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May, 2014:

Rounds 3 and 4 MGCC Brands Hatch 4th May 2014


The MGCC’S meeting at Brands Hatch was Sunny and warm on both days so warm in fact that there were quite a lot more Red Faces on the Sunday, mine included.   The Thoroughbred Rounds 3 and 4 were scheduled as Race 13 and Race 23 on the Sunday.

On closing only eleven Thoroughbred Drivers had entered, a very disappointing turnout so the grid had been amalgamated with the Peter Best Insurance race, not our choice but a necessity as the grids were oversubscribed.

After closing we had three more entries, Babak Farsian, Ken Deamer and Peter Hiscocks and a couple of others decided they didn’t want to be a fourth reserve so didn’t bother.  As it turned out all three did get to race, Babak and Ken in both races and Peter in just one.


Pole position for rounds three and four went to Russell McCarthy who was on a bit of a roll, winning both the BCV8 races on the Saturday and out to try and do it again in front of his home crowd on the Sunday. Russell had qualified with a 53.784 and sat alongside Ian Prior with a 54.792.  Row two Neil Fowler also on a 54.792 (First one to get the time went first).  Sitting alongside was Rob Spencer on a 55.214 back out in his Class D car literally just dragged out of the garage as he lives ten minutes from the circuit.

On row three the PBI Poleman Andrew Young in his MGC sitting alongside our Class B Poleman Simon Cripps out in his B Roadster with a 56.991.   On Row four Peter Barnard with a 57.415 alongside Class C Poleman Ken Deamer with a 57.598.  A couple of rows back, row six Babak Farsian on a 58.747, and on row eight Colin Jones with 59.806 having a few problems with his engine.  Back on row twelve Jordan Spencer with 1.00.785 out in dads Class C car for the very first time and on row thirteen Phillip Lambe on a 1.01.659.  Class A Pole Martyn Clews on row fourteen with a 1.04.393 and on row sixteen Martin Barrow with a 1.09.672. Peter Hiscocks not being able to race as the maximum 32 were out.

RACE   Round 3  IMG_4172

Round 3 was the second race which was before lunch.  There had been a few incidents in the first start – Rob Spencer not continuing when he had a wheel problem.  Martin Barrow having mechanical problems and being unable to continue on to the restart,   and….    An incident at Paddock Hill Bend when a coming together with Peter Barnard in the Elva and a PBI driver Clive Jones in his MGB brought the race to a red flag.  Red seemed to be the appropriate colour as it was certainly RED mist .  Both went to the CoE to discuss matters.

Round 3 – RestartBH14_1863

The grid re-assembled and the lights changed and off they went again for a six lap race, the Thoroughbred grid down to ten.   Ian Prior and Neil Fowler got the better starts and Russell came round Paddock Hill in third place with PBI Poleman Andy Young next and then Simon Cripps.    Ian led Neil for four laps until Russell managed to pull past Neil to take second and then pass Ian to take overall and Neil just crossing the line half a second behind.  Ian saying after the race that he lost power so backed off.

Class C Ken Deamer had a  hard fight with Class B Simon Cripps for four laps and managed to pull past on lap five to take fourth in the TSCC race with Simon following a second behind to take the Class B win.

Further down the field Babak was mixing with the PBI drivers and Jordan Spencer was having a good race learning the benefits of more power until on lap five he found the cars limits but re-joined to take the flag.  Phillip Lambe had a good dice throughout the race with PBI driver Aaron Ross, Phil beating him to the flag in true Thoroughbred style. Colin Jones spent most of the race with PBI driver Richard Wilson, Colin taking the flag down the field but still third in class B.  Martyn Clews hoped for more out in the A class but Jordan had moved up to class C and Peter Hiscocks couldn’t get on the grid so he had a bit of a lonely first race but still  came home in top spot in class A.

Small grid but good clean racing up front.

Well done to Russell for his Overall and Class D Win with Lap Record


To Ken Deamer for Class C

To Simon Cripps for Class B

To Martyn Clews for Class A





Qualification times were second fastest lap from practice so the ten man grid was as follows:

Pole and Class D Russell McCarthy on 53.965 with the vacant spot for Ian Prior on row one, Ian deciding to save his engine rather than blow it so was back on the trailer.  Behind on row two Neil fowler on a 54.841 alongside PBI Pole Andrew Young and on row three, both missing Peter Barnard and Rob Spencer (missing from race one).  The grid had moved up so row three now had Class B Pole Simon Cripps with 57.909 alongside Class C Pole Ken Deamer with 58.432.  Next on the grid Babak Farsian with 58.796 and down on row seven Colin Jones with a 1.00 396.  On row ten Jordan Spencer and on row twelve Phillip Lambe.  Row fourteen Class A Pole Martyn Clews on 1.04.970 alongside Peter Hiscocks and finishing off the Thoroughbred grid the repaired Martin Barrow Jag E type from race one.

The days racing had been interrupted by quite a few red flags and the afternoon races had been reduced in time.  By the last race however the times had caught up so it was announced that the race would be the full time of 15 minutes.


From the lights Neil Fowler dived away with Russell then PBI Andy Young, up round druids with the rest of the mixed field.  As they came down into Graham Hill Bend Neil had a tank slapper and Russell pulled ahead to take charge.  This was the order for the whole race both leading the field and diving through back markers, Russell finding the gap and Neil sometimes making one of his own.  The two crossing the line with Neil just under two seconds behind and  Russell taking his fourth  win of the weekend with another Lap Record.


Behind the ‘Valient Eight’ intermingled with the PBI drivers who appeared to be a bit on the wild side at times.  Ken Deamer in charge of Class C took the C class from lights to flag despite his on going battle to the end with Simon Cripps who came home first just a couple of seconds behind Ken leading Class B.

Behind the front runners, Babak was having a lonely Championship race but had a few close laps with PBI drivers while Jordan Spencer was also having a close battle with an MGC until he lost out at Paddock Hill and fell into the kitty litter,  Mum doing a two minute mile to the fencing to check him out, all OK just a bit dusty. 5D-088_-_Race_13_-_136-Jones

Colin Jones down the field but still third in Class B was having a nightmare of a race for a while among the PBI drivers who appeared not to notice flags and he was punted up the back three times and passed on yellows so he was not a happy Chairman.  By lap five he had dropped down a bit and joined Phil Lambe who was having a repeat performance of the first race with a lights to flag dice with PBI Aaron Ross, all performing well, Aaron in front for a few laps and Phil managing to pass to take the flag for the second time, great racing from them all.

Finishing off the field the Class A TSCC battle was intermingled with PBI drivers with Martyn and Peter in the middle, Martyn taking the Class spoils again and Peter crossing the line just lengths away.

Finishing the TSCC field Martin Barrow in the E Type Jag.  The race was exciting despite there being so few Thoroughbred drivers.

Congratulations to Russell McCarthy for his Fourth Win of the weekend and to Neil for a great chase.

To Ken Deamer for Class C5D-092_-_Race_13_-_93-McCarthy_and_86-Fowler_raise_hands [TIF 12764259802]

To Simon Cripps for Cass B

To Martyn Clews for Class A


Pam McCarthy, Coordinator