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Round 2 – Oulton Park (MGCC) – 7 May 2011


MGCC Saturday 7 May 2011


The second round of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Championship for 2011 was at Oulton Park for the MGCC meeting on the International Circuit.  The weather forecast was for wet weather and Russell and I travelled up on the Friday evening leaving Banstead at 19.15 and can confirm it was correct.

I was towing for the first time in around 20 years,  simples,  when on the M42 approaching the M5 we hit a massive electrical storm.  I followed with trepidation the lights of an artic in front making sure that I kept directly behind him with wipers going at full pace not able to see anything other than his lights.  Duck to water came to mind at this point, after about half an hour it eased slightly and we continued arriving for a welcome drink at around 23.30 in the Ian Prior ‘Clubhouse’.

Only seventeen drivers had appeared for this round, including one who actually entered on the day.

There should have been 18 but a test session on Friday had caused an engine blow up for our very newest driver Neil Fowler in an MGC who has just started racing.  The race was to be of a 20 minutes duration with the practice starting at 09.36 in cloudy but dry conditions. Fifteen drivers completed practice without problem with Simon Cripps having an oil leak and pulling off and Jeff Hooper also having a problem and only completing two laps.

The Motoring Classics Thoroughbred twenty minute race was number four on the list, second race of the afternoon.   The 17 drivers were spread into three classes, B, C and D.   There were three B class cars, eight C class cars and six D class cars. The practice had been on a dryish track but the race was definitely wet.


Pole position went to D class Simon Garrad returning after his engine failure at Brands caused by a broken camshaft.  Simon in his Jag D Type Replica gave an impressive time of 1.58.943 and he sat next to Andy Green in his Morgan + 8 with a 2.02.236.  Row two Russell McCarthy in the yellow MGA with a 2.02.698 alongside C class Pole Rob Spencer with a 2.03.149.

On row three B class Pole new to the Thoroughbred Championship this Season Ian Prior in his MGB Roadster on a 2.06.351 alongside Roger Whiteside in his Morgan Plus 8 with a 2.06.661.  On Row four Sharlie Goddard on a 2.06.854 alongside Ulrich Vierhaus with a 2.06.984 both in their Morgans and on Row five Joe Parrington on a 2.08.139 next to Simon Cripps both in their MGBGTV8s.

Row six Roger Connel in his TVR with a 2.08.292 alongside Dave McDonald in his TR6 with a 2.08.434 and on row seven Rob Roodhouse in his TR6 with a 2.08.699 alongside Jerry Knight in his out of tune D Type Jag on a 2.11.302.  On the penultimate row Bob Lines in his MGA Twin Cam with a 2.12.216 next to the Roadster MGV8 of Ben White with a 2.20.182 and finishing off the field Jeff Hooper in the repaired TR6 with a 2.41.960.


Two Green flag laps following the Safety Car to get used to the wet track then a slow five second assembly and the red lights extinguished and off they went Simon Garrad getting a good start with Andy Green and Russell McCarthy from row two also diving through round Old Hall Corner and into sight hard on Simon’s tailpipe.   A wet race saw Simon Garrad being unable to get his 4 litres of power down and Russell McCarthy whose more nimble but less powerful car managing the conditions better with Simon not being able to get his power down until the last few laps.

Russell passed to take the lead on the first lap, Andy Green disappeared when his fuel pump gave up and he ran out of fuel leaving both Russell and Simon to storm ahead of the rest of the field.  Behind a lone third place was kept from start to finish by Rob Spencer despite a valiant attempt by Simon Cripps to catch him clawing in some nine seconds from start to the finish line.

The majority of the field were well spaced out but a fantastic dice from lights to flag by Joe Parrington and Ian Prior saw positions swapping and a hard fought battle with Ian taking the class win.  By lap six of the nine lap race the rain lightened and Simon clawed back nearly two seconds to arrive on Russell’s tail at Cascades and tried to power past but lost control on the still damp track leaving Russell to take the flag, Simon re-joining to take second.

Non finishers being Andy Green with fuel problems and Roger Connell with gearbox problems unable to get out of first gear on the line.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for a fine drive in only his second race in the car taking Overall Race and Class D Win, to Rob Spencer for his Class C Win and to Ian Prior for his hard fought Class B win.


Pam McCarthy


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