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October, 2014:











The Final round of the Thoroughbred Championship was with MGCC at Snetterton 200 on the 4th October.  There was a test day on the Friday and quite a few of the competitors arrived to take part in warm and sunny conditions.  A last rush to compete in the final round brought 26 drivers out, one of the best showings of the Season. Class A had three drivers, Class B had eight, Class C had eight and Class D had seven.  The Championship was again going down to the wire with two drivers in the frame Russell McCarthy and Ken Deamer .

The listings showed the Thoroughbred race at 10.30 and the race after PBI and Midgets combined at 10.05. The times had been transposed on the sheet.   This fact was noticed just a few minutes before ten o clock by the organisers by which time the PBI and Midgets were already in the collection area.  The tannoy rang out for the Thoroughbreds to get to the Collection area fast so all obeyed.   When they arrived they went straight out onto the track but already out there were the PBI and Midgets.  Needless to say it was VERY crowded with around 60 cars trying to find some track space.

The flags came out and all came back in and the Thoroughbreds came back round to the Collection area to wait for the next available track space, so….


Qualifying was at 10.41 after the rather strange set of events in dry and cloudy conditions and the McCarthy lads were up front with Spencer gaining Pole with a 1.22.156 from Russell who was on a 1.22.721. Row two Rob Spencer on a 1.23.019 alongside Neil Fowler on a 1.23.202.  Row three a vacant spot as Simon Cripps had a problem with his V8 so entered the B class car starting from the back of the grid on half points.  On row three alone Ian Prior with a 1.23.679 Row four Class C Pole Ken Deamer with a 1.27.168 alongside Lawrence Wood on a 1.29.047 and on row five Class B Pole Mark Scott on a 1.29.548 alongside Jordan Spencer on a 1.29.897.

Row six Babak Farsian on 1.30139 next to Paul Khouri on 1.31.098 and on row seven Max Cawthorn on 1.31.483 alongside the TR6 of Phillip Lambe on a 1.31.669. On row eight Kathy Sherry in her Morgan V8 on 1.31.853 alongside Kevin Swann on a 1.32.139.  Row nine Ben White on 1.32.190 next to the E type Jag of Martin Barrow on a 1.32.353. On row ten the vacant spot for Colin Jones who had terminal engine problems in practice but the MGA OF Neil Cawthorn on a 1.34.087.  On row eleven Clive Gimson on a 1.35.437 next to Class A Pole Peter Barnard out in his MGB Roadster with a 1.37.331.

Row twelve Martyn Clews with a 1.37.702 next to Mike Mason out in the ex Chris Forrests’ Std V8 on a 1.38.809 and finishing the field on row thirteen Guy Samuels on a 1.45.542 alongside Bob Lines on a 1.49.579.


SN14_0735SN14_0699By lunch time the weather had changed and the rain had started to fall, by the race at 14.50 it was pouring.  The grid assembled and came round for two warming up laps due to the change in conditions and finally took their positions. Lights changed and off they went one of the McCarthys bogging down and the other one storming off hotly pursued by Rob Spencer.  Russell got to grips with his power and came round leading the field with Spencer just behind having a moment at Copse with Rob a few lengths behind. The rain now very heavy.  It would be a matter of tyres and visibility that would get the cars to the flag. Ian Prior not making past lap one.


By lap two Russell was having problems and Rob was hot on his tailpipe and Spencer had lost a couple of seconds and was being pressured by Neil Fowler. By lap three Russell had just Rob Spencer 2managed to keep second but would soon lose out to Neil and have Spencer attacking him.  Rob and Neil pulled away fighting a hard battle, Neil not letting Rob get too far ahead.

By lap five Rob was leading the field with Neil attempting to pass him at Murrays bend, behind now some eight seconds Russell and Spencer when Spencer took to the grass at Copse giving Russell a bit of breathing space. Behind on a massive charge the borrowed B class Car of Simon Cripps who had changed cars as his D class car had developed an issue in practice. He had started from the back of the field and was flying.

Rob was now comfortably leading the race and continued to take the Flag despite a last ditch attempt by Neil on the last lap to challenge finally coming over the line just .6 behind gaining fastest lap in the process. A great race by both of them in the conditions.Martin Barrow

By lap eight Simon had managed to arrive on the tail of Spencer and by lap nine had passed both Spencer and Russell to come home third overall. Russell managed to hold on to fourth overall arriving at the line just a few meters in front of Spencer taking third and fourth in class.

At the back of the field, not to be missed out having a lonely class race but a great drive Martin Barrow in his red E type holding it all together.


Ken DeamerKen Deamer took control from lap two and managed to keep it all together to the flag gaining class fastest lap in the process. Behind several battles emerged and great racing in the conditions with Kathy Sherry in her open topped Morgan and Jordan Spencer having a few laps of close racing before the aquaplaning took over. Ben White

Ben White, Paul Khouri and Lawrence Wood however had a near lights to flag battle all following within or under a second of each other from lights to flag, Ben managing to hold off both Paul and Lawrence. Finishing the class Phillip Lambe, having a great race long battle with Guy Samuels from Class A managing to keep him at bay after diving past him on lap four and finishing within a second of each other by the flag.  Kevin Swann in the borrowed Jonathan Upchurch car losing his wipers on the first lap and retiring.


Babak Farsian from eleventh on the grid got a great start and came round in fifth on lap one where he remained until the storming Simon Cripps from the back of the grid caught him up on lap four and passed him by lap five. Simon driving like a man Simon Cripps in Alex Carpossessed (with some great tyres apparently) carried on his charge and ended up third overall by the flag.  Simon getting the Commentators Driver of the Race Both Neil and Max Cawthorn retired, Neil on lap one probably because his MGA had more water in it than on the track and Max seemed to have a mechanical issue and came in on lap three.  Mike Mason out for his first outingSN14_0714 in the ex  Chris Forrest V8 retired on the first lap.

Mark Scott, Clive Gimson and Bob Lines were the remaining class contenders and from the lights Clive got the best start and it took Mark five laps before he managed to float past where he stayed to the flag to take third in class. Clive held off Bob Lines until lap eight when a great drive from Bob took him past Clive to take his MGA home in fourth place and Clive came home fifth the last of the class finishers.


Three out at this meeting in Class A better than all year, 2013 Thoroughbred Championship winner Peter Barnard out in a SN14_0719Standard MGB Roadster having a great ding dong with Martyn Clews giving GuyMartyn somebody to have a race with at long last. Peter held off Martyn by nano seconds for nine laps until Peter retired with a problem leaving Martyn to continue to the flag and take the class.  Guy Samuels out for his first Thoroughbred race also having a good race with Phillip Lambe as mentioned earlier.



To Ken Deamer for his Class C win

To Simon Cripps for his outstanding Class B win and

To Martyn Clews for his Class A win

Pam McCarthy , Championship Coordinator