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Round 4 – BARC Thruxton – 28 June 2009

The Zero Exhausts MG Car Club Thoroughbred Championship race had another good entry at the first outing to Thruxton in five years.

Race report, 28 June 2009, BARC Thruxton, Round 4

The Zero Exhausts MG Car Club Thoroughbred Championship race had another good entry at the first outing to Thruxton in five years. We last visited Thruxton as an invited club with AMOC in 2004, ie through the back door, as BARC have never had a meeting suitable as they can only hold a limited amount of meetings due to the local noise regulations.

We had received various weather reports over the week but on the day the sun shone and a lot of red faces resulted. Many of the drivers had not competed at this circuit before so it would be an interesting experience for many of them. The only modification to the circuit over the last 20 odd years had been a slight levelling of a ‘hump’ round Church.

Twenty three drivers had turned out to race at this Hampshire circuit, which is ‘allegedly’ the fastest circuit in the UK. Two A, nine B, seven C and five D class cars assembled for practice on the 2.3560 mile track and all drivers qualified – although many found niggling problems that would be sorted by the race, except Bruce Atkinson who had a problem that he couldn’t resolve. Chairman Colin Jones had broken down on the M25 and by the time he arrived was unable to complete in the Thoroughbred practice. He managed to do a couple of laps to familiarise himself with the circuit but had to start at the back of the grid.

The Zero Exhaust Thoroughbred race was number four on the afternoon programme and commenced at 15.37.

Practice Positions

Overall and D class Pole went again to 2008 D class winner Chris Acklam in his Morgan Plus 8 for the fourth time this year on a 1.30.435 who sat alongside Peter Henry in his Morgan Plus 8 with a 1.31.583. Row two Tony Lees in his Morgan Plus 8 on a 1.32.102 alongside 2008 Thoroughbred Championship Winner B class Peter Samuels out for the first time this year in his MGB on a 1.33.940.

Row three C class Pole Simon Cripps in his MGBGTV8 with 1.34.242 alongside D class Philip Goddard in his Morgan Plus 8 on a 1.34.300. Row four saw Mike Hazlewood in his TR4 with a 1.35.218 alongside Jerry Knight in his Jag D Type Rep. with a 1.35.414. On row five Max Cawthorn in his MGB with 1.36.359 alongside Tim Falce in his Jag D Type Rep with a 1.37.194

On row six Roger Connel in his TVR on 1.37.485 next to Roy Chamberlain in his TR3B with a 1.37.560. Row seven Kevin Swann in his MGB on a 1.37.911 alongside Barry Holmes in his BV8 on a 1.40.120 and on row eight Rob Spencer in his BV8 with a 1.40.567 alongside Bob Lines in his MGA on a 1.41.678.

Row nine newcomer to TSCC in his GT6 Chris Edwards on a 1.42.764 alongside A class Pole Peter Hiscocks in his MGA with 1.43.067 and on row ten Graham Paddick in his Kougar Jaguar with a 1.45.260 alongside the vacant spot of Bruce Atkinson.

Back of the field row eleven the TR4 of Steve Chapman on a 1.50.972 next to newcomer Barry Proud in his MGB with a 2.00.785 and on the back row the MGA of Colin Jones.

The Race

Tony Lees managed to get the jump on Chris Acklam to lead the field away and hold the lead for four laps before Chris passed Tony to take control to the flag. Behind Chris the three Morgans of Tony Lees, Peter Henry and Philip Goddard pressurised each other swapping places for the remainder of the race – Tony taking second, Peter third and Philip fourth in a great spectacle of Morgan hard driving. Roger Connel in the TVR coming home twelfth finishing the D class, but having a good race with Max Cawthorn and Roy Chamberlain mid field.

Class C Pole Simon Cripps led the class from lights to flag with B class Pole Peter Samuels hard on his tail for the whole race with Jerry Knight and Mike Hazlewood just lengths behind, this four car train giving a great spectacle. Simon Cripps nearly losing out on the last lap having a tank slapper as he came round from the chicane letting Peter pass but Simon regained control and powered to the flag to take fifth place by just .068, Jerry Knight and Mike Hazlewood taking seventh and eighth, Mike taking class B fastest lap in the process.

Colin Jones pulled himself up to thirteen place from the back of the grid and Peter Hiscocks won the A class from newcomer Barry Proud.

Congratulations to
Chris Acklam for his Overall and Class D win
Simon Cripps
for his C class win,
Peter Samuels
for his B Class win and
Peter Hiscocks
for his A Class win

Pam McCarthy


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