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June, 2014:

SNETTERTON 300 Round 5

A Bank Holiday Sunday meeting on the Silverstone 300 circuit got together sixteen drivers. We arrived to a busy Saturday very wet test day and a full paddock but the majority moved away by the late afternoon.  We woke up on Sunday to a dry day and sunshine.   On the day for practice we had six Class D, six Class C, and four Class B, and for the race we picked up an extra driver who raced under the ‘circuit familiarity’ rule but in the X invitation class.Snett circuit


Qualifying was fifth on the mornings’ timetable with a 9am Scrutineering and a 10.35am practice.

Practice went smoothly for most people except Mark Scott who discovered at the start of practice that he had a cam issue.  Spencer McCarthy who should have been back out in the ‘V8 Roy’ car having just completed its rebuild from the burn out at Snetterton end of 2013 found he had an engine issue so pulled out during the BCV8 practice earlier.  Simon Cripps was also having some issues with his water works and was overheating.

Pole went to Russell McCarthy with a 2.09.70 who sat alongside Ian Prior on a 2.10.81.  On Row two Neil Fowler on a 2.10.83 alongside Rob Spencer with 2.11.67.  On row three Simon Cripps on a 2.12.33 alongside Class C Pole Ken Deamer with a 2.17.34 next row four a returning Roy Chamberlain who had only finished his car Saturday and made a very late entry with the car back on form giving a time of 2.22.28  sitting alongside Class B Pole Babak Farsian on a 2.22.34.

Row five Jordan Spencer on a 2.24.29 alongside Ben White on a 2.26.66 and on row six a returning Neil Cawthorn out in a newly prepared MGA on a 2.27.17 next to Phil Lambe on a 2.27.24 and finishing off the field new to the Thoroughbred Championship Clive Gimson in his GT6 on a 2.29.99 next to the vacant spot for Mark Scott.   At the back of the field an extra runner out for a race under the familiarity rule having competed in the BCV8 race and wanting to have a go in his dads C Class V8 James Wheeler.

The race was running under the green flag rule so the field assembled at the start line and the green flag waved and the field went round the circuit.  Russell in his repaired front end from the BCV8 accident getting the feel of the different handling as he had a slight bent chassis issue. Problems arose with Simon Cripps car when he dropped a load of water, the marshals thinking it was oil so covered a large proportion of the track with concrete dust.  Phil Lambe pulled into the pits on his return to the line with diff problems and the remainder of the grid lined up to wait for the start.  The wait was quite a long time so to keep the programme on course the race was reduced to fifteen minutes.


Red lights went out and the commentators noted that there were good starts by Rob Spencer from the second row and Roy Chamberlain from the fourth row and the field went up into Riches with Russell leading the pack then Rob Spencer, Neil Fowler, Ian Prior already pulling away from the rest of the field.DSC_0276

Roy Chamberlain next in front of Ken Deamer then Babak with Ben White and Jordan and a hard driving James Wheeler next and finishing the field Neil Cawthorn and Clive Gimson finishing the order as they passed by on the way to Agostini.  There were clouds of dust from all round the circuit after the clear up and although we assumed it was water there was a lot of sliding about as well.   Ian Prior did a massive tank slapper on the approach to Oggies and lost a few lengths, Russell, Rob and Neil pulling away from him on the Bentley Straight.

Russell leading the pack approaching Coram lost control and Rob went one side and Neil the other, Neil getting the better deal and leading the race down to the start finish line, now the order Neil, Rob Ian and Russell.

Behind Ken Deamer had taken control of the C Class, Roy Chamberlain holding on to him for a couple of laps before he found himself sliding down the field.  By lap four Jordan was second in Class C having a great battle with James Wheeler and Class B Babak Farsian for a few laps  At the front Russell had pulled himself past Ian and Rob to worry Neil, managing to pass him on lap three to lead the field home to the flag despite being hounded all the way their by Neil who was never more than a cars length behind.  Rob retired on lap six handing Ian the third spot on the podiumDSC_0249

Ken Deamer led the class to the flag without challenge despite a valiant attempt by James Wheeler who came up through the field to follow him across the line.  Babak had firm control of Class B and followed James across the line but a few lengths behind.

Jordan Spencer kept good pace and had Roy Chamberlain in tow for the last part of the race Jordan just managing to keep him behind to the flag.  Ben White had a lonely race but behind Neil Cawthorn and Clive Gimson had a near race long chase, Clive having a dainty pirouette on the approach to Oggies on the penultimate lap confirming Neil taking tenth spot across the line.

Congratulations to Overall and Class D Winner Russell McCarthy

To Ken Deamer for his Class C Win

To Babak Farsian for his Class B Win