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February, 2009:

Welcome back …

Welcome back to another season of racing with the Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship. We have now received the MSA Championship Permit and the Regulations for 2009 have been approved – they are available to download here. Don’t forget to re-register with the MGCC and send in your Registration Form.

If a registered driver needs a hard copy of the Regulations, please email and let me know how many I need to have printed.

The calendar below is now confirmed.
2009 Calendar

Dates Track Organiser
4-Apr Donington Park MGCC
9-May Oulton Int MGCC
25-May Castle Combe CCRC
28-Jun Thruxton BARC
10/12-Jul Silverstone Int MGCC
8-Aug Silverstone BDC
12-Sep Thruxton AMOC
3-Oct Snetterton MGCC

Our first race with the MGCC at Donington on the 4 April is just nine weeks away. The entry form has already been sent out by the MG Car Club and can be downloaded here (forms, reports and results will all be available on the Data page).

I look forward to an influx of Registration forms – with photos, if you haven’t sent them before and add details of your racing history, please.  Take a look at the Drivers’ page and see if the detail that we have about you is still relevant. Thank you!

If you would like to keep in touch but do not think you can race with us in 2009, please let me know and I will keep you on the distribution list. If you wish to be removed from the distribution list also let me know.

Best wishes, hibernation is nearly over…..