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Round 3 – Donington Park (MSCC) – 30 May 2011


MSCC Monday 30th May 2011


The third round of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Championship for 2011 was at Donington for the Morgan Sports Car Club meeting. Numbers were again a little low but the Morgans had turned out in their dozens so we had a couple of classes from the overflowing Aero Trophy race. The weather forecast was again for wet weather and again they were right.

Twenty Two Thoroughbred drivers had appeared for this round, and together with the D & E classes of the Aero Racing Morgan Trophy we had thirty one on the grid.

A cracked cylinder head on his TR6 on the previous day’s race saw Dave McDonald withdraw and Jeff Hooper also with a TR6 had a coil problem and withdrew.


The Thoroughbred practice started at 10.48 in very wet conditions. Most of the drivers completed practice without apparent problems except the inability to get any power down. Roger Connel had a triple spin at the end of the straight and presumes that is where he lost his rear screen but completed two further laps and returned to the paddock before noticing.

All classes were represented, with one A class, four B class, eight C class and seven D class cars.


Pole again went to D class Simon Garrad in his D Type Replica. Simon’s time was 1.31.980 and he should have sat next to Russell McCarthy in the yellow MGA with a 1.32.527 but on the last lap of practice Russell lost oil pressure and change cars to his MGB so had to start from the back of the grid.

On row two Simon Cripps with a 1.35.888 alongside Andy Green with a 142.467. Row three a vacant spot for John Emberson but a Pole in Class B for Joe Parrington with a 1.47.366. On row four Ian Prior with a 1.47.821 alongside C class Pole Rob Spencer with a 1.47.894.

On row five Brian Gateson with a 1.49.235 next to Graham Paddick in his Cougar Jag with a 1.49.725. Row six saw Roger Connel with a 1.50.091 alongside Jerry Knight with a 1.50.180 and on Row 7 Richard Abels with a 1.50.955 alongside Kevin Swann with 1.51.163.

On row eight Sharlie Goddard with a 1.51.479 alongside Colin Jones with a 1.52.444. A couple of rows of Aero Morgans then on row eleven John Wilkes, with a 1.57.778 and on row twelve Peter Hiscocks with a 1.59.235. On row thirteen Bob Lines with a 1.59.491 next to Rob Roodhouse with a 2.00.522. On row fourteen Ben White with a 2.00.888 and finishing off the Thoroughbred field Terry Holmes with a 2.01.979.


In wet practice and a wet race, Poleman and Class D Simon Garrad stormed away hotly pursued by Simon Cripps, Garrad in front first round Redgate staying in front to the flag, Cripps pursued in second position driving hard also to the flag, these two finding the best grip in the wet conditions.

Russell McCarthy from the back of the grid now in the MGB flew through the field to be in fourth place just behind Andy Green on the start of lap two and he chased hard to be within four seconds of Cripps when his oil filter disintegrated and his race finished on lap four.

Andy Green held on to third despite being lapped by the two front runners on the last lap and Rob Roodhouse although being lapped twice came home fourth in class. John Wilkes was having a good dice with C class Graham Paddick until John retired on lap nine and the gearbox trouble recurred for Roger Connel on the start line and he was pushed onto the grass.

In Class C all started well for Rob Spencer until he had a moment on lap four and Jerry Knight took the class lead for a couple of laps when he also had a moment and Richard Abels took over. Richard kept Jerry at bay until the twelfth lap when Jerry passed to lead the class home to the flag. Down the wet field Rob Spencer and Graham Paddick had a few close racing laps with Graham just taking the flag in front of Rob.

Sharlie Goddard and Brian Gateson both had faultless but lonely class races.

Another near complete race of close racing between Ben White and Bob Lines saw Ben take the win once a few back markers disrupted the flow but generally a fine class race under difficult conditions

In Class B Ian Prior lead the B class from lights to flag keeping ten seconds in front of Joe Parrington with Kevin Swann having a few laps hard chase with Joe to come home third in class. Colin Jones coming in fourth having a good race with C class Sharlie.

A late entry by Peter Hiscocks in Class A made him the only class competitor and finisher. (Thank you Peter, there are more out at Silverstone in Class A!)

Another good race by all under difficult conditions.

Congratulations go to

Simon Garrad for a great drive from lights to flag taking Overall and Class D, followed closely by Simon Cripps second and Andy Green third.

To Jerry Knight for a well deserved Class C Win and to Ian Prior for a fourth overall and Class B Win and not forgetting Peter Hiscocks for bringing home the lonely A class.

Pam McCarthy


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