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OULTON PARK INT. – 3rd September Round 8 – MGCC

A turnout of only thirteen drivers arrived for the MGCC meeting at Oulton Park.img_3590  The weather had been predicted as wet and when we awoke early on Saturday morning the sun was shining but as the predicted time of 10am arrived the sky darkened and the rain started.  It continued until 4ish so the qualifying was in wet conditions but the race was in damp as the rain had ceased.

The conditions caused a few minor track infringements and a few ‘straight on at the chicane’ errors and a nasty incident on the first lap of the race at Halls Bend when a re-joining Babak found Kathy Sherry in the Morgan sliding into her car causing considerable damage and to the front nearside of his. Kathy’s race finished but Babak recovered and continued to the flag.

Simon Cripps had arrived with his B class car but had a problem in qualifying with his gearbox not finding 3rd gear and did not compete in the Thoroughbred race.   Russell McCarthy had been having a fiddle with his suspension and found it didn’t work so made quite a few attempts at putting it back to how it was but his car just wouldn’t go where he wanted it to but he tried his best to keep it on track


From the lights the field stormed up round Halls Bend, Jim Bryan gettingop16_4719 a magnificent start.  Neil headed the pack with Ian just behind and Russell finishing the E class.  As the rest of the field went round Halls Bend  Babak slipped off track and hit the wet grass and as he spun round back onto the track caught Kathy.  The safety car came out and all the remainder of the field went round behind the safety car which came back in after just one lap and the race started again on lap two all now closed up.

Neil kept in the lead of the race with Ian just a length behind hounding him to the flag just unable to pass.  Russell came home third but some eleven seconds behind the battle.  Jim Bryan, Barry Holmes in class D had a few close laps until Babak came up through the field to try and catch Jim, both having a good battle to the flag.

Behind these leading class C Ben White had Paul Rayment closing on him but unable to catch him by the flag.  Finishing the field the three Triumphs of Rob Roodhouse, Clive Gimson and Jeff Hooper all strung out but race finishers

Congratulations to Neil Fowler for overall and Class E win

To Jim Bryan for his class D win

To Ben White for his class C win and

To Babak Farsian for his class B win


Pam McCarthy – Coordinator


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