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Round 6 – Silverstone (BDC) – 7 August 2010

Race report – 7 August 2010 – BDC Silverstone National – Round 6

The very popular Bentley Drivers Club meeting on the Silverstone National Circuit was fully supported with a wonderful display of Bentleys from the 1920s onwards and by many Morgans and MGs and Vintage of varied and wonderful shapes. The National circuit is 1.639 miles long and we were to have a 15 minute practice and a fifteen minute race and would be starting the afternoon’s programme as Race No. 1 to commence at 13.15.

The weather forecast was conflicting but seemed to indicate rain at some point on most forecasts. Friday, when quite a few competitors arrived, was good with cloudy and windy conditions but not wet. Saturday morning brought wet conditions and a damp track for the first practice of the morning which just happened to be ours. We had been able to sign on and scrutineer on Friday afternoon so an extra early start was avoided for some.

The Thoroughbred race had a grid of 30 in the programme with four more on the Race Bulletin making a total grid of 34. Friday however saw the AC Cobra Invited entry of Simon Crompton fail scrutineering so he had to pull out and Alan Kyson had an unexpectedly heavy work schedule and could not make it, so on the day only 32 went out to practice.

Practice was noted to be slippery giving a few stranger than usual grid positions but was completed successfully by all drivers. Jag D Type Replica driver Simon Garrad who also had scrutineering problems, only just making the practice grid after a few quick alterations and in a cloud of red mist.

The 32 drivers were spread into four classes with Four in Class A, Nine in Class B, Eight in Class C and Eleven in Class D


Overall and D Class Pole went to Simon Garrad after his efforts with 1.13.800 in his D Type Replica alongside Morgan + 8 driver and 2009 Champion Chris Acklam with 1.14.020. Row two Tony Lees now with four wheels back on his yellow Morgan + 8 after his mishap from Mallory with 1.16.430 alongside the yellow MGBGTV8 of Roy McCarthy on a 1.16.900.

On row three Russell McCarthy on B Class Pole in his MGB Roadster with his fourth new head gasket with a 1.17.350 alongside the TVR of Roger Connel with his rebuilt gearbox on a 1.18.790. On row four C Class Pole over from Vienna Peter Dubsky in his D Type Replica just finished being rebuilt after his Oulton Park crash with a 1.18.860 alongside current Championship Leader Josh Files in his TR6 with a 1.19.170.

Row five Joe Parrington on a 1.19.360 alongside Andy Green with a 1.19.420 and on row six Jerry Knight on a 1.19.750 alongside Kevin Swann on 1.20.840. Row seven Roger Whiteside with 1.20.920 alongside 2008 Champion Peter Samuels out for the first time this year on a 1.21.190 and on Row eight Tim Falce on a 1.21.510 next to Jon Emberson with a 1.21.690.

Half way down the field on row nine Ulrich Vierhaus with a 1.21.820 alongside A class Pole Michal Pavlik on a 1.22.020 and on row ten Peter Barnard with a 1.22.180 alongside Max Cawthorn on a 1.22.360.

Behind on row eleven John Wilkes on 1.22.410 next to Colin Jones on a 1.22.970 and on row twelve Rob Spencer on a 1.23.360 next to Jeff Hooper on a 1.24.160.

Row thirteen Dave McDonald on 1.25.500 alongside Rob Innes Ker on a 1.25.740 and on row fourteen Rob Roodhouse on a 1.26.880 next to Barry Proud on a 1.26.950. On the penultimate row Bob Lines on a 1.27.480 with Peter Hiscocks on a 1.28.080 and finishing the field on row sixteen Ben White on a 1.31.340 alongside Brian Playford on a 1.32.550.

During lunch it was decided by Race Control to bring the first race forward so we had a 13.15 start time instead of the 13.35 as originally published. Not really sure whether that would have made any difference to the weather conditions but at 12.57 the skies opened and very large heavy plops of rain landed soaking the circuit.

It then stopped raining and most drivers set off to the collection area, except Roy McCarthy who had a set of wet tyres provided by Son Spencer from his Ginetta days, only used a couple of times. At 13.04 two pairs of McCarthy eyes peered at the skies and saw some ominous black clouds, they looked at each other and said ‘lets do it’. Frantic wheel changes and Roy set off to the collection area at 13.12 just in time to make the grid.


The cars pulled out onto the circuit and slowly round to take up positions for the green flag lap, the circuit was wet but the rain had stopped and they assembled to take the start.

Red lights turned off and the field put down the power on the wet track, Poleman Simon Garrad couldn’t find enough grip, Chris Acklam couldn’t find much either and saw Roy McCarthy up from row two passing him on the outside up towards Copse so tucked in behind him with Tony Lees in third and now Simon Garrad in fourth with Russell McCarthy fifth.

Behind Andy Green getting a good start now in front of Joe Parrington and Josh Files and as they passed my position on the straight going down into Maggots the remainder of the field all merged into a mist. Back round to the start finish with Roy just holding off Chris but now Simon Garrad up into third in front of Tony Lees and Russell McCarthy, next Andy Green, Josh Files, and Joe Parrington. Then the skies opened and it started to rain, Jerry Knight lost grip and spun out rejoining much further down the field as did Rob Spencer.

Lap four across the line Roy was still in charge but had Simon Garrad behind now up into second with Chris still challenging him both coming round Copse side by side but Simon spinning out and digging into the gravel on the outside just after Copse unable to rejoin. Tony now up in third place and fourth Russell still just in touch. A few seconds behind a fine race with Andy, Josh and Peter Dubsky all having a close battle with Peter passing Josh on lap seven to take C class lead. Class A Michal Pavlik having a great race and taking the class win.

A few changes down the field as the conditions worsened but no serious accidents and by the end of the fifteen minutes all had been lapped by race Leader Roy, some twice, except Chris, Tony and Russell. An exciting race in unexpected conditions.

Class D

Roy McCarthy put the pedal to the metal and found grip and stormed away from the lights from row two up past Chris Acklam to take the lead, Simon Garrad bogged and couldn’t get the power down so it was Roy, Chris, Tony Lees and then Simon as they went up into Copse.

Andy Green next getting a good start up from tenth on the grid followed by Jerry Knight, John Emberson and John Wilkes all managing to find grip by the time they crossed the line for lap two. Roger Connel from sixth on the grid had problems selecting a gear and went backwards as did Dave McDonald at the start.

Up front Roy managed to keep Chris at bay despite a few close moments on lap one. Simon pulled past Tony to hassle and pass Chris on lap two but Chris jumped back and they came round Copse side by side on lap four as the rain was starting to fall heavily and Simon spun and found the kitty litter unable to drive out. Tony now up into third but a few lengths further back.

Jerry Knight found the same bit of scenery as Simon but managed to rejoin on lap one but now at the back of the pack with a lot of making up to do and was one lap down by the flag but managing to catch and pass both Dave McDonald and Rob Roodhouse on his way up.

Roy pulled away as the field spread out, Chris followed him home in second place and Tony in third overall. Andy Green next in class in seventh, one lap down and Roger Connell had pulled himself up through the field to ninth overall by the flag.

John Emberson in thirteenth and John Wilkes in fourteenth both crossing the line together then Jerry up to seventeenth making up thirteen places from his first lap spin. Rob Roodhouse and Dave McDonald both class finishers but down two laps in the slippery conditions.

Class C

Peter Dubsky C Class Poleman had a slow start and Josh Files came through up in seventh place from the lights to take the class lead, Peter worked his way up past Tim Falce to hassle Josh by lap three and stick to his tail for six laps before diving through to take back the class lead where he remained to the flag finishing in fifth place overall.

Good drive from Roger Whiteside doing well in the conditions, coming home third in class, Tim Falce having a few slippery moments coming home fourth in class.

Rob Spencer and Ulrich Vierhaus spinning out early on and coming home two laps down by the flag. Ben White in his second race having his baptism but managing to finish without too many problems.

Class B

Class B Poleman Russell McCarthy after three bad meetings with head gasket problems got a great start to follow D class Tony Lees up round Copse and stay in position to the flag coming home fourth overall and first in Class B the weather to his liking.

Behind, Joe Parrington in the standard V8, having a great race among the C class and coming home second in class B and eighth overall with Peter Samuels third in class and tenth overall.

Max Cawthorn and Peter Barnard doing well in the conditions but lonely in class while Colin Jones and Rob Innes Ker had a near race long dice with Kevin Swann spinning but catching up by the flag.

Class A

Class Poleman Michal Pavlik again took lights to flag victory in class coming home twenty third overall after a well driven race.

He was followed home by Barry Proud second in class and Peter Hiscocks third, Brian Playford the last class and race finisher.

Congratulations go to Roy McCarthy

Overall and
Class D            Roy McCarthy
Class C            Peter Dubsky
Class B            Russell McCarthy
Class A            Michal Pavlik

Pam McCarthy


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