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Donington Park, MGCC 31st May Round 3

The first race start was quickly red flagged in the Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship, when two drivers were sent off the track at Hollywood.   After medics and officials attended to the scene, the chaos was cleared and everyone deemed to be well.

A delay from the stoppage meant the restarted race was shortened to 12 minutes from 20 due to time constraints. At the restart we weren’t disappointed, as action came in abundance. 

Spencer McCarthy and Simon Cripps used their front row start to their advantage, asDN15_2706 they battled for supremacy on the run towards Redgate. As the pair exited the first corner, it was McCarthy who led the way, however Cripps was far from settled in second place. As the pair rounded Schwantz for the first time, they toured side by side for the remainder of the opening lap.DN15_2797

The start of lap two saw Cripps able to edge ahead, as McCarthy trailed in a menacing fashion. Before long, McCarthy was able to sneak ahead once more, to hold the lead for the duration. Cripps chased for as long as possible, under his MGB GT V8 suddenly slowed, dropping him to third place.DN15_2806

As Cripps salvaged what he could, Ian Prior was promoted to second place.

Ken Deamer collected fourth place overall and a Class D victory, after a tantalising tussle with Russell McCarthy for class honours. Deamer was also awarded Driver of the Race for his sterling efforts.

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