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June, 2013:

SNETTERTON 300 – Round 4 2013

Practice and race for Round 4 of the Thoroughbred Championship was at Snetterton with the 750MC on the Snetterton 300 circuit which is the 3 mile circuit.  Thoroughbreds as a Championship had not raced there before so it was a new experience for most of us.  A friendly 750MC  welcomed us on the Saturday of a Bank holiday weekend although a bad journey in pouring rain for most of us on the Friday afternoon with all the holiday traffic, our journey taking five hours instead of the usual two and three quarters.

There were eighteen entries on the latest list but on the day we had a turnout of seventeen drivers with two Class A, three Class B, two Class C and ten Class D.  Alan Kyson pulling out a couple of days before the meeting.

Mechanical problems in qualifying for the BCV8 put Ben Tovey, Neil Fowler and Simon Cripps out of the Thoroughbred qualifying.

Ben Tovey unable to repair his clutch, Simon Cripps managing to repair his clutch and intending to start from the back of the grid but had further problems in the BCV8 race.  Neil Fowler sorting out his problems and starting from the pit lane.   Ian Prior helped Simon Cripps repair his clutch but had a similar problem in his car in the BCV8 race and was unable to compete in the Thoroughbred race.

The 11.30 practice on the 3 mile circuit was in cloudy, windy but dry conditions the wind was cold and strong and had quickly dried the circuit.

Qualifying gave overall Pole to Russell McCarthy in the MGBGTV8 with a 2.12.26, alongside Rob Spencer with a 2.13.34   Row two Ian Priors vacant spot alongside Joe Parrington on 2.14.91

Row three Ken Deamer next to Jon Ellison in the TR6.  On row four a return to the Thoroughbred Championship Barry Holmes now in Class D with 2.19.50 alongside the newest driver Geoff Taylor in his shared TVR Griffith on a 2.22.86.

Row five Class B Pole Babak Farsian with a 2.23.11 alongside Peter Barnard and on row six Colin Jones in the twin cam alongside Class C Pole Phillip Lambe in the TR6.  Row seven Ben White alongside Class A Pole, late entry Peter Hiscocks on a 2.32.46.   Finishing the field now down to fifteen who actually made qualifying Martyn Clews.

A general discussion by the drivers decided that they really needed a Green Flag lap as the race procedure was to be straight out of the collection area and onto the grid.  A quick chat over the lunch break with the very helpful 750MC and they quickly rearranged both the Thoroughbred and BCV8 races to allow for this.

So the grid was decided Russell would take the field round and bunch up at Murrays a quick line up and off.    That’s how it should have been but Poleman Russell McCarthy was still trying to get Neil Fowlers car ready to race when the race was called up.  Russell managed to fire up Neil’s car and Neil drove off to be told he had to start from the Pit Lane as he was too late for the grid.  Similarly Russell had to add fuel to his car so by the time that was done he also found his way to the pit lane.

Rob Spencer therefore took the field round and took the lights leading the field away and powering off with Russell McCarthy and Neil Fowler joining the back of the grid from the pit lane.


Great Racing by McCarthy and Spencer

Great Racing by McCarthy and Spencer

As Rob came back round Palmer on lap one Joe Parrington was close behind with then a gap to Ken Deamer, Barry Holmes and Jon Ellison then Babak Farsian, Peter Barnard and Colin Jones and the TVR of Geoff Taylor,   quickly catching now up to tenth Russell McCarthy sliding his way through the field.

At the back of the field Martyn Clews had a coming together with Ben White, Martyn unable to continue but Ben carrying on with a flapping n/s front wing.

As they crossed the line to start lap two Russell was third with Ken Deamer fourth, Barry Holmes fifth and Jon Ellison sixth.  Behind Babak Farsian was just in front of Peter Barnard, then Neil Fowler working his way up from his pit lane start then Colin Jones, the TVR of Geoff Taylor Phillip Lambe, Ben White and Peter Hiscocks the order as they went over the line to start lap three.

The main order stayed the same through the field with Russell passing second place Joe Parrington to charge after Rob Spencer.

A little way down the field Ken Deamer managed to stay ahead of the battling Barry Holmes and Jon Ellison, Jon taking fifth place from Barry but Jon and Barry having a great dice for the whole race.

Peter Barnard passed Babak Farsain to take Class B lead and Geoff Taylor in his first race with the Championship got ahead of Babak and Colin Jones.

Class C was led by Phil Lambe from lights to flag with Ben White managing to finish with his damaged bodywork and finishing the field Class A Peter Hiscocks the remaining Class A finisher.

Up front a very exciting finish. Russell had been on Robs tail since lap three and at the bomb hole on the last lap dived past to lead Rob to the flag to steal the win from his pit land start, Joe Parrington third.

Neil Fowler similarly came through the field and just managed to take fourth from Ken Deamer on the last lap.Photo 25-05-2013 16 10 39

Congratulations go to Russell McCarthy for his overall and Class D Win and to Rob Spencer for leading the race for seven of the eight laps.

To Phillip Lambe   For his Class C Win

To Peter Barnard   For his Class B Win

And to Peter Hiscocks   For his Class A Win.

Pam McCarthy