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Round 7 – Cadwell (CSCC) – 12th Sept. 2010


The Classic Sportscar Club held a two day meeting at Cadwell for their Clubs’ guest Championships and the TSCC race was scheduled for the Sunday 12th as was the Morgan Challenge race.  The circuit is 2.1870 miles long and we were to have a fifteen minute practice and a fifteen minute race.

The weather forecast was for a sunny day and we were not disappointed.

The Thoroughbred race had a grid of 25 on the day but there had been withdrawals by Peter Barnard and Roy McCarthy both late entries but now unable to attend and Kathy Sherry.

Most drivers appeared to have a good practice although Tim Falce who had been cajoled into travelling outside his comfort zone could have had problems as he only completed five laps.

The 25 drivers were spread into four classes with Three in Class A, Three in Class B, Ten in Class C and Nine in Class D

However, during the Morgan Challenge race which was first on the afternoon programme there were a few DNF’s, Tony Lees broke his panhard rod, and Sharlie Goddard and Phil Tisdall got too intimate with their cars so it was to be a Thoroughbred grid forming up without them.


Overall and D Class Pole went to Philip Goddard who had made a weekend of it by competing in three races with a 1.41.754 in his Morgan + 8 alongside Andy Green in his Morgan + 8 with 1.42.897.  On row two (vacant) Tony Lees and Chris Acklam in their Morgan + 8’s with a 1.43.046 and 1.43.191 respectively.

On row three Simon Garrad in the Jag D Type Replica on 1.43.461 alongside C Class Pole Josh Files in his TR6 with 1.44.064.  On row four Ulrich Vierhaus in the Morgan Roadster with a 1.47.474 alongside Roger Whiteside in his Roadster on 1.47.601.

Row five (vacant) Sharlie Goddard on a 1.47.757 alongside John Emberson with a 1.47.916 and on row six Dave McDonald on a 1.48.573 alongside John Wilkes on 1.49.023. Row seven Roger Connel with 1.49.071 alongside Rob Spencer on 1.49.499 and on Row eight (vacant) Phil Tisdall on a 1.49.852 next to B Class Pole Joe Parrington in the MGBGT V8 with a 1.49.957.

On row nine new to the Championship Brian Gateson with a 1.51.087 alongside Kevin Swann on a 1.52.031 and on row ten Graham Paddick with a 1.52.643 alongside Tim Falce on a 1.52.815.

Behind on row eleven A class Pole Michal Pavlik with 1.55.170 next to Bob Lines in his MGA on a 1.57.788 and on row twelve Ben White on a 2.00.003 next to Barry Proud on a 2.03.907 and finishing off the field Martyn Clews in his Midget on a 2.15.658.


Well this is what it looked like from where I was sitting ! – with a lot of prompting from Keith Files.

Lights changed and Phil Goddard and Andy Green stormed away, then Chris Acklam and Josh Files who capitalised on a fluffed gear change by Simon Garrad.  Back round for lap two Simon swept past Josh at the start finish line without noticing the waved yellows for the abandoned Morgan of Brian Gateson.   Josh only managing to complete another half lap before he had a diff failure and his race was doomed and he expired in a puff of smoke.

Andy stayed on Phil’s tailpipe for the whole race, Phil defending magnificently Andy’s impeccable driving but Andy just unable to pass but getting fastest lap and breaking the LAP RECORD that had stood for five years in the process.

Behind Chris Acklam held off Simon Garrad for three laps, Simon diving past to take third overall where he remained to the flag.

John Emberson was up next in fifth, with a fantastic race long battle behind between Ulrich Vierhaus, Roger Whiteside, John Wilkes and Rob Spencer who were nose to tail for the whole of the race with John Wilkes pulling through to take seventh by the flag just behind Ulrich.   Ulrich and John coming across the line with just a smidgen between them.

Roger Connel had problems and retired after six laps after a few close laps racing with Dave McDonald, Dave entertaining the crowd pirouetting on the oil spilled from Josh’s diff at the bottom of the Mountain.  Tim Falce headed Joe Parrington in a lights to flag battle mid field, Joe coming home first in Class B.

Kevin Swann had a lonely race but came home second in class and Graham Paddick’s race was just as lonely managing fifth in class but just getting lapped before the finish.  Bob Lines came in third in class B and Ben White sixth in Class C.

However at the back there was another fantastic A Class battle from lights to flag between newcomer Martyn Clews and Barry Proud, Martyn just holding Barry off to take second in class after a great race long dice.  Class A winner Michal Pavlik further up the field having a good but lonely race.

First time out with the Championship Brian Gateson managing just 200 yards before his ignition failed and pulled off the track.  Simon and Josh were called to the Clerk for the yellow flag misdemeanour but managed to sort it out amicably.

Keith’s verdict ‘This was truly one of the best races of the year that I have watched with plenty of action all the way down the classes’.

Congratulations go to Overall and Class D Winner.

Philip Goddard

(who managed three wins in the weekend.   Well done Phil.)

Class C                         Ulrich Vierhaus

Class B                         Joe Parrington

Class A                        Michal Pavlik


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