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CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSH FILES who has become the 2010 Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship Overall Champion.


RACE REPORT- 2nd October 2010 MGCC SNETTERTON – Round 8

The final round of the Season for Thoroughbreds was at Snetterton near Thetford with the M.G.Car Club’s two day meeting, Sunday being their four hour relay race and Season finale.  The circuit is 1.9520 miles long and we were to have a fifteen minute practice and a twenty minute race.

The weather forecast was for a cloudy/sunny day and you were lucky.  Where I was watching from it was pouring with floods everywhere for most of the day and evening.

The Thoroughbreds had a fantastic grid of twenty eight on the day but problems in the Morgan Challenge race put both Chris Acklam who had a rearranged front end and kinked chassis and Roger Whiteside who had both practiced, out of the race noted as number seven on the programme of events, so 26 turned up to race.

Included in this total was a special ‘Stig’ who represented dad Roy McCarthy.  Roy had been able to sort out his head gasket problems after his last trip out on the 4th/5th September at Donington and had told us that the engine felt the best it had ever felt.   Roy would not be able to make the race and had asked Spencer to represent him at the last race of his 40th Season of racing.

From the Qualification sheet most drivers appeared to have had a good practice.  Tony Lees only completing four laps, which gave for him a lowly grid position of 11th in the Thoroughbreds Race, so he may have had a problem.  This however was sorted by the Morgan Challenge Race, first on the Race programme before lunch, as he seemed to be fighting to the flag with Phil Goddard. Spencer gained Pole ahead of Phil Goddard and Simon Garrad, as when you have been told to ‘go and trounce them’, he thought he had better carry out his instructions to the letter.

The twenty six starters were spread into four classes with eight in Class D, seven in Class C, seven in Class B and four in Class A.


Overall and D Class Pole went to Spencer McCarthy with a 1.19.640 in dad’s Yellow MGBGT V8 alongside Phil Goddard in his Morgan + 8 with 1.20.196.  On row two Simon Garrad in his Jag D Type Rep. with 1.20.849 and newly enrolled for the last race Alan Wickenden in his Morgan + 8 with a 1.21.249.

On row three Chris Acklams vacant spot so C Class Pole Josh Files had spread himself out in his TR6 with 1.22.980.  On row four B Class Pole Steve Watton in his Lotus Elan S3 with a 1.23.555 alongside Russell McCarthy in his MGB Roadster with a 1.24.116. On Row five Tim Falce in his D Type Rep with a 1.24.214 alongside Roger Connel in his TVR Griffith with 1.24.287.

On row six Tony Lees Morgan +8 on a 1.24.308 alongside Pete Barnard in his Elva Courier with a 1.24.405. On Row seven Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer in their MGBGTV8’s with 1.24.599 and 1.24.722 respectively.  On Row eight John Wilkes on a 1.24.762 and Alan Charlton on a 1.25.022.

On row nine Sharlie Goddard with a 1.25.158 alongside new to the Championship Adam Cunnington on a trial run with his Austin Healey Sprite with a 1.25.235 and on row ten Roger Whiteside’s vacant spot and Joe Parrington with a 1.26.791.

Behind on row eleven Colin Jones in his Twin Cam on 1.26.852 alongside Max Cawthorn in his MGB on 1.27.144.  Row twelve Championship Sponsor John Yea with a 1.27.506 alongside Rob Roodhouse with a 1.29.191.

On row thirteen, unlucky for some but not Michal Pavlik who was again on A Class Pole with a 1.31.511 next to Martyn Clews with a 1.36.243.

Finishing the field on row fourteen were Barry Proud and Brian Playford with a 1.36.753 and 1.36.810 respectively.


As seen by Keith Files.

A poor start from pole sitter Spencer McCarthy let Phil Goddard and Simon Garrad through with Alan Wickenden and Josh Files right up behind Spencer into the first corner. (Spencer said later that everybody thought Poor Starts were a ‘Roy’ trait but it was genuine, the power would not go down – unless it was wet of course.)

A very fast starting Russell McCarthy in Class B getting away from Steve Watton in his lovely Lotus and sticking his car alongside Josh Files TR6 all the way round Riches and eventually getting past Josh at Sears, before the more powerful class C car regained the initiative down the back straight.  Spencer had by this time passed Simon Garrad and was chasing Phil Goddard down. Other big movers of the start were Tony Lees in his bright yellow Morgan moving from Eleventh up to Sixth.  Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer in their class C cars moving from Thirteenth and Fourteenth up to Eighth and Ninth respectively and both passing Tim Falce along the way and Brian Playford in his class A car getting to the front of the other class A runners by the end of the first lap.

Class D

Going into the second lap Spencer took the lead from Phil and was never to be seen again as he produced fastest lap after fastest lap to take the eventual win which is a fantastic tribute to his driving and Roy’s lovely car,  how we all missed Roy not being there with us.   Phil drove a steady race and consolidated second position in Class D.   Simon Garrad in his D type, despite a leery spin going into the Russell chicane on lap nine, thanks for the entertainment Simon, held on to third overall and third in class.

Fourth and Fifth placed class D Morgans of Tony and Alan were having a right old ding dong at each other with Alan appearing to have a little bit more power which he was able to use to his advantage on the straights until he span out at Sears on some oil on lap eleven letting Tony through.  Alan recovered well from his excursion and finished sixth overall – the video from Josh’s car is very entertaining. (- Which I am sure will be published somewhere! Pam)

Class C

Back in Class C Josh was sitting on the tails of both Alan and Tony and briefly passed Tony at Coram thanks to an opportunistic manoeuvre courtesy of a car that was about to be lapped slightly blocking Tony, no fault of the lapped driver here.   It is so difficult to know where to go when you have three really fast guys bearing down on you and the right call was made.

The positional gain for Josh did not last long as Tony powered past him on the straight and the group of three remained this way until Alan went of on the oil as mentioned earlier.  So a class win for Josh but  a battle for class places ensued behind with Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer catching Russell McCarthy in his Class B car.  Simon Cripps passed Russell, Rob didn’t and that left Simon with second overall in class C and Rob 3rd in class.

Tim Falce lost out at the start to both Simon and Rob at the start and enjoyed his very own D type moment going into the Russell chicane dropping him down to sixth in class.  There was a lovely group of four cars, Alan Charlton, Sharlie Goddard, Peter Barnard and Roger Connel, running nose to tail and swapping places for what appeared to be most of the race until Roger had a moment on lap Five and was dropped by the group.  Alan headed Sharlie home for fourth and fifth in class respectively. Adam Cunnington in his Austin Healey sprite lost out at the start but held onto a good midfield position until he had a mechanical failure on lap 9 at Sears and left some oil on the track for other to avoid or not in some cases.

Class B

In class B Russell was having a lonely race after his excellent start and brought his car home First in class and eighth overall.  Steve Watton in his Lotus, after losing out to Russell at the start, had a race long fight with John Wilkes in his D type where the more nimble Lotus had it in the corners and the more powerful D type had the legs on the straights.   I hope it was as lively for them as it appeared to the casual observers.   Steve secured second in class and ninth overall with Peter Barnard third in class.

Class A

There was a lovely race long encounter between the Class A runners with Brian Playford moving from the back of the group to lead the class at the end of the first lap but not for long. Michael Pavlik got passed Brian on the second lap and then led the group home taking Class A honours, and winning the Raffle as well, well done Michael.  Brian, Martin Clews and Barry Proud were running closely together for the entire duration of the race with them staying that way until the end.

Congratulations go to Overall and

Class D Winner.           Spencer McCarthy

Class C                         Josh Files

Class B                         Russell McCarthy

Class A                        Michal Pavlik

Spencer managed two wins and a second during the weekend and was awarded the Commentators Driver of the Meeting award at the last prize presentations.

‘For my Dad’, he said, ‘He prepared the car and only ten days ago changed the head gaskets’  ‘This is for him’

Roy McCarthy passed away on the 7th October 2010 at the age of 68 after a valiant battle and continued to race until 4th September.   We are all devastated, he will always be with us and will never be forgotten. Thank you all for your cards and e mails, we take great comfort knowing how he was regarded by you all.

Pam McCarthy


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