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Round 5 – MSCC Mallory Park – 25 July 2010

Race report – 25th July 2010 – MSCC
Mallory Park – Round 5

The Morgan Sports Car Club meeting at Mallory Park was only partly supported by Morgans as the Silverstone Classic was over the same weekend. In addition on the programme were Jaguars, Formula Ford, Monososto as well as the MGCC Peter Best. The Mallory paddock had been slightly enlarged since my last visit and the area around the lakes had been cleared of growth to the edge of the water and I found another interest in feeding the baby ducks who could now wander into the paddock unheeded.

Mallory Park has a 1.350 mile circuit and we had a 15 minute practice and 15 minute race starting late on Sunday morning with an 11.17 practice and a 15.55 race start. The weather forecast had been for possible wet conditions but again luck seems to have held and we had a warm but cloudy and dry day.

The Thoroughbred race had a grid of 23 in the programme but Roger Connel still has problems with his gearbox so had to pull out a couple of days before but late entries from Rob Spencer and Barry Holmes put the final total to 24 on the day. We had two new drivers to the Championship and racing in the form of Martyn Clews in a Midget who had entered in Class B but has been designated as a Class A entrant and Ben White in an MGB V8 who is in Class C.

Practice was completed reasonably successfully by 22 of the 24 drivers with Edwin Driver having major terminal problems with his engine and retiring on lap three and Russell McCarthy losing water and retiring on lap four just about managing pole in class. Edwin unable to sort out his problems but Russell changed his head gasket and hoped for a better result in the race.

The drivers were spread into four classes now having Four in Class A with the inclusion of Martyn Clews Three in Class B, Eleven in Class C and Six in Class D


Overall Pole went to Tony Lees with 53.715 in his Morgan + 8 but Tony spectacularly won the Morgan Challenge race by coming over the line on three wheels when his hub let go so was unable to take up his position, therefore Andy Green in his similar Morgan took control of the front row on a 53.796. Row two Simon Garrad in his D Type Replica on a 53.896 alongside C class Pole Josh Files in his TR6 on a 53.977.

Row three Roy McCarthy in his MGBGTV8 hoping to manage a 15 minute race on a 54.222 alongside Jon Ellison in his TR6 on a 54.235. On row four the D type of John Wilkes on a 54.548 alongside the Morgan + 8 of Sharlie Goddard with a 55.236 and just behind on Row five Jerry Knight and Tim Falce in their D Type Replicas with 55.303 and 55.421 respectively.

Row six Kathleen Sherry’s spot who was also unable to take it up after an incident in a previous race and Rob Spencer on a 56.414. On row seven Russell McCarthy on a 56.732 alongside Joe Parrington on a 56.764 and on row eight Roger Whiteside on a 56.918 alongside the vacant spot of Barry Holmes who had bees buzzing about in his engine after a gear selection mister Mena in the Peter Best practice.

On row nine A class Pole Michal Pavlik in the Morgan 4/4 with a 58.642 alongside Bob Lines in his MGA on a 58.668 and on row ten the TR6’s of Jeff Hooper and Rob Roodhouse on a 59.201 and 1.00.380 respectively.

Row eleven Barry Proud on a 1.02.736 alongside the vacant spot of Edwin Driver and completing the grid new drivers to the Championship Ben White on a 1.03.238 and Martyn Clews on a 1.04.766.

The grid now slightly diminished to 20 after the withdrawal of four drivers.


The grid pulled out onto the circuit and slowly round to take up positions for the green flag lap which completed successfully and they assembled to take the start. Red lights turned off and the field stormed away Andy Green leading with Simon Garrad slipping in behind as they went round Gerards and into Charlies. Behind Josh Files, Roy McCarthy and Jon Ellison with Sharlie Goddard on the outside and Rob Spencer and Russ McCarthy putting down the power making up places. A slight touch put Sharlie momentarily onto the inside then she gripped on the grass and dived across the track through the cars in front of Rob but safely onto the outside of the track to retire.

By the time they returned to the start finish Andy was still in charge with Josh Files now second and Simon Garrad third with Jon Ellison closing having passed Roy McCarthy, next John Wilkes, Tim Falce, Rob Spencer, Jerry Knight and Joe Parrington leading class B with Russ McCarthy slowing to retire with another failed head gasket. Jeff Hooper getting faster by the race up into twelfth with Roger Whiteside and Rob Roodhouse next then Michal Pavlik leading Class A, Bob Lines, Ben White, Barry Proud and finishing the field Martyn Clews.

Andy led for the first seven laps with numerous challenges by Simon who finally got through to lead from laps eight to fourteen of the seventeen lap race but a failing alternator put him back to sixth by the flag, Andy still there to take the well deserved win. Jon Ellison dived through at the hairpin on lap two to take third place only to loose out on lap three with a drive shaft failure putting him off track at Devils Elbow.

At the flag Andy Green took the Overall and D Class win just holding off the TR6 of Josh Files who took the C Class Win both putting in their fastest laps on 16 and 17 when Andy could see Josh wide in his mirror. Roy McCarthy picked up third with John Wilkes, Simon Garrad and Jerry Knight fourth, fifth and sixth.

Joe Parrington took the B class win and Michal Pavlik the A Class win both with lonely races.

Class D

Andy Green took an early lead without competition from his fellow Morgan driver Tony Lees but Simon Garrad hassled him and passed to make a three and a half second gap until his alternator caused his electrics to fail and he fell back to fifth by the flag. Roy McCarthy came home third in the race and second in class after being unable to catch the leading battle. John Wilkes and Jerry Knight brought home the class after good but lonely class races.

Class C

Josh Files took control from the lights but a dive through at Shaw’s Hairpin on lap one put Jon Ellison in charge of the class until his demise on lap three with drive shaft failure. Sharlie Goddard after a blinding start was unable to continue after coming off at Gerard’s on the first lap. Behind Tim Falce stayed mid field having a few laps mixing it with D class Jerry Knight until Tim lost out and slipped back and Rob Spencer got on his tail to hassle and pass him on lap 12 where Rob remained to the flag. Roger Whiteside had a good race coming home just a few seconds behind Tim at the flag and Jeff Hooper was just fifteen seconds behind. Newcomer Ben White in the MGBV8 finished the class happy with his achievement for his first race. Rob Roodhouse pulled off on lap three after gearbox problems found him revving too high causing engine problems.

Class B

Class B Poleman Russell McCarthy has been having head gasket problems and despite changing the gasket between practice and race, it went again on the first lap so he pulled off. Joe Parrington took control of the class to take the win and Bob Lines in his MGA had problems and pulled off after seven laps. Martyn Clews who was noted as a Class B driver will be included in the A class.

Class A

A class pole Michal Pavlik in his Morgan 4/4 remained at the head of the class to the flag with Barry Proud coming home second and newcomer to racing Martyn Clews finishing the field after, he says, an enjoyable race.

Congratulations go to

Overall and
Class D            Andy Green

Class C            Josh Files

Class B            Joe Parrington

Class A            Michal Pavlik

Pam McCarthy


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