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October, 2016:

CONGRATULATIONS – A Hat Trick 3 in a row.

img_3674Russell McCarthy 2016 Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sportscar Champion.

Despite a non start after an accident in a previous race Russell had gained enough points to take the Thoroughbred Championship for the third time. It could have been tight as second highest points holder Martin Barrow had also pulled out in practice.  The weather was heavy rain, off and on and if Martin had managed to continue then it could have been either of them but Martin was also unable to race.img_1701


THE FINAL ROUND – Snetterton MGCC 1st October 2016

The last race of the 2016 Season brought us back to the Snetterton 200 circuit with the MGCC.    Checking the weather all week did show that Saturday would be wet and it rained during the Friday/Saturday night but we awoke to cloudy but dry conditions so we were hopeful that the rain had passed us by.img_3684

Qualifying was at 11.30 and although there had been 23 entered originally – fantastic – only twenty managed to take part in qualifying with Ian Prior and Paul Khouri having terminal engine problems in the BCV8 qualifying session.

Angus Dent on the second lap coming round what is now called Murrays, but we all know it at Russell Bend, made contact with the high curb which threw him up and over landing on his roof and staying there.  Qualifying red flagged and Angus removed himself from the car.  Walking away completely unhurt and the car itself only had a shattered screen and a remodelled hardtop.  Angus though calling it a day.

Qualifying resumed and completed nine laps with Pole going to E class Russell McCarthy with a 1.20.175 alongside James Wheeler with Rob Spencer and Neil Fowler on row two.

Row three Class B Pole Mark Scott with 1.27.032 although Mark’s car was back on his trailer with a problem but there was Class D Pole Ken Deamer with 1.27.193.  Row four guest driver Chris Edwards on a 1.27 683 as the Pole-sitter for Class C (without points) alongside Babak Farsian.

Row five Barry Holmes and Martin Barrow and on row six Jim Bryan and Kathy Sherry.  On row seven Simon Cripps and Ben White and on row eight Paul Rayment and Clive Gimson.

Finishing the field Hayleigh Spencer, Steve Lockhart and Phil Lambe.

By the race however, which had a late start at 17.10, after the weather had really taken a turn and an horrendous storm had flooded the track during some earlier races and caused a few cars to withdraw.  When the grid formed up we were short of Russell McCarthy, Martin Barrow as well as Mark Scott and Angus Dent, putting the grid down to sixteen.



img_1651copyA drying track saw only three left in the class and from the lights Rob Spencer took immediate control with Neil Fowler hard on his tail where he stayed for four laps before Rob had a moment and Neil took the lead until in his mirrors he saw the fast approaching James Wheeler. James had started from the pit lane but pulling up through the field to third by lap two but nine seconds behind Neil.  By lap five he was on Neil’s tailpipe and by lap seven James had passed to take control to the flag.  Neil however having an off and re-joining further down the field some 40 seconds behind.

The finishing order James, Rob and Neil.  James getting driver of the race award from the commentators.

Class D

img_1647copyFrom the lights Jim Bryan stole the class lead from Ken Deamer to take it to the lights pulling away from the rest of the class gaining fastest lap in the process.  Ken Deamer keeping in second with a fast approaching Paul Rayment, Paul catching him by lap eight as Ken found something hard to damage his nearside front while Paul carried on to the flag.  Behind Hayleigh had a few close laps with Barry Holmes, Barry keeping just in front to the flag.

Well done Jim a good show.


Only four in the class.  Guest Chris Edwards dived through to tag on behind the leaders in fourth overall where here remained to the flag, not sure what tyres he had on or what engine he had but whatever they were they were good and he drove well.

img_1690copyKathy Sherry got a great start to keep just in front of Ben White to the flag never more than a few seconds away from each other. Kathy bringing home the Championship class with a fastest lap but second on the road, Ben second in class and finishing the field Phil Lambe.   Well done Chris, come back in 2017 and race more often.


Four out in the class for the race with Babak Farsian and Simon Cripps up front Simon just not able to get to Babak by the flag but gaining fastest lap in the process.  Steve Lockhart expired on lap two leaving Clive Gimson to bring home the class in the GT6. Well done Babak.img_1844copy

Congratulations to James Wheeler for his overall and Class E Win.

To Jim Bryan for his Class D Win

To Kathy Sherry for her Class C Win and

To Babak Farsian for his Class B Win

Pam McCarthy Coordinator

OULTON PARK INT. – 3rd September Round 8 – MGCC

A turnout of only thirteen drivers arrived for the MGCC meeting at Oulton Park.img_3590  The weather had been predicted as wet and when we awoke early on Saturday morning the sun was shining but as the predicted time of 10am arrived the sky darkened and the rain started.  It continued until 4ish so the qualifying was in wet conditions but the race was in damp as the rain had ceased.

The conditions caused a few minor track infringements and a few ‘straight on at the chicane’ errors and a nasty incident on the first lap of the race at Halls Bend when a re-joining Babak found Kathy Sherry in the Morgan sliding into her car causing considerable damage and to the front nearside of his. Kathy’s race finished but Babak recovered and continued to the flag.

Simon Cripps had arrived with his B class car but had a problem in qualifying with his gearbox not finding 3rd gear and did not compete in the Thoroughbred race.   Russell McCarthy had been having a fiddle with his suspension and found it didn’t work so made quite a few attempts at putting it back to how it was but his car just wouldn’t go where he wanted it to but he tried his best to keep it on track


From the lights the field stormed up round Halls Bend, Jim Bryan gettingop16_4719 a magnificent start.  Neil headed the pack with Ian just behind and Russell finishing the E class.  As the rest of the field went round Halls Bend  Babak slipped off track and hit the wet grass and as he spun round back onto the track caught Kathy.  The safety car came out and all the remainder of the field went round behind the safety car which came back in after just one lap and the race started again on lap two all now closed up.

Neil kept in the lead of the race with Ian just a length behind hounding him to the flag just unable to pass.  Russell came home third but some eleven seconds behind the battle.  Jim Bryan, Barry Holmes in class D had a few close laps until Babak came up through the field to try and catch Jim, both having a good battle to the flag.

Behind these leading class C Ben White had Paul Rayment closing on him but unable to catch him by the flag.  Finishing the field the three Triumphs of Rob Roodhouse, Clive Gimson and Jeff Hooper all strung out but race finishers

Congratulations to Neil Fowler for overall and Class E win

To Jim Bryan for his class D win

To Ben White for his class C win and

To Babak Farsian for his class B win


Pam McCarthy – Coordinator

CADWELL PARK Double Header- Rounds 6 – 7th August 2016

Beautiful, unspoilt, Cadwell Park – a lovely place to spend a weekend.You either love it or hate it.  Its narrow, its demanding but above all its one of the most challenging circuits and most say a ‘drivers circuit’.  The 750MC organised meeting over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th August was set for a double header for both BCV8 on the Saturday and a double header for Thoroughbreds on the Sunday.  The sun shone and it was another well organised and friendly 750MC meeting.

For most of us the trip was quite long and harrowing.  The southerners had the M25, M11 or A1 to contend with all with their assortment of holdups.  We left home at an unearthly 5.30am on Friday to beat the M25 traffic and managed to have quite a pleasant trip even stopping off for a breakfast in an American Diner on the A1, delicious and arriving at a reasonable 10.30am on Friday morning.

A test day for a few drivers saw some happy faces and no major problems.   Ian Prior had finished rebuilding his car from the Rockingham crash and a superbly finished green MGBGTV8 was waiting for its first outing.

Friday evening had a couple of BBQ’s with the Wheeler team having their own event and Neil Fowler doing a grand job supplying the rest of the crowd.  Saturday morning came quickly at 06.15 with the arrival of Rob Spencer who blasted out his truck horn to the sleeping paddock.

I had not intended to book a meeting at Cadwell for the Thoroughbred Championship but had been contacted by Peter Best MG Challenge to see if they could join us on the grid.

I felt that with a combined race with the Peter Best we could benefit and it would be a worthwhile trip.   The grid holds 28 and it was felt that we could manage our usual 13 and possibly PBI could manage a 13 – 15 so we could have a full grid of 28.

However, on the day the 750MC had four Mini Coopers to place and had tried to put them in with firstly Peter Best A class which did not gell well with them and so 750MC then split us up completely and gave Peter Best a race of their own with 15 entries and one of our own with our booked 11 plus the four Minis.   Needless to say I hadn’t felt we should go to Cadwell as we couldn’t get the numbers for just the Thoroughbreds and 11 is not a grid!!

These 11 also went up and down, Ken Deamer who had been concentrating on his business all season had entered but had pulled out after the BCV8 practice and Barry Holmes had not been able to start his car up so didn’t bring it.   Now down to 9 TSCC entries.  I made a ‘deal’ and asked for any additional entries on the day and managed to get two back in the form of Jonnie Wheeler, driving James’s car and Ian Prior back out in his rebuilt V8.  Up to 11 again.

Scrutineering gave no major problems with the cars and we had two B class, three C class, two D class and four E Class.  Qualifying was a full grid of Peter Best, Thoroughbreds and the Mini Cooper Cup and all appeared to finish with no problems.

Round Six Qualifying times gave a grid of Thoroughbred and Mini drivers with the Mini’s forming up behind the Thoroughbred grid and having a ten second gap to their start.

Overall and E class Pole went to Russell McCarthy with a 1.39.050 alongside Neil Fowler and on row two Ian Prior and Jonnie Wheeler.  Row three D class Pole Jim Bryan with a 1.49.070 alongside C class pole Kathy Sherry with a 1.51.790.

On row four Martin Barrow and Class B Pole Steve Lockhart with 1.54.890.  Row five a vacant spot for Roy Chamberlain who had developed his persistent head gasket problem but a present Clive Gimson and the final driver for the Thoroughbreds was Ben White all by himself on the sixth and our back row.

THE RACE  - Round six


From the lights Russell kept control for two laps with Neil Fowler, Ian Prior and Jonnie Wheeler behind.  On lap three Neil stormed through to take the lead and remain there until the penultimate lap when he retired with an alternator issue and no power.   For those six laps three drivers were as one nose to tail with only a car length between them.

Once Neil had pulled off Russell stole the win with Ian just 200ths behind him at the flag getting Lap Record in his effort to pass.  Jonnie Wheeler out in son James’s car had a good consistent race but was a bit in awe of the power and wanted to keep it all together for James so just enjoyed the experience. Well done Russ.


Only two out but they made the best they could and remained close, Martin Barrow led the class from Jim Bryan from lights to flag, Jim establishing a class lap record at Cadwell.  In the mix Kathy Sherry from class C for a few laps but both passing her by the flag.    Well done Martin


Kathy, class C Polesitter managed to take the class from lights to flag gaining fastest lap, again only two out as Roy Chamberlain had broken down.

Ben White putting up a good show but Ben getting ‘knobbled’ on the line as he crossed the line same time as Russell to take the Win but Ben thought he had finished as well so was down a lap on the timing.  However, he still managed a second in class.  Well done Kathy


Steve Lockhart class Pole managed to stay in front of Clive Gimson in the GT6 for five laps until Clive dived through to lead Steve to the flag.  Clive getting fastest lap in his efforts.  Well done Clive


The second fastest time put Neil Fowler on Pole with a 1.39.780 alongside Russell McCarthy.  On row two Jonnie Wheeler alongside Ian Prior and on row three Class D Pole Jim Bryan with a 1.50.960 alongside Martin Barrow.

On row four Kathy Sherry Class C Pole alongside Steve Lockhart Class B Pole and on row five Roy Chamberlains vacant spot, Roy still suffering from his head gasket problems and Ben White.  Finishing the Thoroughbred field Clive Gimson.


From the lights an eager Neil Fowler got a bit of a jump start and roared away followed by the rest of the field, when they came back round Ian Prior was leading the pack with Neil second and Jonnie Wheeler third with Russell bringing up the rear of the E class.

By lap two Neil was back in charge now with Russell close on his tailpipe and by lap five Russell had passed to lead the field to the flag.  Behind Neil stayed in second but had a ten second penalty to drop so third placed Ian Prior had to maintain his position to take advantage which he just managed to do putting Neil back into third at the flag.  Jonnie Wheeler just happy to follow the leaders home not too far behind making sure he kept the car in good order for his Son.

Class D only had Martin Barrow and Jim Bryan out and Martin brought the class home alone as Jim’s race finished on lap two.

Class C had Kathy Sherry and Ben White out and they both had a good dice with each other for the majority of the race with Kathy just keeping Ben at bay to the flag.

Class B had Steve Lockhart and Clive Gimson out both having a close race for just five laps when they both disappeared off circuit.

Not sure what to say about the race results but we had a lovely presentation after the race before we all dashed off in our different directions to try and get home before the traffic built up.

Nice weekend out racing only seven Thoroughbred finishers and everybody seemed to get a trophy.

Congratulations to Russell for the overall and Class E win

To Martin to his class D win

To Kathy for her class C win and to

All of you for coming.

Pam McCarthy, Coordinator