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Round 2 – MGCC Oulton Park – 8 May 2010

Race Report – Saturday 8th May 2010 – MGCC
Oulton Park

Second meeting of the Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Championship arrived at Oulton Park for the late spring MGCC meeting on the International Circuit. The weather forecast was accurate and was for damp and dull conditions and a chilly breeze.

Twenty five drivers had entered for this round, but on the day for practice only twenty one had made the grid and Rob Roodhouse had to practice out of session. Steve Watton had called saying he had problems with his engine and Alan Charlton and Kathy Sherry had withdrawn.

The race was to be of 20 minutes duration with the practice starting at 09.01 which for the majority of drivers finished successfully apart from Tony Lees who had brake problems and came in after one lap and Peter Dubsky who had travelled over from Switzerland to race his D type replica only to slide off and damage the front end badly on the first lap of practice.

The Motoring Classics Thoroughbred race was number two on the days programme and was scheduled to be before lunch but again things didn’t go to plan. The Trophy race was the first race and damage had been caused to some barriers which had to be put right before we could go out and race. After assembling in the collection area we were all told to come back after lunch, during which time they would fix the circuit. Quite a clever move by the MGCC as this allowed the full programme to proceed, without any reduction in the race lengths. However a few drivers complained about the excessive adrenaline that was needed for this process and wondered if they could muster up another lot after lunch!

The 21 drivers were spread into four classes with the only class A driver Peter Hiscocks entering late and asking where all the other A class cars were. There were four B class cars, six C class cars and ten D class cars. The practice had been on a damp track but the race was dry for the race.


Pole position went to D class Chris Acklam on a 2.11.169 some five seconds faster than his front row companion Philip Goddard on a 2.16.579 both in their Morgan + 8s

img_9123On row two Roy McCarthy with a 2.16.658 alongside C Class Pole Rob Spencer on a 2.19.470 both in their MGBGTV8s. Row three Josh Files in his TR6 with a 2.20.051 alongside D Type Jerry Knight on a 2.21.165. On row four John Wilkes in his D Type on a 2.21.795 next to Tony Lees Morgan having sorted out his brake problem, on a 2.21.929.

img_9087Class B Pole Russell McCarthy in his MGB on row five with a 2.22.340 alongside Joe Parrington MGV8 with a 2.24.066 and on row six Roger Connel in the TVR who had been working on ignition problems right up until Friday evening with 2.24.625 alongside Philip Tisdall’s Morgan on 2.24.857.

img_9093On row seven John Yea in the MGB with a 2.27.904 next to Peter Dumelow in the TR6 with a 2.28.190 and on row eight the Morgans of Ulrich Vierhaus and John Emberson on a 2.28.371 and 2.28.821 respectively. Row nine Sharlie Goddard in the Morgan with 2.29.421 and Bob Lines MGA with 2.33.085.

At the rear of the field the Morgan of Roger Whiteside on 2.38.932 alongside A class Pole Peter Hiscocks on 2.40.603 in the MGA and at the back joining the grid after testing out of session Rob Roodhouse in his D Class TR6 still suffering from engine problems.


Green flag lap following the Safety Car then a quick five second assembly and the red lights extinguished and off they went, round Old Hall Corner and into sight with Chris leading the pack closely challenged by Phil Goddard and Roy McCarthy with Jerry Knight and a charging Tony Lees just behind and C class Josh Files a few lengths back.

Class D

Lap two the field had started to string out but it was still the two Morgans of Chris and Phil leading with the MGBV8 of Roy just behind and now Tony on a mission up from eighth on the grid with Jerry in his D Type in fifth and then John Wilkes and John Emberson with the TR6 of Peter Dumelow still getting to grips with his car further down the field. The last two D class entries Rob Roodhouse with his persistent engine problems and Roger Connel having gearbox problems both pulling off by the end of lap two.

Lap three the order at the front the same as they crossed the line and now Tony Lees crawling over the back of Roy as they went into Cascades Roy sliding into the gravel and unable to restart for a few seconds but rejoining now down to seventh.

Coming into lap four it was Chris Acklam and Phil Goddard with Tony Lees playing catch up, Jerry Knight, John Wilkes, Roy McCarthy, John Emberson and a little further down having a good race with other classes Peter Dumelow.

The order, lights to flag win by Chris Acklam with Phil Goddard and Tony Lees third just 100th of a second behind by the flag, getting fastest lap on lap nine in his attempt. John Wilkes a lonely mid field after the retirement of Jerry Knight on lap seven with brake failure. Roy McCarthy next then John Emberson and last in class Peter Dumelow, who had a good dice for most of the race with C Class Whiteside and B Class Yea.

Class C

Josh Files in his TR6 got a great start and led his class holding off the Class D, D Types of Jerry Knight and John Wilkes for the majority of the race gaining class fastest lap and lap record on lap seven until his diff exploded on lap 8.

Rob Spencer then took up the honours, having run second in class from lap one maintaining a lonely race but continued to the flag to take the class win. Further down the field other class battles were between Phil Tisdall, Ulrich Vierhaus and Sharlie Goddard with both Ulrich and Sharlie passing Phil by the flag. The last of the C class drivers Roger Whiteside having a close battle for most of the race with D class Dumelow and B class Yea.

Class B

Joe Parrington took class lead after class Pole Russ McCarthy had a moment at Old Hall Corner actioned by a Morgan having a significant off and rejoining in front of him both very lucky not to find the barriers. Further down the field the two remaining B class drivers John Yea and Bob Lines maintained a healthy distance until Bob started to fall back with engine problems retiring on lap seven. John continuing and having a good close battle with Dumelow and Whiteside for most of the race.

Russell pulled himself up from sixteenth position to pass Joe by lap four to lead the class getting fastest lap on lap six. On lap nine he lost power with a distributor problem and pulled into the pits. Joe Parrington just behind, continuing to the flag to take the class win. The only other class finisher John Yea.

Class A

Peter Hiscocks a welcome return to the 2010 Thoroughbred series being the only entrant, led the class from start to finish and needs the rest of the A class to come out and join him.

Congratulations to :

Chris Acklam for Class D
Rob Spencer
for Class C
Joe Parrington
for Class B
Peter Hiscocks
for Class A

Pam McCarthy


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