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Round 8 – MGCC Snetterton – 3 Oct 2009

Last round of the year for the Championship and another fantastic total of 34 had entered to compete at the MG Car Club’s last round of the Season.

Race report – 3 October 2009 – MGCC Snetterton – Round 8 – The decider

Last round of the year for the Championship and another fantastic total of 34 had entered to compete at the MG Car Club’s last round of the Season. Three A class drivers including our ‘other’ scribe Stuart Dickinson who was making his racing debut in his Triumph Spitfire. Ten B class drivers, sixteen C class drivers and five D class drivers.

The weekend turned out to be one of the windiest we have ever known at Snetterton. Normally the circuit is a bit gusty, but this time clouds of sand and dust came billowing up from the surrounding fields as there had been little rain in the area for 30 days and winds whipped up to sometimes 40mph. Dust clouds came down in different areas laying sand on the circuit, in the paddock and frequently in our eyes.

Nothing, however, would deter us from competing and 33 of the entered 34 drivers set off to try and get a good grid position. Australian newcomer, Richard Line, who had entered in his MGA being the missing final competitor.

Tony Lees

Tony Lees

Tony Lees took Overall and D Class Pole by just 0.071 from Peter Henry. Jerry Knight took C Class Pole from our very young but very fast Josh Files. Mike Hazlewood took B Class Pole from Joe Parrington and Stuart Dickinson took A Class Pole from Barry Proud.

The drivers assembled for the twenty minute Race No.4 on the programme, but a couple of drivers, C class Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer had both been racing in the Peter Best Championship Race No.3. Simon had won and been on the podium when the Thoroughbred grid pulled out onto the circuit. A mad dash for fuel and pressures then they were unable to get access to the grid and had to start from the pit lane.


The Start

The lights went out and the engines roared and Peter Henry got the better start and pulled away to lead Tony Lees and Jerry Knight. Chris Acklam had started from fifth position and by lap two was up into third ahead of Jerry Knight, Philip Goddard and Josh Files.

Class D

Peter Henry held off Tony Lees and Chris Acklam for four laps, Chris diving through to take the lead on lap five where he was hounded by Tony Lees lap after lap, Tony powering past on lap eleven to hold Chris off to the flag the two of them having their own private race, Tony coming home just .127 ahead at the flag.

Chris Acklam & Tony Lees

Chris Acklam & Tony Lees

A really fantastic battle to finish off the season, Tony robbing Chris of his 8 out of 8 race wins. Just a few seconds behind, Peter Henry and Phil Goddard were also fighting hard with Peter holding off Phil, just pulling out a gap on the last couple of laps; Peter taking third overall and Phil fourth. Roger Connel finished seventh to finish the class order.

Class C

Jerry Knight

Jerry Knight

Jerry Knight held on to class C honours from lights to flag. Initially in third overall, he was completely ‘Morganed’ by lap three coming home fifth overall and managing to beat the class C lap record in the process, despite a valiant attempt by Josh Files just behind who came home sixth overall and Josh with a cross on the back of his car !, a name to look out for in the future.

Behind Simon Orebi Gann, Andrew Potter, Roger Whiteside, Sharlie Goddard and Dave McDonald, until he ran out of fuel, maintained close proximity swapping places throughout the race, while a little further back Rob Spencer and Phillip Tisdall battled for the whole race. Rob just managing to hold Phillip to the flag. Further back the TR6s of Phillip Lambe, Peter Dumelow, Jeff Hooper and Rob Roodhouse brought the class home in fine style. Peter Dubsky finishing on lap five with problems and Simon Cripps, after his dash from the Pit Lane, being black flagged on lap one after crossing the white line at the pit exit, a very hard decision by the Clerk of the Course under the circumstances.

Class B

Mike Hazlewood led the B class from lights to flag coming home ninth overall taking the B Class win, with Colin Jones fighting up through the field from twentieth to finish not too far behind Mike in eleventh, Colin taking fastest lap in the process. Joe Parrington, Roy Chamberlain, Peter Barnard and Max and Neil Cawthorn having individual battles throughout the race. James Thorne and Steve Chapman finishing the B class field and Kevin Swann the only class non finisher retiring on lap one.

Barry Proud

Barry Proud

Class A

Barry Proud found himself the lone class A contender after the demise of Stuart Dickinson on lap two with a broken throttle linkage. Stuart repaired the linkage trackside but was not able to restart, a sad ending to his first race.

Congratulations to Tony Lees for his Overall Race and Class D Win, and to Jerry Knight, Mike Hazlewood and Barry Proud for their class wins but also…

Congratulations to all of you for a really Great Season of racing and to each of you for making the 2009 Zero Exhausts Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship one to be proud of.

Race Results:

Class D
Tony Lees 1.21.707 FL
Chris Acklam 1.21.727
Peter Henry 1.22.109
Philip Goddard 1.22.122
Roger Connel 1.24.097
Class C
Jeremy Knight 1.22.251 FL LR
Josh Files 1.23.121
Simon Orebi Gann 1.24.554
Andrew Potter 1.25.853
Roger Whiteside 1.26.000
Sharlie Goddard 1.25.734
Jonathan Edwards 1.25.888
Rob Spencer 1.27.557
Philip Tisdall 1.26.931
Phillip Lambe 1.27.129
Peter Dumelow 1.27.861
Dave McDonald 1.24.684
Rob Roodhouse 1.30.260
Jeff Hooper 1.33.898
Peter Dubsky 1.26.619 DNF
Simon Cripps 1.48.265 DNF
Class B
Mike Hazlewood 1.26.078
Colin Jones 1.25.466 FL
Joe Parrington 1.25.753
Roy Chamberlain 1.27.579
Peter Barnard 1.27.702
Max Cawthorn 1.28.196
Neil Cawthorn 1.28.672
James Thorne 1.34.434
Steve Chapman 1.27.155
Kevin Swann 1.45.376 DNF
Class A
Barry Proud 1.37.054 FL
Stuart Dickinson 1.44.000

Pam McCarthy               Coordinator

Photos by Dickon Siddall – see Gallery for further pictures


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