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An expected and widely forecast wet weekend turned out to be just cloudy with the occasional drip.  Sun and cloud for most of the Sunday.  The Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Race was listed as Race 3 on the programme but we had a very disappointing entry of only 14.

The Morgan Sportscar Club’s one and only Race Meeting during a Season is always very laid back and the Morgan entries were quite low as there were several other Meetings suitable for the Morgan driver, some on the continent.  Needless to say with their choice of events none of the Morgans raced with the Thoroughbreds.

Qualifying for most was successful except Martin Barrow and Simon Cripps both finding the kitty litter and had a bit of stone clearing before they could go back out.  Simon also out in the BCV8 had to be quick about it before his second qualifying but Martin had longer to destone his E Type.

Overall and E Class Pole went to Rob Spencer wrongly classified as a D class car with a blindingly fast time of 1.17.921 alongside Russell McCarthy with a 1.18.018.  Row two Neil Fowler and Simon Cripps and on row three Jon Ellison back out as a Guest driver in his TVR Griffiths still getting to grips with it.

Alongside Jon was Class D Pole Barry Holmes with a 1.27.002 and behind on row four Jim Bryan and Hayleigh Spencer.  Row five C Class Pole Roy Chamberlain with a 1.30.223 and Paul Rayment and behind on row six B class Pole Bob Lines on a 1.32.499 alongside Martin Barrow.  Finishing the field on row seven Guest Chris Reece out for a test drive with us and lastly Phil Lambe.


From the lights Russell McCarthy managed to hang on to the lead for just two laps before being passed
by Rob Spencer round the outside at Redgate. Rob kept control of the race to the flag gaining lap record and leaving Russell having to make do with second place.

Behind staying close for a few laps Neil Fowler and Simon Cripps, Simon making a couple of detours to put him back further in the field.

Jon Ellison still managing to hang on but coming home last in class but remaining on the same lap at the flag finally getting to grips with the TVR

IMG_9424Class D had close battles firstly Roy Chamberlain from Class C kept in front of the duelling class D Poleman Barry Holmes and Jim Bryan who had a great time swapping places for most of the race until

Barry pulled slightly ahead to win the class leaving Jim to battle with Martin Barrow for a few laps, Martin pulling past to steal second in class D and gaining fastest lap in the process on the last lap.  Jim coming in third. Of the remaining D class contenders Paul Rayment managed eleven laps before he pulled into the pits with a suspected diff problem and Hayleigh Spencer finished ninth overall and fourth in class.IMG_9404

Class C Roy Chamberlain lead the class of two from lights to lap twelve but had a moment and retired at the Chicane leaving  Phil Lambe the only finisher taking the win in class.

Class B again a class of two with the class being led from lights to flag by the MGA of Bob Lines out for one of his rare occasions and coming out at Silverstone in his D type Jag.  Behind Bob a newcomer to the Championship coming for a test race Chris Reece who kept Bob in his sights but was unable to catch him.

IMG_9472Congratulations to Overall winner Rob Spencer

To Barry Holmes for Class D

To Phil Lambe for Class C

To Bob Lines for Class B


Pam McCarthy, Championship Coordinator


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