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Donington Race Report Morgan Sports Car Club 4th June 2012


The Morgan Sports Car Club meeting at Donington was the second visit to this circuit this year with similar conditions for both rounds. Dull, windy and cloudy. This time we had been issued with garages by the organisers which were much appreciated.

The Thoroughbred race had a disappointing grid of only 13 but we had been amalgamated with the D & E classes of the Aero Racing Morgan Trophy so the grid numbers were increased to 22.  Roger Connel still has problems with his gearbox so had to pull out a couple of days before

Practice was completed reasonably successfully by most of the Thoroughbred cars but both Russell McCarthy and Simon Cripps came in early with problems.  Russell would not take his grid position but Simon Cripps would but with not a lot of confidence.

The drivers were spread into four classes with one in Class A, two in class B, six in class C and four in class D.


Overall Pole went to C Class Ken Paton in his D Type replica with Russell McCarthy’s space alongside on D Class Pole with 1.21.784.  Row two John Wilkes in his D type with a 1.21.982 and sitting alongside D Class Ian Prior in his MGBVTV8a 1.22.676.  On Row three Rob Spencer with a 1.22.944 and Neil Fowler in his MGC on a 1.24.661.

Row four Chris Edwards in his TR6 on a 1.24.661 and on Row five Simon Cripps on 1.26.546 next to B class Pole Babak Farsian on 1.27.726.  Behind on row six Bob Lines in his D Type Replica on a 1.27.843 and behind him on row seven Mark Scott with 1.29.586.

Row eight Ben White with a 1.32.959 and on row eleven finishing the grid the A class Morgan +4 of Richard Thorne


The grid pulled out onto the circuit and slowly round to take up positions for the green flag lap with all except Neil Fowler who was seen at the bottom of the pit lane with a problem.   Red lights turned off and the field stormed away.  Both Ken Paton and John Wilkes took immediate race lead for the Thoroughbreds with Ian Prior, Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer up next.

By lap three we had lost both John Wilkes and Simon Cripps with John’s engine letting go and Simon having no-where to go but spin off to avoid a collision and being unable to return.

Ken Paton then stormed off into the distance breaking the Lap Record in the process, where he remained to the flag being chased hard by firstly Rob Spencer and then Ian Prior after Ian had managed to steal second from Rob Spencer on lap six.  Chris Edwards next having a lonely Championship race finishing fourth overall and the last of the un-lapped.

Mid field Bob Lines in the D Type had a few close laps with B Class Babak Farsian but Bob losing out to Babak on lap ten when Bob had a slight detour.  A race long battle with Ben White and Mark Scott evolved with Ben leading by just a few hundredths for eleven laps until Mark took over to lead Ben to the flag.  Richard Thorne in his Morgan +4 had a lonely Championship race but a comfortable race among the D & E class Morgans.

Congratulations go to

Overall and

Class C                        Ken Paton

Class D                        Ian Prior

Class B                        Babak Farsian

Class A                        Richard Thorne


Pam McCarthy


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