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DONINGTON 750MC 28th March Round 1

Round 1

750MC DONINGTON PARK  28th March 2015


First race of the Season and again quite a slow start.

We arrived at Donington on Friday afternoon to a very busy paddock after an horrendous five hour journey on the ‘breaking up for Easter’ weekend.  Memo to Pam, check the school holidays BEFORE you book a race, although perhaps that would be an Organising Club Job as well.

We had fifteen cars entered by closing but a new driver to the Championship Alan House who has a Morgan Roadster had to cancel when he had an accident when towing his car to a test day, damaged the car and had a wrist in plaster.  Tony Markham, another new driver with a TR3A, went to Donington for testing on the Friday but had overheating problems and had to pull out.  Rob Spencer who came back on Friday from his playboy life on the ski slopes, tried to start his E Class V8 but it wouldn’t so he turned up with his FIA car.  Well done Rob for the effort.

The weather was not good and rain was expected and did not disappoint arriving before our practice.


Practice saw thirteen out on track.  Weather was wet and very windy and cold and most of the cars had just come out of their boxes so were in need of some tender handling on the wet and very slippery track

Neil Fowler had transponder issues which he forgot to sort out after he had a valve/spring break in the BCV8 practice so the transponder was not on the priority list to attend to.

Jordan Spencer’s D class  V8 had a coming together with the wall in the BCV8 practice so the Spencer family were down to one car and Jordan swapped to the FIA car for the Thoroughbred race and Rob has a bit of work to do before Brands.

Wet Practice times gave Overall and E class Pole to Simon Cripps on a 1.32.73  with Russell McCarthy alongside with a 1.34.65.  Row two Neil Fowler in the Transponderless V8  on a manually timed 1.35.29 (the result of this was the timekeepers did not time him in the race !) alongside B Class Pole Mark Scott with a 1.42.62.

On row three the MGBGTV8 of Ken Deamer on D Class Pole with a 1.46.87 alongside C Class Pole Ben White on a 1.47.45.  Row four Martin Barrow in the E Type on a 1.48.73 beside Rob Roodhouse in the TR6 with a 1.50.71 and behind on row five Peter Dubsky from Austria in his Jag D Type Rep on a 1.51.58 alongside Jordan Spencer in the FIA MGB on a 1.52.06.

Finishing the field and out for the first time with Thoroughbreds Gregor Marshall in a TR4 on a 1.52.07. (Gregor son of the late Gerry Marshall) sitting alongside Philip Lambe in his TR6 on a 1.53.38.


The rain had stopped by the race and the track was dry.

From the lights Russell McCarthy took the lead from Poleman Simon Cripps whose half shaft snapped on the start.  A blinding start also from Ben White who managed three laps before retiring also with mechanical issues on lap four.  Gregor also came in with problems on lap four.

Ken Deamer took second place from lap three with Mark Scott in third place.

For the first part of the race there was close racing with Martin Barrow, Peter Dubsky and Rob Roodhouse.  Martin and Peter pulling away from the TR as the race went on.  Peter hounding Martin until lap thirteen when he managed to pass him to lead him to the flag.   Rob Roodhouse just a little behind.  Jordan Spencer had a lonely race as did Phil Lambe but both managed to cross the line to be one of the eight finishers.

Russell maintained his lead of the race from lights to flag breaking the lap record in the process.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class E win

To Ken Deamer for his Class D Win

To Phil Lambe for his Class C Win and

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win


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