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September, 2014:

OULTON PARK INT. 6th Sept Penultimate Round

OP14_6650Although I wasn’t actually there in body I was glued to the TSL Live Timing screen and so with a little help from some interesting in car videos and the Live timing screen my report on the race is as follows:

There were seventeen drivers entered to race all who travelled to Oulton Park to compete in the penultimate round of the Thoroughbred Championship’s Season at the MGCC meeting on the International circuit. There were two TR4’s, one Morgan, one Midget and thirteen MGB’s in various guises.

The weather forecasts had been variable all week some showing showers and all showing cloudy conditions. On the day the rain kept away but the clouds were abundant and I was reliably informed by Steve Carr that it was cold.  Here in Banstead the Sun shone occasionally so I was definitely in the best place.


All seventeen drivers took to the track and the only definite casualty was Michael Hunter who was out in his TR4 but had terminal problems and could not make the race.   Russell McCarthy came in after four  laps believing he had done enough but hadn’t bargained for brother Spencer pulling out an extra 100th of a second to take pole.

The fifteen minute qualifying session on the 2.6920 mile circuit was in cloudy and dry conditions and was last on the practice schedule and started at 11.10.

Overall and Class D Pole went as mentioned to Spencer McCarthy in the V8 ROY with a 1.54.407 who sat alongside brother Russell who had managed a 1.54.593.  Row two Simon Cripps with a 1.56.243 alongside Neil Fowler with 1.56.428 and on row three Ian Prior with 1.57.409 alongside Class C Pole Ken Deamer on 2.01.267.

Row four, Rob Spencer on a 2.02.032 alongside Lawrence Wood with a 2.02.437. On row five Class B Pole Babak Farsian on a 2.04.959 alongside Chris Edwards on a 2.05.175.   Row six Mark Scott with a 2,06.536 next to Paul Khouri with a 2.07.463 and on row seven Kathy Sherry on a 2.07.734 next to Richard Wilson on a 2.12.009.  Row eight Ben White on a 2.13.595 alongside Class A contender Martyn Clews on a 2.16 160 and finishing the grid the vacant spot for Michael Hunter.


From the lights Spencer McCarthy dived away with brother Russell second and OP14_6634Neil Fowler third, behind Simon Cripps in fourth and the remainder of the field.  When they returned to the start finish Spencer was still firmly in charge with Russell lying second but Simon Cripps had pulled past Neil to take third and now Neil was fourth and Ian Prior brought up the rear for the D Class.

Rob Spencer had established himself in sixth overall and heading the C Class just in front of Babak Farsian heading class B with Lawrence WoodOP14_6658 and Ken Deamer just a length behind.   Next as they crossed the line to start lap two Mark Scott and Chris Edwards with Ben White and Kathy Sherry, Paul Khouri, Richard Wilson and Martyn Clews finishing the field.OP14_6700




Class D

OP14_6631Spencer continued to hold off Russell to the flag despite a last lap charge by Russell but he was just unable to overhall Spencer but in his attempt managed fastest lap and lap record. Simon Cripps tried his best to catch Russell and remained in third to the flag enjoying the race and beaming from ear to ear (I am told)OP14_6636

Neil Fowler held off Ian Prior for four laps until Ian dived through to take fourth in class where he remained to the flag

Class C

Rob Spencer took control from the line with Lawrence Wood and Ken Deamer next in class, OP14_6660Ken pulling himself up to take class lead by lap three.   Rob Spencer managed to keep sights on Ken for the whole race but Lawrence took a detour on lap three and ended up at the back of the field.  Chris Edwards, Paul Khouri and Kathy Sherry all were all lapping in similar times but had a few seconds gap between them by the flag. OP14_6644Ben White had a lonely class race but managed a few close laps with Richard Wilson from class B


Class B

Only three out in the class and a great start from Babak Farsian to come round seventh overall on lap one. Mark Scott followed OP14_6640Babak on the circuit but had a job to catch him but had a good race and ended up just a second behind by the flag.

Richard Wilson a late entry to the Championship felt himself outclassed but had a few close laps with a class C car Ben White.


Class A

Martyn Clews out in his Spridget was a lonely contender as the only A Class driver out but had a great race and is a welcome addition to the Championship.

Congratulations to Spencer McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win

To Ken Deamer for his Class C win

To Babak Farsian for his Class B

To Martyn Clews for bringing in Class A

Pam McCarthy, Coordinator



ANGLESEY Round 8, 3rd August 2014 ( In two parts)

It really was just as the photos showed. We arrived on Friday during a test session and the sun had been shining for most of the daylight journey.  We left at 4am, stopped at Stafford at 7am for a few hours ‘nap’ and then carried on arriving at 12.10. Total travelling was around six hours.Coastal view

Eighteen drivers had made the journey to Anglesey, some journeys taking lots longer than others. Bank August Holiday in Scotland is at the beginning of August not the same as England now at the end of August and the M6 was very busy with the Bank Holiday traffic.  Plus a bridge was apparently being taken down somewhere causing massive holdups.  Peter Samuels left home Jn. 8 M25 at 11.30 am Friday morning and arrived at Anglesey 21.30 after averaging 29mph.

Looking out from the commentators box across the track to the Irish Sea.DSCF3676

It was what you call a strange weekend as far as the weather is concerned. Friday was sunny and warm with a slight breeze.  Saturday morning we awoke to torrential rain and BCV8 was the first practice so they proceeded to the collection area which was at the bottom of the paddock and around 7 inches deep in water. As we stepped out of the Motorhome we walked in a stream passing through the paddock down to the collection area. BCV8  practiced on a wet track in the rain.  Just after their practice it stopped raining, the sun came out the track dried quickly, the puddles disappeared and it was fine and warm for the whole of Saturday day.

We had a BBQ on Saturday evening but by about 8.30pm it was noticeably windy. We all decided to put our awnings in and batten down.  A few of us were in tents and after the BBQ and a trip to the bar we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.  Brian Smethurst and John Wreghitt who were guesting in Thoroughbreds were sharing a tent which blew down in the small hours, the wind blew and probably reached 50 or 60 mph, the campers rocked, the wind whistled, the rain fell down and lasted all night and all Sunday morning.  By mid-day, after our practice the rain had eased again and stopped but an occasional torrent would fall from the sky, the wind however did not ease until we were on the way back home.  The Thoroughbred races were dry as were the BCV8 races on Saturday.Avalanche awning-001

A casualty of Saturday/Sunday night’s wind was the Avalanche Awning.  It was tied down but when the wind blows at Anglesey it really blows.

ROUND 8 PART 1 -  Motoring Classics Thoroughbred race was on Sunday 3rd August

The twenty minute qualifying session as mentioned was in wet conditions and it appeared to be all about tyres. The tyres that had worked on Saturday though seemed not to be working the same on Sunday.  Eighteen drivers had made the journey to Anglesey and had entered the Thoroughbred race, most of the BCV8 were out again for an X Class one off to make the journey worthwhile. However with the bad night disturbing the expectations of the race some of the drivers decided to pull out and go off home early so the eighteen who had scrutineered became fourteen on the day.

Overall and Class D Pole went to Russell McCarthy on 1.29.472 who sat alongside Neil Fowler with a 1.30.373. Row two  James Wheeler Class XC Pole on a 1.31.325 alongside Ian Prior on 1.32.783.  On row three Ken Deamer on 1.33.115 alongside Jonnie Wheeler on a 1.33.312.

On Row four Class B Pole Mark Scott on a 1.33.967 alongside Chris Edwards in the TR4 on a 1.35.082 and on row five Gethin Jones on a 1.36.002 alongside Class XA Pole Bob Luff on a 136.514.  Row six Ron Watt on a 1.38.385 alongside Howard Grunden on a 1.40.910 and finishing off the field Russell Martin on a 1.43.277 alongside Martyn Clews on a 1.43.363.

THE RACE – Part 1DSCF3734

The wind blew, the clouds flew across the sky, the grid assembled and the drivers came round to the start line and completed the green flag lap. Although it was not raining it was still very damp.

Classes D and C

Lights changed and from Pole Russell pulled away leaving Neil, who appeared to have forgotten he was racing, stationary while James Wheeler, Ian Prior, Ken Deamer, Jonnie Wheeler and most of the field dived past him, Neil finally found his bearings ending up about nineth and took off after the pack. As they went along the coastal straight Russell had pulled out a slight gap from Ian Prior and James Wheeler, while behind Jonnie Wheeler and Ken Deamer were on a close charge.

As they crossed the line to start lap two Neil had stormed through to pull himself back up to third with Ian Prior in his sights, James Wheeler still hanging on a few lengths behind with now Jonnie and Ken up next.  DSCF3749All change on lap three with Neil finding his way past Ian and Jonnie passing James leaving Ken a couple of seconds behind, James and Jonnie ‘the siblings’ having a great battle.

Russell kept his pace keeping just enough in front of Neil to temp Neil to keep getting the faster laps until Russell decided to go for it and pulled away to be some nine seconds ahead as he crossed the line OP14_5183to take the flag.  Ian Prior held onto third and James and Jonnie maintained their fourth and fifth places until Ken Deamer found some extra power and dived past Jonnie first and on lap fifteen dived through on the banking to steel fourth overall from James.


Classes B and A

Mark Scott and Chris Edwards in the TR4 had a near lights to flag dice swapping places on lap nine with Chris taking charge in the middle of the race until Mark regained the lead on lap fourteen to take them to the flag. A close and exciting race long battle.

Bob Luff initially pulled away but was soon joined by Gethin Jones and Ron Watt who also had a great dice to the flag with Gethin just getting the advantage in front of Bob and Ron. Howard Grunden, Russell Martin and Martyn Clews the last finishers also had a close dice for the majority of the race, Howard coming home just in front of the very close dice between Russell and Martyn.


Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win and lap record

To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win and lap record

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win and lap record

To Bob Luff for his Class AX Win and lap record

THE RACE – Part 2

Classes D and C

The second grid positions were practically identical to the first grid with the exception of Ian Prior and Ken Deamer. The remainder of the field were in the same positions.  The wind blew, the grid came round and carried on for the green flag lap. They reassembled and the lights changed and off they went.

Russell got the better start again and immediately pulled away, next Ian Prior and Neil Fowler, James Wheeler, Ken Deamer and Jonnie Wheeler. Ian had a great dice with Neil, DSCF3748Ian taking charge until lap nine when Neil dived through until lap twelve when Ian got him back, Neil taking back the position on lap fifteen to come home second overall, but after having a real battle with Ian.

The Jonnie Wheeler, Ken Deamer and James Wheeler battle lasted from lights to lap ten when Jonnie pulled off, finding the power of the Big V8 too much on his ailing back, this left James and Ken to pull ahead to lead the C Class home with James coming in a few seconds behind at the flag.  Neil Fowler was having a seriously bad weekend with his starts and jumped a few feet then stopped again but as he had done thisDSCF3680 before he was given a ten second penalty. That put a change to the overall with Russell taking the Win, Ian gaining second with the benefit of ten seconds and Neil taking third.

Classes B and A

Mark Scott and Chris Edwards again had a great dice for the first half of the race until Mark pulled away slightly and Chris couldn’t quite get back up with him. Mark went on to take the class from lights to flag.  Behind Gethin, Ron, Bob, Howard and Martyn all managed to finish in close formation after a close dice.DSCF3751

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win with another lap record

To Ken Deamer for his Class C win and another lap record.

To Mark Scott for his Class B win and another lap record.

To Bob Luff for his Class XA win and another lap record


Pam McCarthy, Coordinator