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Round 6 – Silverstone National – 13 August 2011




The usually popular BDC meeting on the Silverstone National Circuit was to be a two day event celebrating the Bentley Drivers Clubs 75th Anniversary and was supported with a wonderful display of Bentleys and by many Morgans and MG’s and Vintage cars of varied and wonderful shapes. The National circuit is 1.639 miles long and we were to have a 15 minute practice and a fifteen minute race and would be racing as race No. 8 on the afternoons programme.

The weather forecast seemed to indicate rain at some point on most forecasts but apart from a shower early in the morning the day was bathed in sunshine with just a hint of a dark cloud now and again.

The Thoroughbred race had a grid of only 21 this year quite a reduction from our previous races but we had a healthy grid compared to some of the Sunday races. Two of the Thoroughbred drivers were on Invitation so would not get points for this round.

The 21 drivers were spread into four classes with Two in Class A, Seven in Class B, Seven in Class C and Five in Class D


Practice for most was completed successfully although Keith Files would have a diff problem which he would manage to change before the race with the aid of Josh making the trip home and back for parts and Jerry Knight had a front brake problem which he also managed to sort out in time for the race. Peter Dubsky on his usual trip over from Switzerland had a few mechanical problems which were sorted with the help of his mechanic in time for the race. Ian Prior who currently leads the B Class had a mechanical problem that could not be resolved so was unable to compete.


Overall and D Class Pole went to Simon Garrad with 1.06.55 in his D Type Replica alongside Morgan + 8 driver on Invitation Tony Lees with a time of 1.08.10. Row two John Emberson in his Morgan Roadster on a 1.08.27 alongside the yellow Jaguar D Type Replica of Tim Falce on C Class Pole on a 1.09.33

On row three Graham Paddick in his Kougar Jaguar on a 1.09.780 alongside Russell McCarthy in the yellow 1950cc MGA with a 1.09.950. On row Four the 2010 Championship winning car (in his Sons hands) of Keith Files on a 1.10.110 alongside the E Type Jaguar of Richard Abels with a Q time of 1.10.390. On Row Five Invitation driver Robert Gate in his E Type on a 1.11.660 alongside B Class Pole Joe Parrington in the Gulf coloured MGBGTV8 on a 1.11.950.

Row Six Jerry Knight further down the grid after his brake problem with his D Type Replica on a 1.11.960 alongside Colin Jones in his Twin Cam MGA on a 1.12.080. Row seven the vacant spot for Ian Prior and Kathy Sherry in her Morgan on a 1.12.680. On Row Eight John Yea and Kevin Swann in their MGB’s on a 1.12.840 and 1.13.510 respectively and on row Nine Bob Lines in his MGA on 1.13.660 and Peter Dub sky on a 1.14.280.

On the penultimate row Terry Burrows in his MGB on 1.14.770 alongside A Class Pole Peter Hiscocks in his MGA on a 1.18.200 and finishing the field on row Eleven Martin Clews in his Midget on a 1.20.350.


From the lights Simon Garrad got the best line and took control up round Copse followed by Tony Lees and John Emberson. A few seconds back Richard Abels, Graham Paddick, Keith Files Tim Falce with Russell McCarthy hanging on just behind not able to repeat his Thruxton display. Next up, Robert Gate and Jerry Knight.

Simon Garrad gently pulled away from Tony Lees and John Emberson who had the closest of races from lights to flag, swapping places lap after lap with Tony leading for a few laps then John taking over finally Tony getting the win by a nats at the flag.

A couple of seconds further back a five or six car dice with Jerry Knight initially at the back pulling up through to lead the pack home after a great drive through and a great battle with Richard Abels and Tim Falce. Keith Files after rebuilding his diff managed to hang on to the battle for most of the race but spun at Luffield just in front of Russell McCarthy who managed to lock up and slide past without sideswiping him on lap thirteen, Graham Paddick also in the battle lap after lap until he slowed on lap eleven to retire.

In Class B Joe Parrington led the field initially challenged by Colin Jones but Joe pulled away to lead the class home and finishing as the last of the un-lapped. Behind a race long battle with places swapping between John Yea, Bob Lines, Kevin Swann and C class Kathy Sherry. Class A Peter Hiscocks having a bit of a lonely race as did Martin Clews in the Midget.

A fine race with Simon Garrad leading from lights to flag followed home by Tony Lees and John Emberson.

Congratulations go to Simon Garrad for his Overall and Class D Win,
Jerry Knight for his Class C Win up from the back of the pack
To Joe Parrington for his Class B Win and
To Peter Hiscocks for his Class A Win.

Pam McCarthy


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