UK. 2007 was the first year racing cars. In 2008 Jerry was Thoroughbreds ‘Driver of the Year’ and in 2009 he came home first in Class C and second in Class A – this coming about when his Jaguar was involved in a serious crash at Silverstone, so he came out in his FIA MGB until it had been repaired. Jerry is the Thoroughbred Championship’s Technical Representative for Jaguars and has moved into the D class for 2010.  For 2012 he is back in Class C but has also now acquired a Morgan +8 so may split his racing between two different Championships

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59 Class C – Richard Abels

Electronics Engineer from Oakham in Rutland
Lightweight E Type Replica

Richard has been racing for some 16 years in the Sports Racing & GT Challenge and also the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Powered by Jaguar Championship.  Richard has had numerous class wins and was Overall GT Challenge winner in 1998 and Overall Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Powered by Jaguar winner in 2001.  Richard has also had several trips to Europe with good finishes at Spa and Zandvoort plus at Phoenix Park, Dublin he was 9th out of 76 in a one hour race in September 2007.   Richard has registered again  to race with Thoroughbreds in 2012.


60 Class C – Neil Fowler

61 Class C – Tim Falce

Tim FalceFrom South East London
Jaguar D Type ReplicaTim Falce's D Type

Tim started racing in 2001 with the JEC and latterly the SRGTC series. Tim has had quite a few class wins and two outright wins with his D-type. He hopes to be out racing in uncle Eric’s Mk1 Escort this year if time permits. Tim has been out with Thoroughbreds since 2006 and has registered again in 2012

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62 Class C – Chris Edwards

Garage Owner from Eccleshall, Stafford  

Chris started racing a couple of years ago and first came out in a GT6 for 18 months and has now changed over to a TR6.  Chris hopes to come out with TSCC during 2012.

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63 Class C – Jeff Hooper

Managing Director from Droxford, Hants

Jeff has been competing in the TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship and has been class winner three times. He has now decided to come out and compete on the race circuit and joined TSCC from the second Thruxton meeting in 2009 liking it so much he has stayed with the Championship and joined us again for 2012.

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64 C- Joshua Files sharing car with dad Keith Files below

From Nowich Norfolk
TR6Joshua Files' TR6

Joshua has previously competed in Go Karts. In 2009 he competed with his Dad Keith in the Swinging Sixties and Josh came out for a few rounds with the Thoroughbreds winning the best TR6 award and the Novice Driver Award. Josh says he is hoping to do well in 2010 and will be competing the full season with TSCC.  Josh did very well in 2010 and Won the Championship.  He moves on to Clios in 2011 and 2012. Josh will come out as an Invitation driver during 2012 starting at Donington.

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64 Class C – Keith Files

IT Director from Kings Langley in Herts
TR6Joshua Files' TR6

Been around years,(he says)  won a bit but lost more. 2010 Kastner Cup winner in USA in his ex works TR4. Hopes to do a few rounds in the TR6 when Josh isn’t using it!!

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65 Class C – Ben White

Company Director from Hitchin in Herts.


MGB V8 3528cc

Ben has been watching for many years and has now decided it’s time for him to take part so he has purchased a roadster with a V8  built for the African Rally in the late 1980’s so he is running under the ‘Historic Interest’ category.  Ben hopes to learn a bit of race craft with Thoroughbreds and 2012 will be his third season.

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67 Class C & 96 Class D – Jon Ellison

Software Analyst from Claygate in Surrey

Jon has been racing for many years campaigning his TR4 and TR6 in the Thoroughbred Championship. He is in the process of building a Griffith. Jon has registered again for 2012 in his TR6


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68 Class C – Sharlie Goddard

Artist from Royston  in Herts
 Morgan Plus 8

Sharlie started racing in 2004 in the Morgan championship in Class D. She gained class records at Cadwell and Mallory and Silverstone International. In 2007 she moved up to Class C in the hope of annoying her husband, she says. Sharlie has been out with TSCC  since will also be out in TSCC in this year staying in Class C but now out in a Green Morgan + 8.

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71 Class C- Graham Paddick

Graham PaddickSelf employed pensioner from Henley on Thames, Oxon
Kougar JaguarGraham Paddick's Kougar

In 1957 to 1960 Graham karted with reasonable success. Then his first hobby, rugby, took over together with family life until, in 1990, his body cried ‘enough’. Graham then joined the only other extreme adrenalin-based sport he knew – starting with hillclimbs and sprints and now he competes in the TSCC in his beautiful Kougar.

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73 Class C – Alistair Bell

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74 Class C- Phillip Lambe

Phillip LambeMechanical Engineer from Essex

Triumph TR6Phillip Lambe's TR6

Phil has been racing for around eight years firstly with Semsec in the Lydden Sports Car Championship then with the TR Register Championship and has been in the TSCC for many years and has registered again for 2012.

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76 Class C – Peter Dubsky

Peter DobskyPeter is a retired banker from Vienna in Austria

Jaguar D Type RepPeter Dobsky's D type

Peter comes over from Vienna to race in his David Watts prepared Jaguar. He says he used to race pre-war Aston Martins and he will continue to race the car in memory of David who died in 2008. Peter came out in 2010 but had an accident at Oulton and now the car has been rebuilt hopes to come out a couple of times in 2012.

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77 Class C – Barry Holmes

Barry Holmes

Print Promotional Industry from Beckenham in Kent

MGB GT V8 3528cc

Barry Holmes MGB GTBarry started racing in 2002 in the BCV8 and Thoroughbred Championships. He moved up into Class C for 2009 upgrading his V8 with a few modifications and will be out again with Thoroughbreds in 2012.

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78 Class c- David McDonald

David McDonaldCivil Engineer from Retford in Nottinghamshire

Triumph TR6David McDonald's TR6

Dave started racing in 2000 in the TR Register. He competed in Roadsports for three years and won the class twice. Moved up to the tuned class in 2003 and started in the Thoroughbreds in Class A, then class B in 2004 and then class C from 2005. Best result in Thoroughbreds 3rd Mallory Park in 2005.  Dave has registered again for 2012 but his car is still in the rebuilding stage so may not be out till mid season.

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79 Class C- Ulrich Vierhaus

Ulrich VierhausRetired Engineer from Germany and Banbury in Oxon

Morgan RoadsterUlrich Vierhaus' Morgan Roadster

Ulrich is a very enthusiastic driver spending his retirement since 2006 racing his Morgan, mostly in the Morgan Challenge but since 2007 has also raced in the Thoroughbred Championship and has again joined us for 2012 after saying he would be retiring from Racing.  Great to have you back Ulrich, we didn’t have a chance to miss you !!

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82 Class D – Martin Barrow

HR Director from Shiplake, Henley on Thames.  E Type Jaguar

Martin has previously raced a TVR Vixen in HSCC Roadsports during the 1990’s and then the current E type in Modsports configuration in AMOC Intermarque Championship from 1998 to 2002.  He has joined TSCC in 2012.


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85 Class D – Andy Green

Andy Green

Pharmaceutical Industry Executive from

Andy Green's Plus 8

Kingston Blount in Oxfordshire

Morgan +8 Vitesse


Andy has raced for over a decade  and competes in the Morgan Challenge and has been in the Thoroughbred series since 2005 firstly as a guest in the Invitation Class but now in the D class. His season came to an abrupt end at Silverstone International in 2009 after a nasty crash but Andy came back out again in 2011 and has again Registered for 2012 with his Morgan +8.  Andy is the Morgan Technical Representative for TSCC.

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89 Class D – John Emberson

John EmbersonCompany Director from Harpenden in Herts

Morgan V6 LightweightJohn Emberson's Morgan Roadster Lightweight

John has been racing since 2005 in the Morgan Challenge.

He was the winner of the Morgan Roadster Cup in 2006. The highlight of his 2008 Season was a 3rd place on handicap at the Le Mans Classic. John has been a regular competitor with TSCC since 2009.

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90 Class D – Robert Roodhouse

Robert Roodhouse

Company Director in the Construction Industry from Bognor Regis, W Sussex


Robert Roodhouse's TR6

Robert previously raced in the late 80s early 90s in a Triumph GT6. Now back after a long break, he started again in 2008 with

the TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship.  Robert is now a fixed Thoroughbred Competitor and getting faster with every race, out again with us in 2012

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91 Class D – Ian Prior


FW4X4 Garage Proprietor from Watlington, Oxon.  MGBGTV8 3900cc

Ian has been racing in the BCV8 Championship for many years starting in the A class and then moving on to the B class with initially a GT and then a Roadster.  He has now built a V8 to race in both Championships.  Ian was the TSCC B class winner in 2011 in his MGB Roadster.  He is out in 2012 in a V8

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92 Class D & 40 Class B – Spencer McCarthy

IT Security Consultant from Epsom in Surrey

MGB GTV8 3900cc / MGB Roadster

Spencer started racing in 1995 sharing his brother’s MGB but competing in the TSCC while his brother competed in the BCV8. In 1997 he came out in his own MGB and raced in the BCV8 in the A class. In 1998 he came home first in the A class and Overall in the Championship; the youngest driver to have done this at the age of 21. Spencer was the TSCC Overall Champion and B class winner in 2004. In 2007 he competed in the Texaco Ginetta Championship finishing 6th overall and in 2008 became the Ginetta G20 Overall Champion. In 2009 and 2010 he raced a Mallock in the Classic Clubmans Championship and in 2010 he reigned supreme as its Champion.  Spencer will be out in either his late dad yellow V8 or his rebuilt yellow MGB Roadster  if time permits as he is again out in the Classic Clubmans, now with a fully race prepared Class A car.


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93 Class D & 39 Class B – Russell McCarthy

Garage Proprietor from Banstead, Surrey

MGB Roadster or MGBGTV8 3900cc

Russell started racing in 1994 in the standard class of the BCV8 in his MGB Roadster. He moved into the Road Modified B class in 1999 and has won the class seven times. Russell shared his late Dad’s V8 in the Heritage Challenge during 2006 and 2007 as well as competing in the BCV8 & TSCC. Russell won Class B in TSCC in 2006 and 2007 and again came home 2nd overall in the Championship. The coveted Overall Win eluding him once again. He raced a Ginetta G20 in 2008 coming 6th overall and hopes to come out in TSCC occasionally in 2009. He still regularly competes in both Championships and in 2011 started his own business with an MOT station, general garage workshop and some Race Preparation.  Russ has built a fully modified V8 as a clone of his Dads V8 and hopes to race a full season in 2012.


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94 Class D – Jonathan Edwards

Sales and Marketing In Flight Entertainment Systems from Wokingham in Berks

Morgan + 8

In 2008 Jon started Sprinting and Hillclimbing his Morgan + 8 and came 2nd in class overall in the Morgan SpeedMog Championship. He decided to try ‘proper racing’ in 2009 so joined the Morgan Challenge and is doing very well. Jonathan has also registered with Thoroughbreds to race this year.

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95 Class D – John Wilkes

Retired from Chesterfield in Derbyshire

Jaguar D Type Rep

John has raced the Replica Lister Jaguar built in 1985 for the past five years. He has also raced an Elva Mk 7 in the Masters for two years and also an MGB in the Equipe GTS series for two years. John now has his D Type Replica and will compete in the Thoroughbred Championships class D.

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97 Class D – Roger Connel

Roger ConnelDirector of small electronic test equipment company, from Lockhaben, Lockerbie

TVR GriffithsRoger Connel's TVR Griffith

Roger is now in his 53rd year of motor racing (but with a 10 year gap in the middle). He has raced the TVR since 1982 in Historic Road Sports originally, with many wins, and in Thoroughbreds since 2002, with no wins!

Other racing experience includes successful participation in mid 1960s Marque sportscar series with a Daimler SP250, a spell in Australian Touring Cars in the late 60s with a Holden Monaro GTS 327 and TVR Tuscans in 94 and 95. Roger is the TVR Technical Representative for TSCC.

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