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March, 2011:

First race – Brands Hatch – 9 April

Another Season of racing is starting just five weeks away on the 9th April at Brands Hatch. The meeting is with MGCC and we have a 30 minute race schedule to be second on the SATURDAY afternoon programme.

The original Timetable and set of Entries and SR’s issued by the MGCC were incorrect but this latest timetable is now confirmed as the order of events. HOWEVER the SR’s and Entry have not been amended so it shows the race being on the Sunday No. 16, but please ignore this. The latest timetable is the correct order of events. The Closing Date is 25th March and the entry fee for the Thoroughbred 30 minute race is £265.

I look forward to seeing as many of you out and, for those Morgans who will be doing the Thoroughbreds on the Saturday and the Morgan Challenge on the Sunday, it will be a fun and fully packed weekend to start off your Season.

Best wishes,