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SNETTERTON 200 13th October, Race Report – The Decider

The grid for Snetterton was a healthy 24 until I got a call from Brian Playford from the South of France off to a film location so at closing there were 23, then a cancellation from Martin Barrow whose E type had mechanicals but a late entry from Andrew Moore put the number back up to 23 on the day.  Steve Carr does a great job considering all those late entries and changes.

The entries consisted of Three A Class, Seven B Class, Seven C Class and Six D class cars who assembled for practice on the 2 mile Snetterton 200.  Ian Prior had a problem after his BCV8 practice when he caught fire and had to clean off the mess in the car but it was decided by the kindly Clerks J J that he could start from the back of the grid as there was no damage and he had previously practiced.

Last race of the Season and Points mattered so most had been on their best behaviour and managed to finish practice without too many unresolvable issues.

Practice Positions 

Overall and D class Pole went to Russell McCarthy on a high from his recent trip to Spa in his MGBGTV8 on 1.22.778 alongside the similar car of Simon Cripps with a time of 1.24.070 filled to the top with water after his overheating in his previous race.  On row two C class Pole Rob Spencer in his 3.5 MGTBGTV8 with a 1.24.636 alongside Ken Paton in his 3.8 Ram D Type Jag with 1.25.395 these two leading the Championship so it could be either one of them as there were only two points between them.

Row three an empty spot for John Embersons Morgan but a keen Ken Deamer on a 1.27.139 in his BGTV8 and on row four Tim Falce on a 1.29.213 in his yellow D Type next to Class B Pole Peter Barnard in his Elva Courier on 1.30.029.    Row five Joe Parrington in his Std V8 on 1.30.864 next to Barry Holmes in his V8 on a 1.31.413.

Row six Neil Cawthorn in his MGA on 1.31.866 alongside Neil Fowler who had a problem in practice coming in early to set the car up on a 1.31.930.   Row seven, Championship Sponsor, John Yea hot after his Ecurie race just before, having just enough time to fill up and start off again with a 1.32.309 alongside Ben White in his V8 Roadster with a 1.32.469 having just run a new cable for his Extinguisher in time for the start.  Row eight, Mark Scott in the B Roadster on a 1.32.601 alongside Roger Connel in his TVR on a 1.32.811.

On row nine Colin Jones in his MGA Twin Cam hoping for a better performance after getting some ‘setting up’ advice on a 1.32.836 next to B Class leader Babak Farsian in his B Roadster on a 1.33.365.

Row ten a welcome return for Phil Lambe in his TR6 with a 1.35.163 alongside Class A Pole Peter Hiscocks in his MGA on 1.37.919 and finishing the field Martyn Clews in his Healey Sprite on 1.39.364 alongside Andrew Moore in his MGA Coupe on 1.48.108.     At the back of the grid Ian Prior in his V8 having a bit of work to get to the front of the pack.


I was treated to a special viewing area for the last race and went up to the Commentators box at the start finish line.  From there quite a lot of the circuit was visible, it would have been better viewing if my eyes worked better but I managed to get the camera microphone right next to Andrew Wilkins who sadly for us would be retiring after the meeting after a 30 year history with the MGCC.  So, with his voice ringing in my ears, I videoed the race and watched it up close on the big screen at home.

The grid assembled, the lights went out and the field stormed away.  Russell McCarthy getting an unusually good start and Rob Spencer dived through from Row 2 to take third position behind Simon Cripps up round Montreal and Chapman with Russ pulling out a slight gap up the Bentley Straight.

Back around Coram and Murrays and the order was still the same with Rob close on Simon’s tail with just a few lengths back Ken Paton.   The order at the front stayed the same for the next eight laps with Russ pulling slightly ahead but Simon and Rob keeping in touch and Ken Paton slipping back from his Class leader Rob Spencer.

Still at the front Russ was comfortably creeping away until his rear brake pads broke up and he lost brakes so pulled into the pits, his race and year finished on lap eight.  Simon now powered home to take the flag and the Overall race win.

However, the action behind for the 2012 Championship was exciting as Rob Spencer had managed to get a gap of seven seconds between him and Ken but then had a senior moment on lap ten and spun out and Ken now just behind saw his chance and went for the pass, out-braked and threw it away with just one lap to go.  

Rob taking the flag second overall and Ken third overall.  Meanwhile Ian Prior from the back of the grid had quickly reeled himself up to fourth overall where he remained to the flag with Neil Fowler just behind.  Ken Deamer had a great race managing to just hold Tim Falce off by the flag and Barry Holmes having a lonely race mid field.

The B class dice was race long between Peter Barnard, Joe Parrington and Colin Jones with the final outcome going to Peter.  Neil Cawthorn and Babak Farsian had a close few laps of hard racing as did Ben White, Mark Scott and Roger Connel. Phil Lambe finished the C class field.

The A class battle with Martyn Clews and Peter Hiscocks was close from lights to flag with Martyn staying in front for the whole race and taking the class win but Peter taking the fastest lap.  Late entry Andrew Moore coming home third in class A three laps down.

Congratulations to Overall and Class D Winner Simon Cripps

To Rob Spencer for his hard fought Class C Win

To Peter Barnard for his equally hard fought Class B Win

To Martyn Clews for his Class A win.

An exciting last race of the Season, but a headache for the Committee with plenty of decisions to make as……

After the race and after discussions the Committee  decided to upgrade Rob Spencer to Class D. 

In anticipation for his Class change in 2013 to the D Class Rob had already completed the stretching of the bodywork part and put on wider tyres.  It was felt that this would make the car a Class D Car at the Snetterton round even though he still had the 3.5 engine in.

The points have been amended accordingly but the above race report was how it was on the day.

The above altered the Championship Points in the C and D classes.  Race win and D Class still to Simon Cripps with Rob Spencer second in Class D and Ian Prior third. 

The C Class Win went to Ken Paton who also got Pole, Fastest Lap and Lap Record for the class, Neil Fowler 2nd in Class and Tim Falce 3rd

Pam McCarthy




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