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Round 3 – MG Live – Silverstone Historic GP – 6 June 2010


Race Report – 6th June 2010 – MGCC Silverstone Historic GP

This year’s MG Car Club’s premier meeting was for the first time held on the Historic Grand Prix Circuit with a length of 3.1940 miles, which for many club drivers would probably be the first and only time they would compete here. The track was mostly finished but the majority of the circuit had building works in progress in preparation for the British Grand Prix on the 11th July and access to the stands and viewing points was limited.

The race was to be of 20 minutes duration on Sunday afternoon’s programme with the practice starting at 11.37 and a massive grid of 37 drivers entered. Among these were a couple of invited drivers who wished to race on the grand prix circuit but were not included in our points or awards. One guest in particular causing a bit of a stir in a Knobbley Lister Jaguar Replica.

35 drivers managed to complete the majority of practice with only two drivers appearing to have problems. However there was a lot of activity in the paddock after practice with drivers trying to find extra performance.

The drivers were spread into four classes with 3 Class A, 8 Class B, 13 Class C and 11 Class D. The practice had been on a dry track and the race was also on a dry track but with very black clouds forming.


Pole position went to the Yellow D class V8 of Roy McCarthy who had postponed his medical treatment in order to get some naturally produced Adrenaline, his thoughts convincing him it would do more good, he managed a 2.10.638 and sat alongside 2009 Champion Chris Acklam in his Morgan +8 on 2.11.085.

On row two the Knobbley Lister with Eike Wellhausen with a 2.11.440 alongside Andy Green in his Morgan +8 with 2.11.482 and behind on row three Phillip Goddard (Happy 18th Anniversary Sharlie!) with 2.11.706 sitting alongside C Class Pole Josh Files in his TR6 with a 2.12.217.

Row four newcomer to TSCC Simon Garrad in his D Type Replica with a 2.12.924 alongside a slower than normal Tony Lees in his Morgan +8 on a 2.14.624. Behind on row five B Class Pole Russell McCarthy in his MGB on a 2.14.994 alongside Jon Ellison in his TR6 with 2.15.202.

On row six Jerry Knight and John Wilkes in their D Type Replicas with 2.16.227 and 2.17.404 respectively and on row seven Peter Barnard and Dave McDonald with 2.17.571 and 2.17.954. Row eight Max Cawthorn in his MGB with 2.18.433 alongside Colin Jones in his MGA Twin Cam on 2.18.688.

Row nine, halfway through the field, Barry Holmes and Tim Falce and on row ten Rob Roodhouse and behind Richard Abels and Joe Parrington on row eleven. Row twelve John Yea and Chris Forrest with Ulrich Vierhaus and Graham Paddick on row thirteen. Row fourteen Roger Whiteside and Bob Lines and on row fifteen Kathy Sherry. Row sixteen another newcomer to TSCC and A Class Pole Michal Pavlik in a Morgan 4/4 on 2.25.129 next to Robert Innes Ker. Row seventeen Jeff Hooper and Anders Lotsengard and on row eighteen Peter Hiscocks and Peter Dumelow and finishing the field Brian Playford.


Green flag lap following the Safety Car then a quick five second assembly and the red and they were off the roar of thirty five engines storming up to Copse heard over the speakers and the excited voices of commentators Andrew Wilkins and Paul Goodman telling us of the order.

Past Copse Roy took the lead followed by Chris Acklam with the massive field following round to Becketts and, as they returned to Bridge and Priory, Roy was still just in front but now had newcomer Simon Garrad close in second place, then Chris Acklam. Next a flying Jon Ellison and Josh Files then Phil Goddard, Tony Lees and Jerry Knight. Just behind Andy Green, John Wilkes and a hesitant Eike Wellhausen waiting to put his foot down hard with Russell McCarthy just on his tail.

The race continued for a further eight laps with the same pace and excitement with the lead changing on lap five, when Roy slid wide at Brooklands and repositioned to fourth place as they crossed the line. Eike now in front with Simon Garrad and Chris in second and third.

The final order still Eike but Roy managing to pull himself back to second just in front of Simon Garrad, then Josh Files, Phil Goddard and Chris Acklam all within seconds as they crossed the finishing line.

Class D

A great D class grid full of surprises with the entry of Simon Garrad in his D Type Replica and Invitation Eike in his Lister Knobbley Replica making the front of the field so challenging.

From the lights Poleman Roy McCarthy took the lead with Chris Acklam close behind. By lap two Chris had dropped back behind Simon Garrad who was now hard on the tail of Roy returning to Priory on lap three, Roy out of shape but managing to just stay in front. Chris Acklam waiting for his chance to pass.

Lap four another out of shaper at Brooklands nearly put Roy on the grass but he recovered into fourth place behind Chris, Simon and Eike.

Eike putting on the power to take the Race Lead after diving past both Chris and Simon. Eike stayed in front to take the flag despite a pass by Simon on lap seven. Eike and Simon battling for a couple of laps giving Roy the chance to power past Simon to take second and hold it to the flag.

Chris Acklam losing his fourth place on lap six to the battling TR6’s and Phil Goddard. Phil having a great dice with the two C class TR6’s until one spun off at Brooklands. Tony Lees a lonely mid class and behind a near race long battle with Andy Green, Jerry Knight and John Wilkes, Andy just pulling away by the flag.

The D class TR6’s of Dave McDonald and Rob Roodhouse finishing the class with Peter Dumelow’s race finishing on lap 2.

Class C

The C class battle started straight from the lights with Poleman Josh Files and ‘loose cannon’ Jon Ellison staying in close contention, lapping at D class times and staying within the D class front battle, having a great close race for five laps until Jon spun out leaving Josh driving his socks off to lead the class to the flag.

Further down the field Tim Falce was heading the front of the B class battle for the whole race and Barry Holmes was never far behind it, the two C and two B cars having a great race long dice.

Richard Abels, Graham Paddick, Roger Whiteside, Ulrich Vierhaus, Bob Lines, Kathy Sherry and Jeff Hooper all finished nine laps but spread out having lonely class positions.

Class B

B class Pole Russell McCarthy stormed away to lead the class until lap two when his prop shaft expired and he pulled off. Colin Jones then took the helm with Peter Barnard who had a fantastic race long battle from lights to flag with Colin managing to hold off Peter but Peter taking the fastest lap in his efforts.

A little further back Max Cawthorn had a lonely class first half until he was caught by the Gulf coloured MGBV8 of Joe Parrington who he managed to keep off until the last lap when Joe passed to take third in class.

Chris Forrest, John Yea and Rob Innes Ker had good but lonely class races but all managed to complete nine laps to finish their races.

Class A

Only three in Class A and Newcomer Michal Pavlik in a 1600cc Morgan 4/4 took Pole to lead the class from lights to flag. Regular competitor Peter Hiscocks in his MGA came home second and Brian Playford in his MGB came in third all enjoying their experience on the Silverstone Historic GP Circuit.

Congratulations go to

Race Winner      Eike Wellhausen
Class D    Roy McCarthy
Class C    Josh Files
Class B    Colin Jones
Class A   Michal Pavlik

Pam McCarthy


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