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Round 2 – MGCC Oulton Park – 9 May 2009

Chris Acklam takes his second win

Chris Acklam steals the win after a tank slapper from Roy McCarthy on last lap.

Race Report – 9 May 2009 – MGCC Oulton Park – Round 2

The Zero Exhausts MG Car Club Thoroughbred Championship race had another good entry of 28 in the programme but before the race there had been a few withdrawals and an addition taking the practice numbers to 25.

MGCC with their initial organisation had missed the new MSA Blue Book protocol of having a 20 minute practice at circuits over 2 miles long so had to drop a complete race to accommodate the revised timings.  This did not affect the Thoroughbreds though as we had a healthy grid but it did mean that we would all have a 20 minute practice and a 20 minute race.

The weather was again on our side as despite forecasts of rain the wind blew strong, blowing away any forming rain clouds and the sun shone and the track stayed dry for the whole day.

Practice was completed without problem for most drivers but Edwin Driver a late entry to the programme had overheating problems in practice and withdrew.  Bruce Atkinson only managed to do three laps before pulling out and Roger Whiteside although completing 9 laps of the practice didn’t arrive for the race.   High Flyer Rob Spencer in his newlyfinished white MGBGTV8 after he demolished his blue one at Snetterton last year, lost power at Island Bend and pulled safely onto the grass. Unfortunately he had parked it in the path of an out of control Morgan who tried to emulate Robs Snetterton heights and smashed into it a few laps later.  Rob managed to sort out his engine and then repaired his bodywork in time for the race.

The field now reduced to 22 was spread into three classes as there were no entries in class A.   There were six D class cars, ten C class cars and six B class cars all up and raring to go for the race.

The Zero Exhaust Thoroughbred race was number eight on the programme due to commence at 17.16

Practice Positions

Overall and D class Pole went again to 2008 D class Winner Chris Acklam in his Morgan Plus 8 on a 1.57.790 who sat alongside Phillip Goddard in his Morgan Plus 8 with a 1.58.068.  Row two D class Andy Green, back at the circuit of his worst nightmares, in his Morgan Plus 8 on a 1.58.594 alongside D class Roy McCarthy in his MGBGTV8 on a 1.58.845 with only a second between all four of them.

Row three Tony Lees in his Morgan with 1.59.478 alongside C class Pole Simon Cripps in his MGBGTV8 on a 2.02.747.  Row four saw Jerry Knight in his Jag D Type Rep. with a 2.03.099 alongside Roger Connel on 2.04.046.   On row five B class Pole Mike Hazlewood in his TR4 with 2.04.701 alongside Alan Charlton in his TR6 with a 2.04.924.

On row six Roger Whiteside’s vacant spot and then Andrew Potter with a 2.05.611.  Row seven Barry Holmes on a 2.06.762 next to Ulrich Vierhaus with a 2.06.776 and on row eight Steve Chapman with a 2.06.928 alongside Phillip Tisdall on a 2.07.750.  Row nine Sharlie Goddard with a 2.08.988 alongside Roy Chamberlain with 2.10.227 and on row ten Tim Bryan with a 2.10.940 alongside Bob Lines on a 2.11.285.

Row eleven the MGBGTV8 of Rob Spencer on a 2.12.488 next to Richard Thorne with a 2.19.280 and on the back row the vacant spot for Edwin Driver and newcomer to Thoroughbreds Peter Dumelow in his TR6 with a 2.24.165

The Race

Green flag lap commenced and the field pulled away to warm up on a dry and sunny track forming up again for the red lights. Roger Connel pulling off into the pits with a seized gearbox.

Engines revved and woops, Roy McCarthy crept away too soon, braked and joined the front row, lights went off and away they went Roy unable to find the throttle and went backwards.  Poleman Chris Acklam, Phillip Goddard, Andy Green, Tony Lees, Jerry Knight all stormed away in front of him.

By Cascades Chris and Phil were side by side with Andy Green and Tony Lees hanging on their tailpipes then Jerry Knight and Roy McCarthy.

The first corner ...

The first corner ...

Up to 7th position from 14th with a fantastic start Ulrich Vierhaus then Simon Cripps, Mike Hazlewood and Andrew Potter the remainder of the pack following past the lake and down round Shell Oils Corner.

The front ten appeared down from Hill Top in the same order and down towards the Hairpin. Next Barry Holmes in front of Alan Charlton and Steve Chapman, then Sharlie Goddard and Roy Chamberlain, Tim Bryan, Bob Lines, and Rob Spencer.  Next Phillip Tisdall and Richard Thorne and finishing the order Peter Dumelow out for the first time, the positions as they all settled into the race.

Class D

Coming round Lodge four Morgans still up front with Chris Acklam holding off Phil Goddard, Tony Lees and Andy Green then Roy McCarthy now in fifth place. Coming back down towards the Hairpin Roy dived past Andy up into fourth to chase hard after Tony Lees when the announcement came over the tannoy that the Clerk of the Course had given Roy a ten second penalty for jumping the start.

Chris back down to Cascades for the third time with three abreast behind him Phil, Tony and Roy, Roy diving through down Lakeside past both Tony and Phil to take second place now with Chris in his sights. The order as they came round for lap four Chris, Roy, Tony, Phil and Andy.  By lap five Roy had passed Chris to take the lead but Chris wasn’t letting him go and stuck tightly to Roy following his every move and in the process gaining fastest race lap and taking Thoroughbred Oulton lap record.

Roy led until lap nine when he had a bit of a tank slapper coming down to Cascades and Chris dived through to regain the lead, Roy getting back control but not managing to pass Chris who finished to take his second Thoroughbred Race Win of 2009.

Behind Tony Lees and Phil Goddard kept in touch for the whole race but Andy Green dropped back slightly towards the end.  The finishing order on the road as given but taking the ten seconds into account the classified order Chris, Tony, Philip, Roy and Andy.

Class C and B

Once the D class battles had pulled away Jerry Knight in the D type replica had a reasonably lonely race leading the C class from lights to flag.

Simon Cripps Class C Poleman matching Jerry on time and staying with him for the first five laps before losing power and retiring on lap six.

Behind the mid field battles with Ulrich Vierhaus, Mike Hazlewood, Andrew Potter and Barry Holmes all keeping within a couple of seconds to the flag.

The centre stage battle of  the C class TR6 of Alan Charlton and B class TR4 of Steve Chapman who chased from start to flag Alan for the first six laps and Steve passing and holding his lead to take the honours.   Alan and Steve having a really close encounter for the whole race to the delight of the commentators and the crowd.

Alan Charlton leading Steve Chapman into the first corner

Alan Charlton leading Steve Chapman into the first corner

Together with the consistent driving for the majority of the twenty minute race of Mike Hazlewood keeping close with the Morgans of Ulrich Vierhaus and Andrew Potter and the MGB V8 of Barry Holmes the Thoroughbred race finished again without incident and a credit to all who competed.

Congratulations to

Chris Acklam for his Overall and Class D win AND LAP RECORD
Jerry Knight for his C class win, and
Mike Hazlewood
for his B Class win

Pam McCarthy

Full race results available in the calendar

Photos courtesy of Dickon Siddall,


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