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Round 4 – AMOC Brands Hatch Indy – 26 June 2010

Race Report – 26 June 2010 – AMOC Brands Hatch – Round 4

The AMOC mid summer meeting at Brands Hatch was on the Indy circuit and Thoroughbreds had taken one of their grids as had the Morgan Challenge and together we filled the bottom part of the outer paddock and were the two largest grids of the day.  The Indy circuit is 1.1986 miles and we had booked a twenty minute race.  It was an early start as a 7.50 signing on and scrutineering was on the timetable with a 10.05 practice and from early morning the sun was hot with an afternoon temperature of 84 degrees and a few red faces.

Scrutineering was a little difficult as AMOC scrutineers always seem to find something that no other scrutineer has ever found during all the previous race meetings but all the cars eventually got through after a considerable amount of discussion and debate.

The Thoroughbred race had a very healthy 24 in the programme but a late entry on Thursday by Roy McCarthy and an even later one on Saturday morning by Jonathan Edwards put the final number up to 26.  We had another invited driver in the race, Simon Crompton in an AC Cobra, who was racing with AMOC in the Intermarque and wanted to see if he fitted into the Thoroughbred race.  He certainly did and managed to get pole.

Most drivers completed full practice with no problems, Simon Crompton in the AC Cobra deciding he had done enough after nine laps and came in. Tim Falce ran out of fuel, Russell McCarthy had a hole in his oil cooler and Colin Jones had a hole in his catch tank.  Russell made a trip home to get another cooler but Colin couldn’t fix his catch tank and pulled out from the race.  The grid now down to 25.

These drivers were spread into four classes with just one Class A, four Class B, eight Class C and twelve Class D.


Overall Pole went to the red AC Cobra of Simon Crompton with a 54.714 who sat alongside D class Pole Philip Goddard in his Morgan Plus 8.  Row two Roy McCarthy feeling so good on his steroids (unfair advantage !!!) that he had entered the race and made a 55.096 which put him next to newcomer Simon Garrad in his Jaguar D type Replica with a 55.460.  Row three another newcomer Daniel Lee, (still with his cross on) in the ex Peter Henry Morgan + 8 with 55.488 alongside old timer Chris Acklam in his similar car with a 55.532.

Row four C Class Pole Josh Files in his TR6 with 55.680 alongside Andy Green in his Morgan + 8 with a 55.844.  Row five Jeremy Knight in his D Type Replica with a 56.147 sitting alongside B Class Pole Russell McCarthy in his MGB Roadster with a 56.670.  Row six Tony Lees in his Morgan Plus 8 with a 56.702 alongside Simon Cripps in his MGB Roadster on a 57.135.

Row seven John Wilkes in his D Type Rep. with 57.186 next to late entry Jonathan Edwards in his Morgan Plus 8 on a 57.209.  Row eight Sharlie Goddard in her Morgan Plus 8 on a 57.226 alongside Timothy Falce in his D Type Replica with a 57.349.  Behind on row nine Colin Jones vacant spot  but Barry Holmes taking his place in his MGBGTV8 on a 57.678 and behind on row ten ‘arch rival’ Rob Spencer in his MGBGTV8 on a 57.725 next to Rob Roodhouse in his TR6 on a 57.729.

On row eleven Roger Whiteside in his Morgan Lightweight on a 57.737 alongside Jeff Hooper in his TR6 on a 58.740.  On the penultimate row Championship Sponsor John Yea in his MGB on a 59.246 alongside Phil Lambe in his TR6 on a 59.320 and  finishing the field Joe Parrington in his MGBGTV8 with a 59.397 alongside A Class Pole and only contender Michal Pavlik over from Europe for the meeting to race the Morgan 4/4 on a 1.02.389.

It was set to be an exciting race with the first twenty one on the grid being within three seconds of each other.


From the collection area the grid pulled out onto the circuit and straight round taking the Green flag lap and all reassembled, the red lights came on and off and away they stormed with Phil Goddard initially taking the lead up to druids from Poleman Simon Crompton but Simon snatching it back before the start of the first lap.

Next  Roy McCarthy, Simon Garrad, Chris Acklam and Daniel Lee.  Simon Crompton was hounded by Phil Goddard for five laps until Roy passed Phil to take second position slowly pulling in Crompton and powering past him on the start finish line on lap fourteen to take the lead which he held until lap seventeen when he had a wobbly at Druids and then the heat and his body said ‘enough’ and he pulled into the pits.

Further down the field C class Poleman Josh Files held on for three laps until his fan belt came off and Rob Spencer took control of the class until he lost out and Tim Falce took the class lead.  Russell McCarthy B class pole had a fast but lonely race managing to pass all the C class cars and come home tenth behind all but one of the D class with Simon Cripps second among the great mid field battle.  Michal Pavlik had a good but lonely A class drive.

Class D

Simon Crompton in the 1964 AC Cobra headed the D class with hard chasing Phil Goddard for four laps hanging on behind, Roy McCarthy a few lengths back waiting for his chance.  By lap four Roy had pulled Phil in and made his move and passed on lap five to chase the Cobra.

Behind great race long battles were developing between Chris Acklam and Daniel Lee with a few lengths further back Jerry Knight, Andy Green and Tony Lees.   Chris Acklam managed to hold off Daniel for 20 laps until Tony Lees, who had worked his way up through the battling Jerry Knight and Andy Green to hang on the tail of Daniel Lee passed Daniel on lap 21 to come home fifth in class behind Chris.  Simon Garrad came home third after a consistent but reasonably lonely class race.

Jerry Knight and Andy Green battled to the flag to come home seventh and eighth.  John Wilkes a little further back in front of B class Russell McCarthy and Rob Roodhouse finishing the field one lap down.  Phil Lambe a D class non finisher after he lost oil and had to retire on lap five.

At the front of the field the AC Cobra of Simon Crompton came home for the Overall win and Phil Goddard had a well deserved second place followed in by Simon Garrad.  Roy McCarthy breaking the Thoroughbred lap record on lap nine in his efforts before his retirement.

Class C

After C Class Poleman Josh Files pulled off on lap three second place Rob Spencer took the helm with Tim Falce, Jonathan Edwards, Barry Holmes, Sharlie Goddard and Roger Whiteside set for a fantastic race.   However, there were a couple of B class cars who wanted to join in the fun.

Firstly Russell McCarthy pushed himself through passing Tim on lap six and frightening Rob Spencer into a mishap on lap seven putting Rob back down to fifth in class.  Russell then shot off leaving them to it.   By lap ten Tim Falce was in control of the class and the mid field battle with next B class Simon Cripps, Barry Holmes, Jonathan Edwards, Sharlie Goddard and Rob Spencer.

These six cars running nose to tail for the whole race with Sharlie pulling herself through to second in class and Rob Spencer coming back up to third by the flag.  Roger Whiteside and Jeff Hooper a little further back.  A fine C class battle with Tim Falce taking the class win and Sharlie getting ‘Drivers’ driver of the race’ for her efforts taking second in Class.  Josh Files getting fastest lap just before he lost his fan belt on lap three.

Class B

B Class Poleman Russell McCarthy look class lead from lights to flag despite a hard few laps from a charging Simon Cripps until Simon got engrossed in the C class battle and Russell pulled away.  Colin Jones missed out on his race after a water problem in practice.  Joe Parrington had a lonely race not getting to grips with the race in his usual style and John Yea brought home the field in fourth position.  Russell got fastest lap on lap eight.

Class A

Only one in Class A, Newcomer Michal Pavlik in a 1600cc Morgan 4/4 who had a fine race and managed twenty laps.

Congratulations go to

Race Winner      Simon Crompton
Class D             Philip Goddard
Class C              Timothy Falce
Class B              Russell McCarthy
Class A              Michal Pavlik

Pam McCarthy


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