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September, 2015:

RACE REPORT Oulton Park, 12th September MGCC

After a gruelling five hour journey round the M25 and up the M6 we finally arrived at Oulton Park in warm sunshine, however the forecast was not looking good as it had been predicting rain for the Saturday meeting all week.   During the night the rain came down and we awoke to a very wet paddock.  We had a grid of 19 attending for the Thoroughbred race, seventh of the Season and our penultimate round.

The Championship had been healthy all Season and I have already received the green card from the MSA that our 2016 Championship is confirmed.

The E class had initially seven entries but six by the race including a late entry of a Morgan ARV6 Russell Paterson and his Son just seventeen years old out in the D Class in a Morgan Roadster giving a total of four in the Class, three Morgans and a TR4.   There were five in Class B gaining one extra by the Race as Simon Cripps had damaged his gearbox in the V8 in the BCV8 race so had opted to start from the back of the grid in his Roadster.

Qualifying was at 11.11 as the meeting was running early due to the new qualifying structure and all completed with apparently no problems although plenty of bonnets were up after practice.  It was a wet practice and even wetter when the rail fell down.

A few of the drivers were at the circuit on Friday to do a practice day and Neil Fowler had a gearbox failure but had a spare in his supplies.  IMG_2141When we arrived on Friday evening he was busy fitting it, with a few helpers.  His problems didn’t finish there as in the earlier BCV8 race his n/s half shaft had broken on the start line and so he had to change that as well.  What else would you do on a wet Saturday afternoon.

Wet Qualifying gave Overall Pole with 2.11.468 and Class E to Spencer McCarthy who sat alongside Rob Spencer.  Row two Neil Fowler and Russell McCarthy, Row three Ian Prior and Class D Pole Elliot Paterson,  on row four sat Russell Paterson alongside the vacant spot for Babak Farsian, Babak  unable to race due to his engine blowing in the BCV8 race earlier.

Row five Peter Samuels alongside Ken Deamer and on row six Alex Laidlaw and Alan House.  Kathy Sherry was on row seven alongside Barry Holmes and on row eight Jordan Spencer and Michael Hunter.  Finishing the field Clive Gimson and Guy Samuels

Added to the back of the field was Simon Cripps in his Class B Car, first time driving it in anger – although he seemed to have a great big smile on his face.


OP15_9036From the lights Spencer McCarthy got a good start to lead the field into Old Hall Bend with Rob Spencer, Ian Prior and Neil Fowler behind all within 1.5 seconds.  Next Russell McCarthy after a bad start with oil coming from the car after a gasket change, that didn’t work, before the race.

By the time they crossed the line to start the second lap Russell Paterson was just in front of son Elliot and behind Ken Deamer with OP15_9101Class B leader Peter Samuels next and up from the back of the grid Simon Cripps.   Then Barry Holmes and a gaggle of Morgans lead by Kathy Sherry with Alan House and Alex Laidlaw all fighting for position.

Next the GT6 of Clive Gimson and the TR4 of Michael Hunter.    Finishing the field Guy Samuels, whose dad was up front in charge of Class BOP15_9039

By lap two the order was changing, Neil passed Rob but both were still tight on the back of Spencer and
Ian was a few lengths back.  Russell M was still smoking badly and had dropped back slightly.  Clive Gimson had taken to the grass and retired.

OP15_9098Behind the two Morgans of Russell and Elliott were having a great dice with Dad just keeping in charge and Elliott hounding him just a cars length behind.  The remaining Class D drivers Ken Deamer Jordan Spencer and Barry Holmes were strung out behind.

Peter Samuels was still in charge of Class BOP15_9063 but Simon had caught him up by lap three and was all over the
back of him and by lap six Simon had made a dive and passed him.  Simon breaking Russell M’s lap record that had been set back in 2006 in the process.

The Morgan trio in Class C turned into a duo with Kathy and Alan OP15_9027having a good race but Alex slipping back.  Michael Hunter lost control at the Chicane and both Rob Spencer and Neil Fowler had taken to the Escape road so yellows were out, Russell McCarthy pitted but then out came the Red so the race was stopped on the sixth lap and the times presented as the previous lap.

Spencer led from lights to flag with Neil coming home second and Rob third.



Congratulations to Spencer McCarthy for Overall and Class E



To Elliot Paterson for Class D



To Kathy Sherry for Class C

IMG_2160To Peter Samuels for Class B and also for being awarded the Driver of the Race by the Commentators.

RACE REPORT Brands Hatch 31st August. Morgan Sportcar Club

The Morgan Sportscar meeting at Brands celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Morgan Challenge Series and we had been invited to join them.  The meeting was small and consisted mainly of Morgans and MG’s.

Most of us arrived at Brands Hatch late on Sunday afternoon hoping to gain access to the circuit but there was a BARC meeting going on and we were shunted into the main entrance holding area until 18.30.  We drove to our designated parking area which was in the Paddock and we were the only people there sharing with the BCV8 so we had plenty of room to spread out.

The weather on Sunday when we arrived had been dry and it wasn’t until the middle of the night that the rain came upon us.  It rained solidly from then until late on Monday and our qualifying and race was in very wet conditions.

We had a good
grid of 19 drivers entered and out for Qualifying. Six class E, Six class D, Three Class C and Four class B. All completed practice in the very drizzly and wet conditions but four drivers came in early, Simon Cripps, Rob Roodhouse, Babak Farsian and Steve Lockhart. Three were sorted by the race but Rob Roodhouse retire
d unable to sort out his issues.

Pole and Class E went to Spencer McCarthy with a wet time of 1.03.070 alongside Neil Fowler. On Row two Russell McCarthy and Simon Cripps, and on row three Rob Spencer and Class B Pole Babak Farsian.

Row four Mark Scott and Peter Samuels, Row five Ian Prior and Class D Pole Jordan Spencer, row six Ken Deamer and IMG_7714newcomer Andrew Tsang in the McCarthy Motorsport ‘hire car’.  Row seven Martin Barrow and Class C Pole Alan House.

Row eight the vacant spot for Rob Roodhouse but in position Barry Holmes.  The penultimate row Roy Chamberlain and Phillip Lambe and finishing the field Steve Lockhart.


Spencer from Pole got a great start as did Neil Fowler and Russell McCarthy and as they came round Paddock Hill Neil was on the outside and Russell on the inside slipping in behind his brother.  Up round Druids a gaggle of spray and cars came back round to the bottom of Graham Hill bend with Simon Cripps and Rob Spencer next in the top class.

As they crossed the line for lap two the order at the top was the same but leading Class D Jordan Spencer with Class B leader Peter Samuels behind, then Ken Deamer and Babak Farsian with Andrew Tsang and Ian Prior.  Finishing the order, Mark Scott, Class C’s Roy Chamberlain, Barry Holmes, Martin Barrow, Phillip Lambe, Alan House and Steve Lockhart.


Spencer led Russell for four laps when all change at the front with Neil passing Russell to take second and Simon having a little detour at Graham Hill Bend, the order now Spencer, Neil, Russell, Rob and Simon.  IMG_7681

Spencer pulled slowly ahead from Neil and by lap seven was six seconds in front but then Neil started to reel him back in with the help from back markers and by lap ten was back to within a couple of seconds but just unable to make up any more ground.

Russell maintained his third place but had a bad ‘day at the races’ when he had an off and hit the pit wall but recovered and
IMG_7836took the car home in third.

Simon regained fourth passing Rob at Paddock wheIMG_7694n Rob detoured into the kitty litter momentarily and held off Ro
b for the remainder of the race taking fourth in class and Ian had a solitary class race coming home seventh but a great battle with Jordan Spencer in the process.


IMG_7695From the lights Jordan Spencer took control of the class leading from lights to flag having a great dice with Class E Ian Prior.   Behind Ken Deamer had a new racing buddy Andrew Tsang both raced hard for the whole race having a few close laps with Class B Mark Scott.  Ken had Andrew on his tail for the majority of the race but Andrew just unable to catch him by the flag. IMG_7722

Martin Barrow and Barry Holmes had lonely class races but managed to finish unscathed in the wet conditions.



Roy Chamberlain led the class from start to flag with behind class Poleman Alan HouseIMG_7786
and Phillip Lambe taking it in turns to lead the other, Phil managing to make
second in class by the flag but Alan having a great battle and gaining fastest lap in the process.


Peter Samuels back out in his B class car after a few seasons in retirement leading the class from start to IMG_7496flag managing to be the last of the unlapped.

Behind Babak having a lonely class race as did Mark ScIMG_7822ott, Mark having battles with Class D cars and found the kitty litter at Paddock on lap ten his race finished.  Steve Lockhart out just glad to finish in the conditions in his first season of racing.

Congratulations to Spencer McCarthy for his Class E and Overall win

To Jordan Spencer for his Class D Win

To Roy Chamberlain for his Class C Win

To Peter Samuels for his Class B Win

and to Simon Cripps for making such a great ‘stand-in Presenter of Awards’ .  The Awards, Large, and Medium wine glasses and Whisky tumblers were provide by the Morgan Sportscar Club to our Regulations.

Pam McCarthy Championship Coordinator