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July, 2014:

ROUND 7 CASTLE COMBE, 12th July 2014

Snett2012_BJ6A4107Motoring Classics Thoroughbred race was on Sunday 12th July at a very sunny Castle Combe at a mixed Castle Combe and Classic Sportscar meeting.  We had sixteen entries including two X invitation drivers on the day and our fifteen minute qualifying commenced at 10.55.  The 25 minute Race was scheduled at No. 6 on the afternoons programme due to commence at 16.15.   Entered were seven Class D, Six Class C, one class B and two Class A.   Class B numbers fell down when Chairman Colin Jones was let down with some engine parts and Mike Mason withdrawing with his Roadster having gearbox problems.


The fifteen minute qualifying on the 1.8500 mile Castle Combe circuit was in bright and sunny conditions and sixteen drivers took to the track.   On lap one of qualifying Neil Fowler in the MGBGT V8 had a massive engine blow up and drenched the circuit in oil.  Red flags came out and the session was stopped.

The track was cleared and the oil mopped up and the remaining fifteen drivers assembled to restart the qualifying.  This time fifteen drivers managed to have a decent start but on lap two Russell McCarthy came in with a recurrence of the fuel starvation issue that he had at Silverstone.

Prior SpencerPole Position went to Class D Ian Prior on 1.20.291 alongside Rob Spencer on 1.20 567.  Row Two, Class C Pole Ken Deamer on 1.21.102 alongside Jonnie Wheeler on 1.21.908.  On Row three Jordan Spencer on 1.23.232 alongside B Class Pole Mark Scott on a 1.23.744.  On row four a welcome return to Kathy Sherry with a 1.25.760 in her Morgan + 8 alongside Paul Khouri on a 1.26.760 in the BGTV8.  On Row five Simon Cripps out in the borrowed red V8 of Barry Holmes on a 1.27.279 alongside Ben White on a 1.28.054.

Row six XA Class Pole Jon Sandilands in his MGB FIA on a 1.28.459 alongside the troubled Russell McCarthy who had only managed 1.28.684 during his short practice and on row seven Ivan Hayward new boy to Thoroughbreds in his MGB FIA on a 1.29.917 alongside the E type of Martin Barrow on a 1.29.959.  Finishing the field, Phil Lambe in his TR6 with 1.30.187.


Lights went out and the two cars of Rob Spencer and Ian Prior stormed away but from the sixth row Russell McCarthy dived up through the ranks to take third overall as they crossed the line on the return back to pass the start finish.  The order remained with Rob firmly out in front then Ian and Russell.

By lap five Russell had pulled past Ian to take second overall but Ian hounded him for ten laps to the flag just unable to pass.  However he would probably have tried harder had he known that Russell only had fourth gear from lap two after his clutch slave cylinder expired.   Simon Cripps down the field in the Red V8 had a lonely class race but enjoyed the experience of a race finish.   Martin Barrow in the E Type had a good dice for a few laps with Kathy Sherry in the Morgan, Martin pulling off on lap sixteen.

Rob Spencer pulled away from Russell and Ian by nine seconds at the flag to take the Overall and Class D win.

Behind, Ken Deamer took the C Class lead from lights to flag pulling away steadily without any close challenge.

The exciting battle of the class was with Jonnie Wheeler and Jordan Spencer who had a near lights to flag dice, Jonnie taking charge for the majority of the race but Jordan challenging and taking the lead on lap sixteen just being re-challenged and losing out on the last lap.  Kathy Sherry in the Morgan had a few close laps with Martin Barrow in the E Type and Mark Scott and Ben White before she pulled away, while at the back of the field the lights to flag close race between C Class Phil Lambe and A class newcomer Ivan Hayward and Jon Sandilands finally finished with Phil getting the best advantage and crossing the line just in front of Jon and Ivan.


Rob Spencer for his Overall and Class D win.

To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win

To Jon Sandilands for his Class AX Win


DSCF3619A Testing Friday pre the MGCC Silverstone 90 weekend  brought quite a few Thoroughbred drivers up early to ‘set up’ camp.  The weather was hot and sunny on Friday and this was the pattern for the whole weekend with temperatures 24 – 26 degrees.

Our race was on the Sunday so quite a few decided to come up late on Saturday by which time there were quite a few spaces as the Saturday drivers had already gone home.  We had a stand-alone race and after the poor numbers of the previous races this season had a very healthy 32 entered including some MGA drivers from their race and some Invitation drivers in the form of a Mustang, a Sebring MGC and a friend to race Joe Parrington’s car had he made the meeting.


The twenty minute qualifying on the 3.6393 mile Silverstone Historic GP circuit was at 9am in bright sunny conditions and thirty one drivers took to the track. All drivers except two managed to complete qualifying Bob Lines had overheating problems and the first time out for the MGC Sebring also had problems.

Pole position went to Spencer McCarthy out in Roy’s Tweety V8 on a 2.24.584 who sat alongside his Bro Russell on a 2.24.721.

Row two Class CX Invitation Josh Files in the TR6 on a 2.26.193 alongside Neil Fowler on a 2.26.897.  Row three, Rob Spencer on 2.27.017 alongside DX Ollie Neaves on a 2.29.111.  Row four Ian Prior on a 2.30 next to TSCC Class C Pole Lawrence Wood finally getting his car sorted on a 2.34.173

Row five Ken Deamer on a 2.34.910 alongside Class B Pole Babak Farsian on a 2.37.081 and on row six Mark Scott on 2.37.980 alongside Max Cawthorn on 2.38.286.  Row Seven the MGA Race section Poleman Neil Cawthorn with a 2.38.294 alongside Ben White with a 2.39.178 and on row eight Jonathan Upchurch on a 2.39.591 beside Jordan Spencer with a 2.39.975.

On row nine Colin Jones on a 2.41.953 alongside the XC invited Mustang of Alex Thistlethwayte on a 2.45.399 and on row ten Jack Smith in the MGA on 2.46.107 alongside Alan Charlton on a 2.48.578.  Row eleven, Clive Gimson and Phillip Lambe on a 2.48.314 and 2.49.035 respectively.

On row twelve Class A Pole Martyn Clews with a 2.49.151 alongside Peter Hiscocks on a 2.49.850 and on row thirteen Ivan Hayward out for his first meeting on a 2.49.950 alongside Michael Hunter in the TR4 on a 2.50.164.

Row fourteen Martin Barrow in his E Type on a 2.52.038 alongside Bob Lines spot as he had terminal overheating problems and on row fifteen Nick Wilkins on 2.56.456 alongside Bob Innes Ker on a 2.57.949 and finishing the grid should have been the MGC Sebring of Ian Clark but he had also had pulled out.


Lights went out and the two cars of Rob Spencer and Neil Fowler stormed away but from the front row Russell McCarthy took the lead.  Spencer down the field in fourth as they went up and round Copse.

Class D

As the cars returned to the start finish Spencer McCarthy had come back up from fourth and was now leading the field with Russell behind, then Neil Fowler, and Ian Prior, then Josh Files in the TR6, Rob Spencer and Ollie Neaves.MGL14_8718

Spencer led Russell, both pulling away from the rest of the D class but by lap five Russell had taken charge with Spencer now just behind him both now some thirteen seconds in the lead.  Behind Neil Fowler was on a mission and hung on to third until lap four when Rob Spencer dived through, Neil having none of it and retook third by lap five staying in front of Rob to the flag.  MGL14_8637 Ian Prior had a tussle with the TR6 of Josh Files for the first few laps until a fall off on lap four put him some eight seconds behind. Josh keeping great pace and coming home third overall by the flag having a few close laps with Rob Spencer mid race,  Ollie Neaves was last of the front runners but retired on lap seven.  Last of the D class Martin Barrow in the E Type managed six laps before retiring.

Up front the race looked settled with Russell leading Spencer both off into the distance but….

By lap nine Spencer was hard on Russell’s tailpipe and by lap ten had passed to take the lead, Russell hung on to second for a lap hoping to see the flag but it didn’t come out on lap eleven and Russell only made it down to Copse before pulling off with suspected lack of fuel. His only consolation was he gained fastest lap and new lap record.   Spencer carried on to take the Flag with Neil coming home in second overall after a hard drive and Rob Spencer third in class.

Class C

MGL14_8684Crossing the line at the start of lap two leading the C class Lawrence Wood a couple of seconds in front of Ken Deamer  who had Jordan Spencer stuck on his bumper.   Next in class, Ben White and Jonathan Upchurch with Alan Charlton, Phil Lambe and Michael Hunter finishing the C Class field.

By lap three Ken Deamer had pulled past Lawrence to take the lead and Jordan had snuck through as well and Ben White and Jonathan Upchurch looked good for a battle but Jonathan came off as did Jordan both their races finished.

Ken Deamer pulled away with Lawrence falling back but he slowly reeled Ken back in by the end of the race to take second in class.

Down the class field Ben White held third until he came off on lap eight but the TR’s of Alan Charlton, Phil Lambe and Michael Hunter all finished making it a TR success with the overall C class position by the TR6 of Josh Files in the XC Invitation. MGL14_8661 Alex Thistlethwayte in the Mustang had a close race with Phil Lambe for the majority of the race Phil just beating him to the line.

Class B

Crossing the line at the start of lap two Babak Farsian had taken class lead with Mark Scott and Neil Cawthorn next then Max Cawthorn and Colin Jones, Clive Gimson, Jack Smith, Bob Innes Ker and Nick Wilkins finishing the class order.

MGL14_8693Babak held off Mark Scott for five laps when Mark pulled past to take class lead.  Behind Father and Son Max and Neil Cawthorn were also having a close race and by lap seven all four were in close format with Max now past Babak.

By lap eight  Mark, Max and Babak were keeping pace and Neil had taken to the hills but came back on track to chase hard after the fighting trio.  Max however came off on lap nine after gaining fastest lap and new lap record leaving Mark to come home first in class followed by Babak and Neil.

Colin Jones pulled off on lap three with persistent engine problems.  Clive Gimson had a few close laps with Jack Smith, Jack taking B class fourth overall and Clive fifth by the flag.  Bob Innes Ker kept a steady pace finishing his race on lap nine but confessing to gaining his best ever time.MGL14_8662

Class A

Ivan Hayward in the MGB FIA came round first in class and held off Martyn Clews for four laps before Martyn gained class lead with Peter Hiscocks in third spot.

Once past Martyn kept control of the class gaining fastest lap and a new lap record in the process despite a hard drive from Ivan to the flag and Peter took third in class.  Ivan enjoyed his test drive so much he has subsequently joined the Championship.


Spencer McCarthy for his Overall and Class D win.

DSCF3614To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win

To Mark Scott for his Class B Win and Driver of the RaceDSCF3611

To Martyn Clews for his Class A Win