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Final Round 10, Snetterton 1st October 2011 MGCC

The final Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship round for 2011 was with the MGCC at Snetterton on the 2 mile 200 circuit for the first time so all class lap records would be established and the previous Snetterton circuit records would be preserved in a time capsule. The two day event was one of the hottest weekends of the year, 28 degrees at its peak on Saturday.

The Thoroughbred race had 28 entered another great total.  Russell McCarthy out in Dads V8 for the last round as the MGA developed a crack in a bore so needed some surgery over the winter.

We had nine D class entered, eleven C class, five B class and three A class and all went out to practice except Brian Playford who seemed to miss it so had to start from the back of the grid in the race.


The twenty minute practice started at 10.52 and all drivers qualified with apparently no problems but a non-starter to the Thoroughbred race would be Jonathan Edwards.

The Overall and D class Pole went to the yellow V8 by two and a half seconds with a 1.22.876 Russell getting extra help from some ‘wings’ it seems to have developed.   Alongside on the grid Tony Lees in the yellow Morgan + 8 on a 1.25.188 who has come out and joined us for three ‘Invitation’ drives this year and hopes to do a fuller Season next year so will Register !?!

On row two Simon Garrad with a 1.25.195 Champion in waiting in his Jaguar D type replica alongside the similar car of John Wilkes with a 1.25.573.  On row three Roger Whiteside and Jonathan Edwards empty spot in their Morgan +8’s.

On row four Class C Pole Jerry Knight in his D type Replica with a 1.26.738 alongside John Emberson in the Morgan Roadster and behind on row Five Simon Cripps in his GTV8 alongside the TVR of Roger Connel.

On Row Six a welcome return to Thoroughbreds by Michal Pavlik now in a D class Morgan Roadster lightweight alongside Class B Pole Ian Prior in his MGB Roadster on a 1.29.556.

Row Seven, held Rob Spencer and Ulrich Vierhaus from Germany who had confided earlier in the Season that this was to be his last year of racing but we still hope to see him out again if he can make it.  Row Eight, Barry Holmes and Peter Barnard and on row Nine, beauty Sharlie Goddard and the beast, Tim Falce. (I am in Disneyland)

On row ten Max Cawthorn and Joe Parrington and on row eleven Colin Jones and Kevin Swann.  On row twelve Peter Dubsky, after popping and banging his way round next to Ben White and on the penultimate row Class A Pole Peter Hiscocks next to Neil Fowler and on the back of the grid Martin Clews and finishing the field Brian Playford who had practiced out of session.


No rain, just hot steamy drivers waiting on the grid.  Russell got so hot he forgot what he was there for and when the lights went off watched as most of the first six rows passed him.

Simon Garrad, Tony Lees, John Wilkes and Jerry Knight then Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer all stormed off with Russell McCarthy from Pole down to ninth as they approached Coram for the first time. Tony Lees hung on to Simon Garrad who had taken the overall lead until Tony was passed by John Wilkes, John having a close battle with Simon for the whole race.  Eventually by lap seven Russell found the right pedal and got to grips with the leaders and fought his way past where he stayed to the flag.

Jerry Knight who led the C class from lights to flag became a Morgan sandwich and was convinced that he was being protected by Tony Lees and John Emberson from the fast approaching C Class Rob Spencer and Simon Cripps – but Jerry – dream on you don’t need protecting you were just having a great three way dice!!  (These drinks are taking effect)

A great battle a few seconds behind with Tim Falce, Michal Pavlik, Sharlie Goddard and Barry Holmes who swapped positions but stayed in touch for the whole race, Tim finally just making the flag just 200th in front of Michal.

In the B Class Colin Jones finally came home first in class but there was a race long battle between Ian Prior and Peter Barnard with all three constantly swapping positions with only hundredths between them for the whole race.

In Class A Peter Hiscocks kept up his winning streak by leading the class from lights to flag with Martyn Clews and Brian Playford two laps down by the flag.

There was a full grid of tight racing throughout with no non finisher but a few spin outs and re-joins and as for the past few years the final Championship outcome could have gone a couple of ways.  There was an extra point for a new lap record for each class for the new 200 circuit and this could have been the decider but neither of the contenders managed to get the fastest lap.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win

To Jerry Knight for his Class C win

To Colin Jones for his Class B win

To Peter Hiscocks for his Class A win.

Pam McCarthy


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