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May, 2013:


Rounds two and three of the Thoroughbred Championship were  at Brands Hatch over the two days of the 4th and 5th May and had a total entry of nineteen drivers.  The race was to be amalgamated with the Peter Best Championship so with their twelve entries there were 31 on the grid for practice.

A bright and dry weekend was the order with the qualifying for both rounds on the Saturday morning at 09.04 with the first and second fastest times of each driver giving the grid positions for rounds two and three.


Qualifying times for both rounds put Russell McCarthy on Pole Position with Joe Parrington second on row one.  Simon Brands Hatch - MG Spring Race Meeting - Thoroughbred Sportscars & Peter Best ChallengeCripps and Neil Fowler on row two, Jon Ellison and Ian Prior on row three, Ken Deamer and Peter Barnard on row four.

Second overall Joe Parrington also second in both races, but a belt fell off his engine in qualifying and caused damage making the weekend races he had planned disappear.   He packed up and travelled the 300 miles home with the 600 mile round trip weekend a very expensive experience.

ROUND TWO - Saturday 4th May

From the lights Simon Cripps dived through from row two to take the lead round Paddock Hill Bend followed by Russell McCarthy, Ian Prior and Neil Fowler with Jon Ellison next.   Just a few lengths behind Ken Deamer and Barry Holmes.   Then a gap had developed between Class B leader Peter Barnard who had Babak Farsian and Colin Jones a couple of seconds behind him. Down in Class A Peter Hiscocks and Martyn Clews had a few close laps.

Brands Hatch - MG Spring Race Meeting - Thoroughbred Sportscars & Peter Best ChallengeAll change on lap eight when the Safety Car positioned himself to take the leaders round after an incident.  An announcement had gone out that Simon Cripps who was in the lead at this stage had a ten second penalty but Ian Prior and Russell McCarthy were within half a second behind.  The results screen changed to show Ian Prior as the leader so the safety car pulled out in front of Ian allowing Simon to carry on to join the back of the field, now one lap in front.

By Lap thirteen the safety car pulled in and the grid started to race again.   Up front Ian Prior took control followed by Russell McCarthy, Jon Ellison, Barry Holmes and Ken Deamer.  Babak Farsian now in charge of Class B  leading Peter Barnard and Colin Jones.  In Class A Peter Hiscocks was still just in front of Martyn Clews but Jon Sandilands was coming up to soon join the dice.

By lap twenty one the flag came out to Simon Cripps with Ian Prior coming over the line some 31 seconds behind him followed by Jon Ellison in third.  Russell had overheated and had crossed the line in the pit lane but still managed to come home fourth in class D and Lawrence Wood out for the first time in his Costello V8 in his first race came home fifth Brands Hatch - MG Spring Race Meeting - Thoroughbred Sportscars & Peter Best Challengein class.

Class C with only two out made a good show with Phillip Lambe just crossing the line in front of Ben White.    Class B Peter Barnard retook the class lead with Colin Jones second from Babak Farsian third and Ben Tovey fourth.  Jon Sandilands had pulled himself up through to take the A class honours crossing the line with Peter Hiscocks beside him followed home by Martyn Clews.

Non finishers were Ken Deamer who met an immovable object and Martin Barrow in the Jag E Type who went grass-tracking.  Brands Hatch - MG Spring Race Meeting - Thoroughbred Sportscars & Peter Best ChallengeNeil Fowler had mechanical problems and retired.

Congratulations go to

Simon Cripps for his overall and Class D Win     To Phillip Lambe for his Class C Win

To Peter Barnard for his Class B Win   And to Jon Sandilands for his Class A win.

ROUND THREE - Sunday 5th May

Poleman Russell McCarthy had spent the Saturday evening stripping down his engine and replacing the head gaskets which he found was the cause of his overheating.

DSC_0420 (1024x681)

 That enabled him to take up his position alone on the front row.  From the lights Simon Cripps again dived through from row two to pull alongside round Paddock Hill bend with the same gaggle of V8’s behind.

As the field passed down Paddock Hill bend one of the PBI cars ended up in the gravel on the outside and Colin Jones found himself on the inside having been in a vulnerable position both cars out of the race.

Russell maintained his overall lead until lap seven when Simon dived through and stayed in charge for three laps, Russell retaking the lead on lap ten holding off Simon to the flag.  Behind Ian Prior and Neil Fowler  further down the field keeping in contact until Neil had engine problems and pulled off on lap seventeen.   Jon Ellison kept good pace having a race long fight with Barry Holmes and Peter Barnard.

DSC_0479 (1024x681)A little further back Babak Farsian having a lonely race but Ben Tovey and Lawrence Wood had a close dice for most of the race.

Class A Jon Sandilands and Class C Philip Lambe class winners with Martyn Clews finishing the field now down  to eleven at the flag.

Congratulations go to

Russell McCarthy for his overall and Class D Win.  To Phillip Lambe For his Class C Win

To Peter Barnard For his Class B Win  And to Jon Sandilands For his Class A Win.

Pam McCarthy


Practice and race were No. 1 on the MGCC timetable and eighteen of the expected nineteen drivers arrived for practice.

Practice saw Simon Cripps in his MGBGTV8 take Pole on a 1.21.415 pulling off after six laps with electrical problems with 2012 Championship Winner Rob Spencer second on 1.22.159 and Joe Parrington out now in his Race Modified V8 third on 1.22.165.

Next Jon Ellison in his TR6 also pulling off after six laps with a gearbox or clutch fault and with Neil Fowler and Ian Prior in their V8’s just behind.

Peter Barnard in the Elva Courier took B Class Pole on a 1.25.603 alongside  Babak Farsian and then Class C Pole Chris Edwards in his TR4 next to Terry Burrows and Kathy Sherry in her Morgan +8 sitting next to Alan Kyson in his MGA Twin Cam.

On row seven newcomer to the Championship Ben Tovey alongside Class A Pole Martyn Clews with a 1.33.542.  The penultimate row saw Peter Kennerley in his A Class Midget and Peter Dubsky our friend from Austria, with Peter Dumelow and Mark Scott on the back row both having problems.

First race of the Season all that excitement and expectation and quite a lot of problems.    Bonnets up, wheels off and seventeen made it to the Grid with Mark Scott having an engine rebuild to sort out.


From second Rob Spencer dived past Poleman Simon Cripps to cross the line on lap one with Simon hanging on his tail for eleven laps before he had problems and retired leaving Rob to take the field home from lights to flag.Donington2013_BJ6A6551

Joe Parrington maintained his third position until Simon’s retirement, to follow Rob home in second place only two seconds behind by the flag.

Neil Fowler and Ian Prior from their fifth and sixth grid positions dived through to take third and fourth position Ian only lasting two laps before retiring leaving Neil to retain third place until lap eleven when he also retired.

Jon  Ellison  managed  to  complete the whole race finishing finally in third place overall and the last of the un-lapped.    In Class C Kathy Sherry in her Morgan + 8 and Chris Edwards in his TR4 had a fantastic lights to flag dice with first Chris then Kathy taking charge.  Chris took the flag first by a whisker but received a ten second penalty for overtaking under a yellow in the excitement and Peter Dubsky in the D Type Replica came home third in class nearly catching them by the flag.

Class B five starters and three finishers with Elva driver Peter Barnard taking the class lead to the flag with a very excited Terry Burrows coming home second and newcomer Ben Tovey taking third in class.  Alan Kyson expired after eleven laps and 2012 B class Champion Babak Farsian finished his race on the first lap.

Donington2013_BJ6A6537Class A Martyn Clews gave a good show making a race with Class B Ben Tovey to take the Class A honours.  Peter Kennerley the other Class A entrant not making the finishers grid under the rulebook only completing nine laps.

The classification sheet looking sad with only ten finishers and six DNF’s and one NC.  First race gremlins.

Congratulations go to

Rob Spencer for his overall and Class D Win        To Kathy Sherry for her Class C Win

To Peter Barnard for his Class B Win    
And to Martyn Clews for his Class A win.


Pam McCarthy