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CONGRATULATIONS – The overall 2011 Thoroughbred Championship went to Simon Garrad in his D Type Replica.   

A last minute glitch when it was noted that extra points should be awarded as it was the first time the Championship had raced on the new Snetterton 200 track.  A quick recalculation of all the points but the win went to Simon after a great season of competitive racing.

Jerry Knight in his similar car was second and Rob Spencer in his MGB GTV8 came third.






First race – Brands Hatch – 9 April

Another Season of racing is starting just five weeks away on the 9th April at Brands Hatch. The meeting is with MGCC and we have a 30 minute race schedule to be second on the SATURDAY afternoon programme.

The original Timetable and set of Entries and SR’s issued by the MGCC were incorrect but this latest timetable is now confirmed as the order of events. HOWEVER the SR’s and Entry have not been amended so it shows the race being on the Sunday No. 16, but please ignore this. The latest timetable is the correct order of events. The Closing Date is 25th March and the entry fee for the Thoroughbred 30 minute race is £265.

I look forward to seeing as many of you out and, for those Morgans who will be doing the Thoroughbreds on the Saturday and the Morgan Challenge on the Sunday, it will be a fun and fully packed weekend to start off your Season.

Best wishes,


Roy McCarthy 1942-2010

Having been privileged to be one of the hundreds saying goodbye to Roy at yesterday’s service, I thought that those who couldn’t make it would like to see the Eulogy.

‘Roy’ McCarthy, as we all know him, was born in Paddington W2. He said the only person to call him Royston was his mum when he was in trouble. Roy and his parents, John and Vera, together with his sisters, Brenda and Janice, spent their growing up years in Mayall Road, Brixton, moving there after the War when John, Roy’s dad, came safely home after serving in the Royal Marines on the Warspite and the Black Prince.

Roy soon found out that if you wanted something you had to work, so by the time he was nine he was doing milk rounds, followed by paper rounds before he went to School. He always had an interest in ‘wheels’ for at a very early age had made a wooden go cart from packing boxes on second-hand ball bearing wheels and rope to steer it.

Roy went to Tulse Hill Comprehensive Boys School where he was interested in woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing and anything mechanical. His first job was at Bouldings with his Uncle Peter and he soon purchased his first vehicle in 1960 owning his own BSA Gold Star which he loved. His first car purchase was a Mk 1 Zephyr in 1962, his second a red MGA, OJX 811 which is still in the ‘supershed’.

Roy started his Technical working life as a draughtsman at Masson Scott Engineering in Tooting where he met Pam. His interest in all things mechanical and how they worked led him into the motor trade. He started doing minor repairs to friends’ cars moving from the garage at Pam’s parents’ house to a friend’s double garage and then on to a Mechanical Workshop and finally to run his own very successful body repair shop. Roy and Pam married on 11th December 1970 and soon after, in March 1971, Roy started racing in the red MGA but within a year or so the first yellow racing MGA appeared on the scene — that car itself having been rescued from the proverbial barn.

Anyone who has spectated at an MG Car Club Race Meeting over the last 4 decades will be more than aware of the name of Roy McCarthy. He is synonymous with spectacular action in his various MGs over that period of time all of which were painted bright canary yellow.

He was instrumental in those early days in preparing the regulations for what was then the MGA Register Championship which over the years turned into the present Thoroughbred Sports Car Championship. He also played a large part in preparing the regulations for the BCV8 Championship and has over the decades played a central role in both the running of and competing in these two very successful MG Car Club series. Roy’s contribution to these series has assisted with their huge success.

Roy has always had a passion for mechanical things and making them work better (i.e. go faster!). In the early 1970s some of the engineering experiments on the racing MGA were extreme and somewhat brutal by today’s standards. There was not a wide availability as there is now of new parts and much of the tuning was carried out with already well worn second hand bits. As a result there was some spectacular engine blow ups! Roy’s speed on the race track was evident from the start. He won the MGA Register Championship outright 6 times.

By the mid 70s an extension to the family was planned and in February 1976 Russell arrived and February 1977 Spencer arrived, both before the Season started so not too disruptive for his racing schedule.

In the early 1980s Roy raced a BMW engined Chevron B8 in the Atlantic Computer Leasing Series for a couple of years. This was the start of the big money in the higher echelons of historic racing. Roy, self preparing his car as usual, whilst running a very busy workshop at the same time was always going to be at a disadvantage to the big bucks players but he never ever gave up and when the car worked properly he certainly caused the front runners a few frights!

Roy came back to the MGAs in the mid 1980s when it was obvious that the cost of competing at the top end was out of all proportion to somebody who was running their own small business at the same time. He has been with MGs ever since in MGA and four and eight cylinder MGB models.

He survived breaking his neck at Paddock Bend at Brands in March 1985 when he opted for the barrier rather than T-boning and possibly injuring another driver.

He bounced back from that in 1986 and started racing a road modified MGB with great success. Then he moved on to a standard MGB GTV8 continuing with that success. Roys next move was to swap that car for his present fully modified MGB GTV8 which originally was in “big wing”form. After a year or so he put the car back to the normal MGB silhouette with 6” wheels to enable him to race with the Thoroughbreds and also eventually with Heritage GT as well as the BCV8 Series.

There have been many McCarthy highlights over the years including him beating all the full race DB 4 Astons in his MGA, at Thruxton. Anyone who saw Roy beat the late great Gerry Marshall in Gerry’s full race DB4 at Thruxton after a race-long battle will have realised that they were watching a very special driver with extraordinary talent. Then there was a McCarthy 1-2-3 on the podium at Brands Hatch in MGBs with his two sons Russell and Spencer – dad in front naturally!

Roy first fell ill with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma some 13 years ago. He fought through several months of treatment, still racing, with hardly anyone realising he had a problem. In 2008 he had a few symptoms and had his spleen removed and was given the all clear.

By May 2009 he was again diagnosed with NHL and his treatment this time lasted through until September but he managed a couple of races, one at Thruxton and one at the last meeting of the year at Snetterton. Sadly again in the spring of this year his illness returned in a different form and despite more gruelling treatments he continued to race throughout but at the end of September was told that there was nothing else the medics could do for him. It is a measure of the man that he came home from being told that and straight away finished a couple of outstanding jobs. Roy has always been one of the most positive people it is possible to meet.

Over the years Roy managed to run a very successful crash repair business, carry on a huge amount of racing and be a full time family man and much more besides. In all this he has always had the benefit of the unstinting support of his wife Pam who has supported everything he has done and has of course been the organisational brains in the background. Pam always ensured that Roy and latterly Roy and their sons Russell and Spencer all arrived at the right race at the right time with tyres, fuel and everything else properly checked. Pam also made sure that they themselves were regularly fed and watered throughout the racing weekends, a fact which both Roy and the boys have always acknowledged.

Roy took huge pride in his two Sons and their achievements both on and off the track. It was one of his great joys to race with them and he knew that they had turned out to be such fine and successful competitors as well as loving Sons.

Over the last few years as Roy moved away from the crash repair business he has of course prepared engines and indeed cars for many competitors in the Car Club Racing Championships. His ability with preparing race engines is renowned as was his ability to test a car and immediately be able to tell what needed to be done to it to make it more effective. He could of course also drive a bad car very fast which he did on many occasions normally much to the surprise and despair of the car’s owner.

Roy’s death will leave a huge void for many of us. Some who have known him all his life and some who have formed long term friendships with him. Always ready to advise and help, never appearing to be overawed by the odds against him and always ready to give everything a good go.

He was a delightful man who will be much missed by all who knew him.

2009 Season’s Review

It’s been another good Season for the Championship with grids way above the MSA level of 18 at all rounds except Castle Combe where we benefitted from the Morgan Challenge drivers but the TRs were at Mallory at a Triumph Festival meeting.

The calendar had eight rounds and was well spaced and allowed for six different well respected circuits with two rounds at Thruxton and two rounds at Silverstone, one on the International circuit and one on the National.

Donington our first round in 2009 with the indecisions about safety was only allowed to happen at the 11th hour but as usual the Thoroughbred drivers made the best of it but running under a yellow flag was not what anybody would call racing.

Class A again started slowly with no drivers entering for the first three rounds until Peter Hiscocks the ‘guardian’ of the class came out from Thruxton in June competing at four rounds which put him on the leader board for the class and another Overall Class Win.   He was later joined by Brian Playford until his engine expired and from the Bentley Drivers Club meeting by Jerry Knight after his Jag D type went on the ‘back burner’ coming out in his FIA MGB managing second in Overall Class and newcomer to the Championship Barry Proud whose two visits put him third in Overall Class.

Class B, usually controlled by the MGB or MGA brigade had their work cut out this year as the TR  4 pot engines had been allowed to run with them on a ‘test’ year. The season was immediately dominated by Mike Hazlewood in his TR4 who managed five outright wins taking the Overall Class Win.   Raining Champion Peter Samuels appeared at both the Thruxton rounds to just take the flags but had Mike firmly in his mirror. Colin Jones had a slow start to the season with engine problems but picked up once he had found the problem to come home second in Class.  Roy Chamberlain’s pretty TR3 Beta did a full season out in the B class coming home third in Class.

In Class C Jerry Knight in his Jaguar D type replica was up front leading the class but an accident at Silverstone International with Andy Green put them both out.  Jerry worked hard for two months rebuilding the car, returning for the final round at Snetterton to finish the season back out in the D type, still managing to take the Overall Class win,  Andy hopeful of finishing his rebuild to return in 2010 back out in Class D from where he was greatly missed.

For the first part of the year Jerry had Simon Cripps in his MGBGTV8 and Simon Orebi Gann in his Morgan Roadster to contend with, Simon Cripps taking a win at Thruxton and Simon Orebi Gann taking the win at Silverstone BDC which was enough to secure Overall second in Class Win. Good support from Andrew Potter, Roger Whiteside, Phillip Tisdall in their Morgans Andrew managing to come home Overall third in Class.   Some TR6’s joined later in the Season,  Rob Roodhouse and Jeff Hooper with young Josh Files in his TR6 coming home second in class at Snetterton in his third race with us and the youngest driver, one to watch next Season.

Class D’s Chris Acklam in his Morgan +8 won Overall Race seven out of eight rounds and was the one to beat in Class D despite the valiant attempts by Tony Lees, Peter Henry and Philip Goddard.  However a late entry at Thruxton by Roy McCarthy would have put the tweety among the pigeons but a now discovered broken crown-wheel in his diff caused him to retire . (and we all thought it was his cw&p that was broken!!! – he has been overhauled and rebuilt and will be out again in 2010)

Chris went on to a fantastic last round at Snetterton where a race length dice between Tony and Chris resulted in Tony just beating him at the flag but Chris taking the Championship.

Morgan driver Chris Acklam is 2009 Thoroughbred Sportscar Champion

Chris AcklamWELL DONE to Chris Acklam who had a fantastic season coming home Overall Race Winner seven times out of eight.


Silverstone International is just days away

After a wonderful  hot and sunny Thruxton, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, the next round is now only a few days off.  (more…)

First Thruxton for 2009 is one week away…

One week to go to the Zero Exhausts Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship’s first visit in five years to Thruxton.
We have another Thruxton meeting on the 12th September with the AMOC, so if you can’t make this one please come out at the next. (more…)

Donington has temporary 2009 circuit licence

At last, after weeks of  ‘is it’ or ‘isn’t it’, with three days to go, the MSA’s Colin Hilton has agreed to issue a temporary Licence for the MGCC and HSCC to race next weekend on the 4th and 5th April.

Our first race is now confirmed and WILL be on the 4th April with the MGCC and we have a fine grid of 27 drivers entered.  The long term weather forecast  indicates sunny conditions with a bit of cloud, so we should be in for a good day’s racing.

Thoroughbreds are designated to be parked in Paddock 2.  If you are not racing why not come along and support us?

Welcome back …

Welcome back to another season of racing with the Thoroughbred Sportscar Championship. We have now received the MSA Championship Permit and the Regulations for 2009 have been approved – they are available to download here. Don’t forget to re-register with the MGCC and send in your Registration Form.

If a registered driver needs a hard copy of the Regulations, please email and let me know how many I need to have printed.

The calendar below is now confirmed.
2009 Calendar

Dates Track Organiser
4-Apr Donington Park MGCC
9-May Oulton Int MGCC
25-May Castle Combe CCRC
28-Jun Thruxton BARC
10/12-Jul Silverstone Int MGCC
8-Aug Silverstone BDC
12-Sep Thruxton AMOC
3-Oct Snetterton MGCC

Our first race with the MGCC at Donington on the 4 April is just nine weeks away. The entry form has already been sent out by the MG Car Club and can be downloaded here (forms, reports and results will all be available on the Data page).

I look forward to an influx of Registration forms – with photos, if you haven’t sent them before and add details of your racing history, please.  Take a look at the Drivers’ page and see if the detail that we have about you is still relevant. Thank you!

If you would like to keep in touch but do not think you can race with us in 2009, please let me know and I will keep you on the distribution list. If you wish to be removed from the distribution list also let me know.

Best wishes, hibernation is nearly over…..


Regulations Changes for 2009

The 2009 Technical Regulations are still being approved by the MSA .  The 2008 set of Regulations which can be found under the Links section of the web site will be unaltered except for the following .

“Changes to the Technical Regulations for 2009 are for the four cylinder TR’s and the MGB GTV8’s.  Both these marques will be moving classes on a one years moratorium.

The four cylinder TR’s will be running in the B class and the MGB GTV8 can change to a T5 gearbox and run under the TSCC C Class Regulations.  The MGBGTV8 can still  race under the BCV8 Regulations and remain in class B in standard form.”

If you have any queries please contact us.