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THRUXTON – BARC – Sunday 3rd July – Round 5

The ‘fastest track in the UK’ welcomed us back to a BARC meeting and despite a really wet summer we were lucky and the weekend was dry and a bit cloudy with some sunshine showing through on Sunday.  Hence a red face when I got home.  There were a very disappointing entry of only 13 on the day so a loss for the TSCC coffers.  2 Class B, 4 Class C, 4 Class D and 3 Class E.   Scrutineering gave no major problems all meeting the standards required.

Practice saw all thirteen drivers on track with most finishing with no problems except Martin Barrow had a water issue so pulled off early to try and conserve his engine.  Most drivers however were noticing that their tyres were taking a bit of a bashing.

It was good to be at a circuit with a club still practicing what was the norm a few years ago.  Collection area, onto the circuit to find your way round, green flag lap for a further circumnavigation to get the tyres warmed, then the full fifteen-minute race.  No cutting timings down because everything had to be crammed in.  Well done BARC. We will be back!

Qualifying times put Neil Fowler on overall and E class Pole on 1.28.825 with Rob Spencer just half a second behind alongside on the grid.  Row two Simon Cripps next to Class C Pole Alan Charlton with 1.35.708 and on row three Paul Khouri alongside Class B Pole Angus Dent with 1.36.656.

Row four Barry Holmes on D Class Pole with 1.38.313 alongside Kathy Sherry and on row five Hayleigh Spencer alongside Rob Roodhouse.      On the penultimate row Steve Lockhart and Martin Barrow and finishing the field Phil Lambe.


From the lights both Neil and Rob dived away with Simon on their tail.  Rob managed to hold Neil back for four laps, Neil pouncing all over him until he dived through to take the lead, getting fastest class lap in the process.

Simon hung on for four laps until he lost all his water and pulled off.  Later diagnosed as a screw coming out from the back of the water pump housing.

Behind Barry Holmes was heading Class D with Alan Charlton and Paul Khouri just behind, Barry leading the pair until he had a moment on lap six, re-joining behind them a little further down the field.

Martin Barrow pulled off on lap three, with the water issue returning leaving Rob Roodhouse to chase after Barry Holmes still up front in class D.  IMG_3183

Lap two Kathy Sherry in sixth overall and looking good got collected by an out of control Angus Dent putting Kathy out of the race and Angus at the back of the field.

Up front Neil maintained his advantage for five laps with just inches to Rob waiting for his opportunity which came on lap ten when Rob dived through on the inside to take the overall race win at the flag.

Alan Charlton and Paul Khouri had a race long close battle, never more than a second between them and Alan taking the class win by under a second with Paul getting fastest lap in his efforts.   Phil Lambe the final C class finisher.

Barry headed class D with Rob Roodhouse catching him by lap seven after his off track moment and hounding Barry for five laps Rob finally managing to pass to take the Class D win.  Hayleigh Spencer keeping in close contact with the two and finishing third in class. Rob Roodhouse taking the fastest lap in class D.

Amongst the D class mix Class B Steve Lockhart who had a few close laps with Hayleigh and finishing the order Angus Dent unable to catch Steve but taking fastest class B lap early in the race.

Congratulations to Rob Spencer for his Overall and Class E win

To Rob Roodhouse for his Class D win

To Alan Charlton for his Class C win, and

To Steve Lockhart for his Class B win

Pam McCarthy – Championship Coordinator


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